Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Poll Shows Americans Think Bush Has No Plan For Gas Prices.

Speaking of polls... A new poll out today shows that 8 out of 10 Americans do not think President Bush is doing enough or has a plan for keeping gas prices down.

Oh my freaking God!!! He nor anyone in government should be doing anything about this. What does the American people want a president or a King. This is the exact reason why we should not have a mob rule all society. It is not the president's or the government's place in our economy to keep gas prices down. We live in a free market society where the marketplace determines cost through supply and demand. The only way gas prices are going down is if supply increases faster than demand or demand decreases faster than supply.

What we have here is a growing fundamental problem in America made possible by the public education system that does not teach even the basics of economics, but rather the belief that it is the government's role to fix this and every problem for all Americans. Ask anyone you run into today if they can tell you the difference between profits and profit margins. Go ahead try it at work, at the mall, anywhere... I am willing to bet that 8 out of 10 will not be able to explain it.
Then ask what should be done about gas prices...the same 8 0ut of 10 will answer with some kind of government solution. Maybe you are one of the 8 and do not know the difference between profits and profit margins well than read this MTCW archive: Politicians And The Big Bad Price Gouging Oil Companies from Nov. 1, 2005.

You know former President Jimmy Carter tried to keep gas prices low. Does anyone remember how that turned out? Here is a clue, you do not want the government to try it again.

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