Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MTCW Pic of the Day

What Airforce One might look like
If I were president.
Booogity booogity booogity we're Daytona bound!
Where is the Secret Service with
my Budweiser.

What was the Top News Story of the Day?

Was it the “amnesty bill”, oops my fault immigration bill going to Cloture? No… Maybe it was al-Qaeda teaming up with the Islamic terrorist group Hamas to attack Israel and United states interests? Not so much…I mean why should any of that matter when we have Paris Hilton getting out of jail today!!! Wow!!! Isn’t that something?

The Celbebitch was released from jail this morning to a cheering crowd…A cheering crowd? Now what kind of person wakes up in the morning to go stand outside a jail and cheer for this? Just curious…Hopefully, it is not the same people that wake up on Tuesdays in November to vote.

Anyways, who is the first “celebrity idol worshiper” on the bandwagon? Larry King. He has her on for the entire hour tonight.

So Happy Together: Hamas and al-Qaeda ally together to attack Israel and U.S.

After Hamas took over Gaza defeating Fatah a little over a week ago, Osama Bin Laden's number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has called on the Islamist terrorist group Hamas to unite with al-Qaeda and Muslims throughout the world to join the fight against Israel and the U.S.

The Egyptian-born militant, called on Muslims around the world to back Hamas with arms, money and violence against US and Israeli interests.

He also urged Hamas to implement Islamic law in Gaza.

"Taking over power is not a goal but a means to implement God's word on earth," he said.

Well, isn’t that nice… Islamic extremist continue their dedication to create an Islamic state and assert its power through out the world…and no one seems to care or wants to do anything about it. Why should they? I mean we got Paris Hilton released from jail today!

Last Chance to kill the Amnesty Bill

Today is the day that Congress will vote on cloture for the illegal immigration bill. I know some of you are thinking I don’t have a clue how my government works, what does that mean? Well that is sad, not knowing how your own government works, but I digress.

What it means is that if 60 Senators vote yes to cloture the debate on the bill will be closed and the bill will go to vote.

If cloture passes there will be:

No more than thirty hours of debate may occur.

No Senator may speak for more than one hour.

No amendments may be moved unless they were filed on the day in between the presentation of the petition and the actual cloture vote.

All amendments must be relevant to the debate.

Certain debates on procedure are not permissible.

The presiding officer gains additional power in controlling debate. [Democrats]

No other matters may be considered until the question upon which cloture was invoked is disposed of.

If the Senate gets all of the 60 votes it needs today the bill is expected to be passed, but if they fall short of the 60 votes then the bill is dead, adios amigos.

It is looking like a real, real close vote as well. So who hasn’t decided how they will vote?

The following 12 senators are leaning against the bill itself but so far are leaning toward the cloture motion — which means, in reality, that they would be helping pass the amnesty bill even though they would vote against the actual bill when it came up for a vote:

Bond (R-Mo.), Bingaman (D-N.M.), Burr (R-N.C.), Boxer (D-Calif.), Cochran (R-Miss.), Conrad (D-N.D.), Ensign (R-Nev.), Levin (D-Mich.), Gregg (R-N.H.), Nelson (D-Neb.), Hatch (R-Utah), Webb (D-Va.).

My prediction, cloture will pass and the bill will eventually become law. So practice up on your Spanish cause 12 million illegal immigrants are about to become legal.

los buenos días, Qué tal, me llamo tony, bienvenidos a América. Espero que usted trajera la tequila.

It wasn’t there fault; they were the victims of not fitting in.

Yesterday, I told you about the two Paratroopers from Fort Bragg N.C. that have been accused of trying to sell stolen military equipment to undercover agents.

Well the local paper in the area The Fayetteville Observer, reports the story with quite a sympathetic twist to the Paratroopers. After all it wasn’t the Paratroopers fault. They were the victims in this! Just poor helpless victims of loneliness, not fitting in and isolationism that led to their actions and crime. Well, God forbid that anyone suggest that they be accountable for their actions. After all it wasn’t their fault that they did this. They are the victims here.

No surprise from the Fayetteville Libserver, what a liberal rag of a paper, and they wonder why they can’t sell me a subscription.

Country boy suggested reading and viewing from around the web.

Oh boy, this is not good. Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces have been spotted by British troops crossing the border into southern Iraq. I wonder what President Bush will do? Oh wait it is just a border...I mean we don't care about those in our own back yard.
Oooops!!! Looks like President Bush had a little slip of the toungue and called the illegal immigration bill exactly what it is, amnesty. Although he has been trying to say that it is not.
It looks like this whole "Global Warming" pitch is not working out for Al Gore and his followers. A new poll says almost 3 out of 4 people believe Global Warming is caused naturally and not by man. Gotta love the bias in this article though...
more bad news for Al Gore. A new DVD to contest "Inconvenient Truth" Somehow I do not think it will get the media attention that Al Gore's film got. I wonder why that is?
Richard Coehn seems to think the Republicans can still win in 2008...me, not so much. Unless a certain person runs, then they win.
New Rasmussen poll shows Fred Thompson in the lead for the Republican nomination and he hasn't even announced that he is running! Thompson 27% Giuliani 23% Romney 12% McCain 10%

Country Boy's Kewl Beans

OK ... can't resist this one. The President is talking during a press conference and A bird takes a dump on our Commander in Chief. Liberals must be overwhelmed with joy.

Monday, June 25, 2007

MTCW Pic of the Day

Be a Part of the American Revolution for Tax Reform.
FairTax Rally Tour comming to Iowa.

Completely Fitting of the Times.

Here is a quote that I found that I had never heard or read before. It is so fitting of the times though.

"Why, it appears that we appointed all of our worst generals to command the armies and we appointed all of our best generals to edit the newspapers. I mean, I found by reading a newspaper that these editor generals saw all of the defects plainly from the start but didn't tell me until it was too late. I'm willing to yield my place to these best generals and I'll do my best for the cause by editing a newspaper." - Robert E. Lee

Helping Hilary out with one of the "most important questions" of her campaign...

Hilary wants to “know what you’re thinking about one of the most important questions in this campaign.” It is a question that they have been struggling with and debating for months she says. So what question might that be? What to do in Iraq? Nope, she has already got the surrender plan, is the question about health care? Nah, she has already got the solution for that too with socialized medicine.

The important question that she needs help on is ‘what her theme song for the campaign should be?’ Watch the video on you tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FV7XU-TLMU

Maybe we should make a list of suggestions and send them to her. After all, she did want to have a conversation with the American people. I don't think she would like the ones I am thinking of, but she did ask, and being the ever so nice guy that I am I felt obliged to help.

The first song that came to mind was from Elton John “The Bitch is Back” although the song is quite fitting I am not sure it would appeal to the 30 and younger mindless idiots she is trying to persuade. I realized I needed to think like the Nimrods that get behind a candidate because of a song rather than issues. So instead of the “Bitch is Back” how about “Baby Got Back” Then the more I thought about it why does Justin Timberlake get to be the only one to “Bring Sexy Back?”

Of course the only way she could bring sexy to anything is if “Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On” ~ Neal McCoy which she should have thought about “Before He Cheats” ~Carrie Underwood. Cause Billy couldn’t resist “A Devil with a Blue Dress” ~Mitch Ryder “She Goes Down” ~Motley Crue or perhaps it was the “Black Magic Woman” ~Santana that led to “Love on the rocks…don’t be surprised…pour me some drinks…tell me more lives…”~Neil Diamond. Which left her to “Cry Cry Cry” ~Johnny Cash. Of course Hillary is definitely “Not Ready to Make Nice” ~Dixie Chicks

Surely through her life she has learned “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” ~Rolling Stones and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” ~by Tears for Fears…but if “I Fall Your Going Down With Me” ~Dixie Chicks

Of course Hillary is not going to fall, not with “Friends in Low Places” ~Garth Brooks somehow Vince Foster comes to mind, may God rest his soul. The Who says we “Won’t Get Fooled Again” but Foreigner brings us “Head Games” and there is a whole lot of “Jive Talkin” ~ Bee Gees…and “Blowin in the Wind ~Bob Dylan to cover up their “Dirty Deeds” ~AC/DC

So, “If the Whiskey Don’t Kill Me, Her Memory Will” ~George Jones before we head on a “Highway to Hell” ~AC/DC aboard a “Crazy Train” ~Ozzy Osbourne that is sure to be a “Train Wreck” ~Sarah McLachan and It’s the End of the World as We Know It” ~REM As “Head Like A Hole” ~Nine Inch Nails is blaring: "Bow down before the one you serve, you’re going to get what you deserve"...with Hillary in a leather bondage outfit while the song plays, and the mindless hillafreaks in attendance giving her the "I'm not worthy" salute...and that is the day the "Squerrrells Went Berzerk ~Ray Stevens in the “November Rain” ~Guns N Roses before the “Civil War” ~Guns N Roses

Whatever song she chooses, she promises to not sing it in public, unless she wins! Well…a whole other reason not to vote for her. As if I needed another one.

"Global Warming" out, "Climate Control" in.

What happened to “Global Warming” why is it all of a sudden referred to as “climate change”
Has anyone else other than me realized that the phrase “Global Warming” is quickly being replaced with “Climate Change?” Any ideas why?

Perhaps it is because of the record cold winters we have had around the globe the last couple of years. It kind of makes it hard for the religious environmentalists to sell the warming piece.
Also, the more people read about the subject the more they learn that we are in a time of increased solar activity, solar flares and a hotter sun. It doesn’t take much of an education to understand a warmer sun probably means a warmer Earth.

So, the term has been changed to the vague term of “Climate Change” which is also harder to refute because the climate has been changing in one direction or the other since the beginning of climate.

Also it appears that more and more scientists that once believed whole-heartedly in the “Global Warming” theory are now admitting that they were wrong.

Take one of Israel’s young top scientists Dr. Nir Shaviv, an Astrophysicist who has recently recanted his belief that man was warming up the earth. Shaviv recently wrote: "Like many others, I was personally sure that CO2 is the bad culprit in the story of global warming. But after carefully digging into the evidence, I realized that things are far more complicated than the story sold to us by many climate scientists or the stories regurgitated by the media. In fact, there is much more than meets the eye." Shaviv added , "Solar activity can explain a large part of the 20th-century global warming."

Australian Dr. David Evans is a mathematician and engineer who did the carbon accounting for the government of Australia. Evans spent six years building models for the Australian government to estimate carbon emissions.

Well, guess what? He is now a global warming skeptic. Evans also made this claim: By 2000, the political system had responded to the strong scientific case that carbon emissions caused global warming by creating thousands of bureaucratic and science jobs aimed at more research and at curbing carbon emissions.

But after 2000, the evidence for carbon emissions gradually got weaker - better temperature data for the last century, more detailed ice core data, then laboratory evidence that cosmic rays precipitate low clouds.

He adds: Unfortunately, politics and science have become even more entangled. The science of global warming has become a partisan political issue, so positions become more entrenched. Politicians and the public prefer simple and less-nuanced messages. At the moment, the political climate strongly supports carbon emissions as the cause of global warming, to the point of sometimes rubbishing or silencing critics.

The more government gets involved with science the more Evans worries that it could effect the outcome of true results.

I worry that politics could seriously distort the science. Suppose that carbon taxes are widely enacted, but that the rate of global warming increase starts to decline by 2015. The political system might be under pressure to repay the taxes, so it might, in turn, put a lot of pressure on scientists to provide justifications for the taxes. Or, the political system might reject the taxes and blame science for misinforming it, which could be a terrible outcome for science - because the political system is powerful and not constrained by truth.

He is exactly right, science and government or other ruling authorities should never be mixed and remain separate for this very reason. Does anyone remember Galileo? He was thrown in jail by the Roman Inquisition for his science research which turned out to be right.

Anyways, this is exactly what I have been telling you about “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” the whole time. Global warming, or climate change, if you will, has indeed become a partisan political issue. In fact the whole environmental movement is an issue for the world's leftist anti-capitalists and socialists like Al Gore and company. And just why would that be?

Could it possibly be because these anti-capitalists and leftists see the religion of climate change as a way to bring down or harm powerful nations with economies based on capitalism and free enterprise?

Just something to think about.

Fred Thompson tells USA Today how he plans to run for President.

Former Sen. from Tennessee and “Law and Order” star Fred Thompson has not only made it pretty clear that he is going to run for the presidency, but he tells them how he plans to do it.

He's planning a campaign that will use blogs, video posts and other Internet innovations to reach voters repelled by politics-as-usual in both parties.

As I have said before, he is already running, just not officially, and he is running the most genius campaign I have ever seen.

2 Fort Bragg Paratroopers arrested for allegedly trying to sell stolen military equipment and drugs to under cover agent.

MSNBC is reporting Two Paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division were arrested, taken to jail for allegedly selling drugs and stolen government property consisting of body armor to an undercover FBI agent who also was offered a military Humvee and a 105 mm howitzer in a future deal.

It appears the two Paratroopers were already in trouble and was in the process of being removed from the Army already.

Well, folks there are always a few bad apples in the basket. I am just glad they were caught before this equipment ended up in the wrong hands.

Will France stand up against al-Qaeda?

A European Al-Qaeda division has threatened "bloody jihad" on France for electing Nicolas Sarkozy, a conservative, by definition, and a U.S. supporter as its newest leader.

So will France pay a price for electing a strong leader? This group threatening France is said to be the same group that carried out the Madrid, Spain attacks in 2004 that sent the Spanish retreating from Iraq and the London attacks in 2005. Who is to stop them from doing something similar in France? Will the new president have the guts to actually fight these terrorist bastards? Looks like time may tell.

Dale, Say it aint so! Jr. Goes to Hendrick Motorsports!

Since the founding of NASCAR there has always been an Earnhardt driving in it, and as long as I have been a fan, which is as far back as I can remember, I have always been a fan of the man in the black number 3. Except when he drove the Wrangler car, but I don't remember to many of those days.

Since the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr. I naturally started to root for his son. What can I say the Earnhardt name holds a special place in my racing blood.

However, over the years, the true die hard love that I had for his father never materialized in the support of his son.

In fact in recent years I find myself pulling for both Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Of course being an Earnhardt fan, Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson are the two drivers I dislike the most! Especially Jeff Gordon.

So, you can imagine my excitement when it looked as if Jr. may be going to Joe Gibbs racing to team up with Tony Stewart, and then the agony when Dale Earnhardt Jr. shocked the NASCAR world officially announcing he will drive for Hendrick Motorsports...

Say it ain't so Jr! Damn...

Never in my life did I ever think this could happen. I mean what am I suppose to do with the #8 sticker in the back window of my truck and the Calvin and Hobbs relieving himself on #24!

There on the same team now, but I just can't get myself to even begin to like Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson.

So, the name Earnhardt will still hold a special place in my racing blood, and in NASCAR, but it looks like I will be rooting for Tony Stewart on Sundays now...

Country Boy's suggested reading and viewing from around the web.

We all know that Hillery Clinton has a man problem, no not Bill, man problem meaning men do not like her. Anna Qunndlen says that Clinton has a women problem! Interesting read.
Here is a column by Lakshmi Chaudhry,. He says Hillary has a feminist problem. You know it is getting bad when even feminists won't support Hillary Rodham. Looks like women are too intimidated by her. It is OK Girls ... so is Bill. So if Hillary has a man problem, a woman problem and a feminist problem who does that leave to vote for her?
Lock up the china cabinets Iowa looks like the Clintons are headed your way… you just new this was going to happen? Looks like Bill will jump on the campaign trail with Hillary in Iowa.
Al Gore was booed and heckled at a Canadian university over his global warming hypocrisy. Specifically, some students interrupted him by calling him a liar and asking him about his swimming pools. Priceless... I guess the Indoctrination is just not going so well these days.
The CEO, Bob Murray, of a major coal company is calling out Al Gore for his global warming campaign. He says some wealthy elitists in our country can't tell fact from fiction and environmental legislation has destroyed thousands of jobs, putting people further into poverty. But don't tell that to the media and the left....who have so far ignored his comments…
Fred Thompson ever decides to run, he will be the only candidate that I can ever remember to share the same views on abortion as me: It is not a political issue. Watch this video on you tube. I have always liked this guy.
Republican candidate Mike Huckabee on Fox News talking about the FairTax. Bravo!
You need to take a moment and read an excellent collumn on the essential difference between the left and the right in America today. This is a real thought-provoking column, more than worthy of your attention. Essentially Peter Berkowitz is saying that the debate today is on the right, not on the left. Couldn’t agree more.
Justice served at Duke. The Duke Lacrosse players will gain a fifth year of eligibility from the NCAA after wrongly accused of raping a woman that forced them to cancel their season.
A man sues a casino after losing $600,000 ... here's an idea: take responsibility for your own actions and stop trying to blame it on the casino.
Now this is a surprise. Some had written Spain off after they surrendered to Islamic terrorists following the train bombings in Madrid. Now Spain arrests terrorist recruiters who were sending jihadists to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is there hope?
Ever heard of the Doomsday Clock? These folks have been predicting doom since 1947. No doom yet! I wonder where we will be when the clock strikes 12? That should be quite an interesting event, don't you think? Perhaps about the time Hilary is sworn in to be president.

Country Boy's Kewl Beans

The myth of FairTax Jack is no more, go see him for yourself and become a believer!
iPod saves soldier's life! You've got to check out these pictures.
So, if you’re a baseball fan check this blog out. The Church of Baseball
I am still checking this website out and having a lot of fun doing it, so if you're a political junkie like myself you may find it very interesting and a lot of fun as well. Unity 08.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MTCW Pic of the Day.

The First NC lottery winner!!!
The state of North Carolina started the lottery last year. Here is
the first winner of the State Lottery in North Carolina.

ABC NEWS: Taliban al-Qaeda suicide bomber graduates headed to U.K. and U.S.

Don't you just love summertime? It is filled with so many joyous occasions. BBQ, family reunions and picnics, little league baseball and graduations. Oh, did I say graduation. Yes, I did. Turns out the Taliban and al Qaeda also enjoy summertime graduation! who knew?

According to a video taped obtained by ABC NEWS there was a graduation ceremony held for nearly 300 new suicide bomber recruits in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border. Some of the recruits as young as 12 years old!!! Oh how momma and pops must be so proud of her little jhadist graduate...

Just where are the new graduates heading? off to jhad college? oh no...they are headed to America and Europe!!! Isn't that special!

The guest speaker of the event was none other than Taliban military commander Mansoor Dadullah, probably chosen out of sympathy since U.S. Soldiers sent his terrorist brother to his ever lasting eternal dirt nap last month.

"These Americans, Canadians, British and Germans come here to Afghanistan from faraway places," Dadullah says on the tape. "Why shouldn't we go after them?"

Then came the valdictorian of the class to speak. This honor student's next assignment is a target in the U.K.

"So let me say something about why we are going, along with my team, for a suicide attack in Britain," he said. "Whether my colleagues, companions and Muslim brothers die today or tonight, every drop of our blood will invigorate the Muslim (unintelligible)."

I guess you have to play fill in the blank for the last word...religion maybe...

I am just wondering how you become a graduate of a suicide bomb class? What are the training requirements? how many dry runs do you do, and how do you know when one is fully trained?

Just wondering?

Oh well, these bastards will never make it to the U.S. I mean Sen. John McCain and President Bush are going to pass the amnesty bill, oops... I mean immigration bill that will surely stop all of this from happening. It's not like they will be able to just walk in the country...right?

Maybe they can get a z-visa before they blow themselves up... what do you think???

Taliban al-Qaeda suicide bomber graduation reveals more possible media bias.

ABC gets a video tape of a Taliban al-Qaeda suicide bomber graduation and it gets coverage instantly all over the news from just about every network.

Now, don't get me wrong, this is definately a worthy news story. A direct threat on our country and our allies should always be front page news.

However, there are other graduations going on in Afghanistan not just suicide bomber graduations. There are Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police recruits graduating all the time. The ANA also graduates soldiers from a NonCommissioned Officer accademy. There are also other training success stories about the ANA, but why is those graduation stories never in the news?

The stories have been written, and many of the network news have received the stories. I know they have because they are on a distribution list that gets the stories. They choose not to run them.

Here are a few links to the stories that are on a website called DVIDS. One of the stories I wrote.

ANAP Graduate Training Course

ANA Graduates Second Class of De-miners

ETTs Assist, Mentor Afghan Medics

Leading the Way: ANA Graduates 86 From Pre-NCO Course

30 Afghan Patriots Added to Police Force

Coalition Forces Conduct Training Exercise

DVIDS is a media distribution center in Atlanta, Ga. that all branches of military journalists sends there news stories, pictures and videos for them to distribute and market. The website is open to the public. So, go check them out and get the news about the war from the actual boots on the ground.

Indoctrinating the youth of the world with Global Warming.

This is what happens when Government controls school systems. It’s called indoctrination. It’s in most of our colleges, and making it’s way to a public school system near you.

Here's a high school senior who was shown Al Gore's propaganda film four different times in four different classrooms at a government school in Canada. Amazing, I can’t think of one class that it would be appropriate to show this film. Not even science class, since scientist can’t even agree the film to be true. Even climate experts say many of Al Gore’s claims are wrong.

Canada isn’t the only country pushing the indoctrination of Global Warming.

Hand it to Paramount, the studio behind An Inconvenient Truth, for tapping the classroom market in a way skeptics cannot.

In addition to a companion book written for school-aged children, producers have created a lesson plan, "An Inconvenient Truth” in the Classroom," for teachers to download.

In England, the government has made the movie part of the public curriculum.

In Spain, the government is buying copies of the movie for all of its schools.

In Australia, private donors are buying copies for schools.

When you can find just as many scientist who discredit the theories behind “Global Warming” as there are scientists who promote the theories in support of it. It is not an educational film, and is a matter of opinion.

The only inconvenient truth about this film is there are no hard facts to justify anything in it, other than the Earth is warming. Why it is warming, and what it will do to the future that is still up for a lot of debate that scientist do not agree on.

Can't get the link at the top to work? click here.

How About Some Country Boy suggested reading:

Doug Hagin says that liberals hate the very idea of self-defense in a posting on News By Us. He says it is because the left doesn’t like individualism and self defense is an act of individualism. Great read.
Former mayor of New York City Democrat Ed Koch, who is not a conservative by any means and definitely a liberal, says sadly the war in Iraq seems lost and blames it on the democrats.

He also says because the Democrats are forcing an end to the struggle in Iraq, we must now prepare to fight terrorism in our homeland for the next thirty or more years. This is a war of civilizations. The Islamic terrorists worldwide want to destroy the U.S. and every other Western nation, along with moderate Muslim nations, e.g., Egypt, Jordan, etc. Our very survival as a nation is involved. Will we have the courage and will to do all that will be necessary to prevail?

A question I have been asking myself lately… This is a pretty good read about how it looks like the Iraq war is going to end. Unfortunately…
Victor Davis Hanson continues to become one of my favorite columnists. Today he writes an excellent column, Hypocrisy That Undermines Civilization. Do not miss this one folks.
Uh Oh. This isn't good news for high priest Al Gore and the church of Global Warming. It seems that many scientists who once were preaching the man-made global warming sermon are now converting over to the other side. Of course the truth never really mattered to Al Gore. As his movie has been discredited by other scientists as well. The only inconvenient truth about Global Warming is that there may not be any truth to it at all.
So are you an ethanol fan? Think ethanol is the solution to Middle Eastern oil dependency and cleaner air. So does Hillery Clinton, Barrack Obama and Rudy McRomney…even 60 minutes loves the stuff…anytime that many politicians jump on the bandwagon of something it is time to wonder if something is wrong with it, and according to John Stossel, who says, other than it coming from corn, everything else we have been told about is a lie. Just another lie to add to the continuous global warming myth.
Michelle Malkin on Hillary's "Reverse 'Sister Souljah' Strikeout" Michelle says this should have been the end of Hillary's presidential ambitions. Malkin says Hillary “be trippin girl” You will have to read it to know why.
Pierre Lemieux, an economist from Quebec. Has wrote that "Mass killings were rare when guns were easily available, while they have been increasing as guns have become more controlled." And why not? The murderer knows that he doesn't have to fear a victim with a gun! Virginia Tech, after all, was a "gun free zone." Any on the left care to comment?
With out a real strong candidate running in the GOP field for 2008, who is a conservative republican to vote for? Steve Forbes says if free-market economics is your concern, then former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is your guy. Forbes says Rudy is a fiscal conservative and that's good enough for him. It’s not good enough for me…
So what's wrong with America 's health care system? Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, says our health care system is stuck in the 1950's. He says they are stuck in the ballpoint pen, clipboard and paperwork world and needs to come online and join the information highway like the rest of us.
A new piece of art has gone on display at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. It portrays Barack Obama as Jesus Christ. As you might guess, this is very controversial. The only thing missing are members of the media bowing down, kissing his feet and asking if they can be one of the twelve disciples.

Country Boy Kewl Beans.

Hey guys… can’t get a date? Maybe it is cause you are just so darn handsome. That’s right, according to this U.K. article women claim that handsome men are boring and that they prefer to date not-so-handsome men. Yeah….riiiight.
Want to look busy at work today try out this web toy a warning label generator. Maybe you can sell your boss that you are making safety signs or something. Thanks for the tip Jimbo!
Wow, Now this is some real kewl beans here...How many people can actually say they had a truck drive over there head!!! Here's the incredible story of how a helmet saved this cyclist's life.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

WW IV Terror Alert: JFK International Terror plot thwarted!

4 Charged In Plot To Blow Up Jet Fuel At JFK!

According to NewsChannel4's Jonathan Dienst, sources said federal investigators have made arrests in an alleged terror plot on Kennedy Airport.

Four people have been charged. One is in custody in New York. Three suspects are thought to be overseas, perhaps under arrest.

Press conference scheduled for 1p.m ET.

Stay vigilant America... They are comming after us!

MTCW: Pic of the Day

The adults won't listen to John Kerry anymore,
turns out neither will the kids!
You're not listening to me! You are going
to get stuck in Iraq!

WWIV Update: US NAVY launches air strike against Islam Militants in Somalia.

U.S. Special Ops move into Somalia, drive terrorists into hiding.

I told you on Friday about the World War we are currently in. Here is an update, U.S. Naval destroyer bombarded a remote, mountainous village in Somalia late friday where Islamic militants had set up a base

The U.S. also sent special operations troops that drove the Islamic forces into hiding. U.S. warplanes have carried out airstrikes in an attempt to kill Al Qaeda members in the area.

"This is a global war on terror and the U.S. remains committed to reducing terrorist capabilities when and where we find them," Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said.

Still don't believe this is a World War? How many more fronts do we need to convince you?

Bush Calls on Iran to Release U.S. Hostages

Well, I am not sure how this hapened, but this story slipped right under my radar. I didn't even know Iran was holding American hostages. Of course the media is calling them detained U.S. citizens, probably because hostage is such a hostile word toward Iran. Wouldn't want to make Iran look anyworse than they already are, might offend them. Of course here at MTCW, I don't worry about such useless things as political correctness so I will call them what they are, which is hostages.

Apparently, Iran has been holding these U.S. hostages for a month now and Bush is had enough...yep...he finally spoke out and called for the "detainees"to be freed "immediately and unconditionally."

Oh, what strong words from the President, and based on our track record from dealing with Iran, I am sure they are shaking in their turbans and will return these hostages immediately.

President Bush waited over a month to respond to this, and White House aides said the president broke his silence because of Tehran's decision to charge three of the four detainees.

So, I guess that means, everything was fine. Go ahead and arrest Americans in Iran, as long as you do not charge them with anything I won't say anything. After you charge them though, well then I am going to demand you to return them, but I am not actually going to do anything about it. Why that would be insane.

I wonder how long Ronald Reagan would have put up with this? Then again, Reagan wouldn't have to put up with this, because these bastards wouldn't be playing these games with him in the White House.

The Iranians are well on their way to recreating the scene from 1979-1981 when they held Ammerican hostages for 444 days. It is starting to look like President Bush is going to leave the Oval Office just as former President Jimmy Carter did; broken, beaten and with an American public demoralized and confused.

It must be absolute joy ride for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be repeating this heinous trick, only this time on a grander scale, and with America lacking a figure of salvation like President Reagan was then. Who will pick-up the pieces after W. is gone?

D.C. School Voucher and Choice program working, so why is it at risk?

Competition, it improves customer service, promotes lower prices, and makes a better product across the board. It works in the restaurant, retail, grocery, and service industries to name a few. What about competition in our school systems and giving parents the right to choose were there kids go to school through the use of a voucher system? Think it is crazy?

Well School vouchers and parents right to choose is working in D.C. The parents and children love the system. So why is the program in jeopardy, because funding for the program is up and democrats are now in charge. They don’t like school choice because they don’t think the program is fair.

Of course the real reason the democrats don’t like it is because teacher unions don’t like it, and they are huge contributors to the Democrat Party.

Nothing improves the product like competition. Nothing frightens the teacher's union like competition. Will democrats really send 1,800 kids back to failing schools?

Last Man Standing on Iraq, Can't be found.

John McCain says he will be the last man standing on Iraq, but where has he been?

John McCain, who has said, he will be the last man standing in support of the war in Iraq seems to have gone missing in action.
McCain has only shown up 4 out of the last 14 times for votes on Iraq…While his opposition has never missed a vote on Iraq. Well, seems like McCain is going by the motto: Do as I say, not as I do.
Well MTCW was unable to find John McCain as well, but I did find this popular John McCain action figure. Sources tell me it is actually a lot more popular than the actual GOP candidate.

Meteorologist says "Global Warming" will be a joke in 5 years

Meteorologist Augie Auer claims that “Global Warming” will be a joke in five years and that we could not change the climate if we wanted to because water vapors dominates the effects of the warming.

Auer claims water vapor causes 95 percent of the greenhouse effect, which is vital to keeping the earth warm.

“If we didn’t have the greenhouse effect the planet would be at minus 18 degrees Celsius but because we do have the greenhouse effect it is plus 15 degrees Celsius, all the time,” he said.

The other greenhouse gases only account for percent of the effect with carbon dioxide causing the most at 3.6 percent. Man accounts for 3.2 percent, which is only .12 percent of greenhouse gases in total. The other greenhouse gases are even less than that.

He says that it time to go on the attack against the myth of man-made global warming.
“It’s become a witch-hunt, a Salem witch-hunt,” he said.

They are going after industries for putting out 49 percent of the countries emissions, but does anybody ever ask 49 percent of what? Does anybody know how small that number is?

Apparently not… I wonder if Al Gore knows this information?

TV Worth watching: Inside The Green Berets National Geographic Channel.

National Geographic Channel Presents

Check out the National Geographic Blog and read a first hand account from Jerry Newberry's ten days with Soldiers in Afghanistan. They are not the Green Berets but it is still a Great Read.