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Whether you like him or not you have to admit he is on a roll, and its pretty amazing what he has accomplished this far.

The Hillary Clinton melt down

Yesterday the top story in the media quickly turned from “Obama is leading in New Hampshire” to “Hillary may drop out of race if she loses in New Hampshire.” (See Country boy’s suggested reading below) Of course her staff says she is in the race until the convention, but seriously, what else are they going to say?

The fact is Hillary Clinton’s campaign is struggling, and she is in deep trouble. So we can expect to see a few changes between now and Super Tuesday on Feb. 5.

I expect there will be some firing and hiring going on amongst the campaign staff in the very near future. Also Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has announced they plan to be more aggressive and open… whatever that means. Aggressive, I can see. Open? No way.

The media has also been running with the Hillary getting emotional in a coffee shop with New Hampshire voters. There she was with eyes tearing up, saying how personal this campaign is, and she doesn’t want to see us fall backwards. How hard it is to look good everyday for reporters…boo hoo… I say call 1-800-waa-haaa! After all it was her choice to step into this arena.

If Hillary can’t take the pressure from a media that has been fairly nice to her compared to how they have treated President George W. Bush the last eight years, how does she plan to handle the pressure of the White House in such turbulent times that we find ourselves in?

One also has to wonder if a good cry is the right way to connect to female voters? After all, even they are deserting her for a smoother Barack Obama.

Clinton’s tears were certainly topic of conversation around the media roundtable yesterday. Almost makes you wonder if it was sincere or was it staged? (watch video here)

My guess is they were sincere. I think Hillary Clinton found herself uncontrollably tearing up amongst voters yesterday because she is nearing meltdown. She just can’t believe that her campaign is failing. This was supposed to be her time. She was supposed to coast to the nomination. They were supposed to roll out the red carpet from Iowa all the way to the White House! How dare these voters reject her? Who the hell do they think they are?

Hillary is supposed to be the star of the Democrat Party; she is the one with the money and the experience. She has Bill Clinton, Elvis among democrats, in her corner, but she doesn’t seem to be the one with the votes.

Hillary already knew that republicans didn’t like her, but now she is finally finding out what her own party outside of New York thinks about her.

I am not a doctor, never played one on TV, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express!

I am not a doctor, hell, I am not even smart enough to play one on TV, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once. Apparently, that makes me qualified to play doctor to my own health needs under the National Health Service (NHS) in Britain.

The British government has come up with a brilliant plan to save a whole lot of money in the NHS budget. If you have a health problem, just take care of it yourself!

That is right, No consulting a doctor or going to a hospital, instead patients in Britain’s socialized, national run healthcare system will be encouraged to carry out “self-care.” Oh, but not to worry…this is just until they can figure out a way to curb the spending.

It’s really all right; the NHS is just trying to get rid of those not so important trips to the doctor and emergency room. You know, like people dealing with arthritis, asthma and heart failure! Yeah, it says heart failure. These types of patience will be treating themselves with self-care.

Some of the self-care patients will have to apply includes using equipment placed in the home to monitor heart activity, blood pressure and lung capacity and then relay that information to doctors by phone or computer link. Patience will also administer their own drugs and other treatments to manage pain.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown claims this is an improvement that will allow patients to “play a far more active role in managing their own condition.” How about allowing patients to take a far more active roll of their healthcare by privatizing the system and letting market forces determine where people can get the best care for the best price. Now that is what I call self-care.

Oh yeah, The British Department of Health calls their situation an “exciting opportunity.”

I wonder how the citizens of Great Britain feel about their “exciting opportunity” to be forced into a broken universal health care system and told you’re on your own.

Just the thought of government controlled universal healthcare gives me a headache…

Hey Al Gore! It is snowing in Mexico and South America!

Here is your global warming update.

US Ski resorts rejoice over the best snowfall in 30 years! Taos , New Mexico got 60 inches of snow in a week…must have been global warming…

frozen iguanas are falling from trees in South Florida because it’s freezing.

Freezing temperatures and snow in Mexico. In Mexico? How about it Mr. Gore, explain that global warming thing again…

Boston Globe Columnist Jake Jacoby asks, where did global warming go? Jacoby points out record snow falls in New Hampshire , and extremely cold weather in places like South America . Buenos Aires received its first snowfall in 89 years! Oh yeah, the global temperature has decreased since 1998.

This global warming news was actually printed in the New York Times?

And now scientists are predicting a "slightly cooler" 2008. Although these scientists still believe that 1998 is the warmest year on record ...

Perhaps 2008 will be the year that we come to realize Al Gore and his global warming scare has been nothing but a scam? One can only hope.

Here's a rational thinking Canadian who understands the implications of the Kyoto protocol and doesn't buy into what the global warming crowd is selling.

Country Boy's suggested reading and viewing from around the web

Facing defeat in New Hampshire Matt Drudge at the Drudge report says there is now talk of Hilary’s possible early exit from the campaign.

Meanwhile Hillary’s problems continue, Obama jumps out front in New Hampshire.
He’s not the “comeback kid” any more. Bill Clinton speaking to rows of empty seats as people filed out midway through his speech at the University of New Hampshire . I wonder if this ever happened to Elvis?
George McGovern wants to impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Isn’t George McGovern one of the biggest losers in the history of American politics? Why yes, he is…Who the hell cares what he has to say?
Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf told 60 minutes that nobody else other than Benazir Bhutto was responsible for her own death. Wow, Mr. Sensitivity.
Mitt Romney wins Wyoming Republican Caucus.
Three inmates in Illinois are suing the Illinois sheriff for $2 million, complaining that the cookies and cakes are served soggy. Wow…I guess these guys have never eaten what the US Army serves.
North Dakota is getting federal money (that means your tax dollars) to fund a heating aid program for low income households. The program costs $12.7 million a year! How about we give them luggage and a ticket to a warmer climate? It would be cheaper…
Even Bill Clinton called Ron Paul supporters "nuts." Now I'm sure he didn't mean ALL Paulistas ... just the ones who vehemently spout that 9/11 was an inside job.
Mike Huckabee wants to amend the Constitution to prevent children born in the U.S. to illegal aliens from automatically becoming American citizens
Tata Motors of India introduces the $2,500 automobile. You will probably never see it in the US though...emission laws won't allow it.
Ret. Col. David Hunt has a column titled “Being a Soldier during Christmas.” Excellent read.
Ret. Lt. Col. Ollie North names his person of the year: The American Soldier (not Vladimir Putin like the Times. North says during 2007, his choice built more than 575 schools in two countries, opened nearly 500 public health clinics and hospitals, provided clean drinkable water and electricity for more than six million people.
The big winner in Iowa politicking? None other than Santa Claus!
Apparently it takes John Edwards at least 2 minutes to get all of his hair just right.

Country Boy's Kewl Beans

I know it is only January, but I just figured out what I want for Christmas… A new 108 inch LCD TV from Sharp!
Have you gotten your Dr. Hillcare doll yet? They'll probably be a collector's item after she loses in New Hampshire and drops out of the race today. (I am working on this optimistic thing from my new years resolution)
How long are your lifestyle decisions going to let you live? Here is the life expectancy calculator. Looks like you folks are going to have to deal with me until I am 83.

Friday, January 04, 2008

MTCW Pic of the Day

Enough Said....

MTCW Iowa Caucus coverage.

Big time wins for Mike Huckabee, Barack Obama in Iowa, Hillary Clinton 3rd

Barak Obama and Mike Huckabee had strong showings in their wins over their rivals in the Iowa Caucus. Obama finished 8 points ahead of John Edwards and 9 points ahead of Hillary Clinton. Huckabee defeated Mitt Romney by 9 points. Here are the final results:


Obama 38%
Edwards 30%
Clinton 29%
Richardson 2%


Huckabee 34%
Romney 25%
Thompson 13%
McCain 13%
Paul 10%
Giuliani 4%

Now here is My Two Cents Worth on what happened last night. There were three big winners and two losers in Iowa last night: Mike Huckabee, Barak Obama, and John McCain. The losers: Hillary Clinton and Fred Thompson.

The race for the White House has significantly changed for both parties, but the path to the nomination for the Democrats is a lot clearer than the one for the Republicans. So we will start with the Democrats.

Barak Obama is the Big winner in Iowa.
OK, I will now admit it. Barack Obama is the real deal! Any questions about Obama being the lesser-known candidate, being too young or lacking establishment hurting his chances for the nomination are now gone. One cannot underestimate the importance of Obama’s 9-point victory here.

Obama was able to capture the five biggest counties in Iowa. He also was successful in motivating and getting the youth vote to the polls. Voters under the age of 30 made up 20% of the Democratic caucus voters and they gave more than 50% of their votes to Obama. This statistic alone has to make Republican campaign strategists nervous about an Obama ticket in the general election.

Perhaps the most impressive thing Obama was able to do in Iowa was steal the woman vote that Clinton was counting on and draw many independent voters to his campaign.

Will Obama now win the nomination? He has a lot of good things going for him and I say he has more than a 50% chance to win the nomination. He has momentum, charisma, positive media attention, and lots of money still in his campaign. The biggest thing Obama has going for him now, he proved he can win in the whitest areas of the country, something many democrat African Americans were doubting.

Obama’s Iowa victory is disastrous for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the sure thing. She was the invincible political machine with the nomination in the bag. She had the money, the party stars, and her husband behind her and she lost, and lost big.

However it is not her third place finish, or the fact that she did not win that makes this so bad for her. It is how she lost and the circumstances surrounding it.

Clinton gave a speech this morning that they were going to “take this enthusiasm” to New Hampshire, but it is hard to find the enthusiasm she is talking about. Clinton grossly out spent Obama in Iowa, she lost the youth vote to Obama and she lost the female vote to Obama. It is hard to see any enthusiasm in the Clinton camp.

The worst thing that could have happened to Clinton was not finishing third in Iowa. That is the least of her problems now. In fact a John Edwards victory with Obama finishing second and her third would have been a better outcome for her than what happened. The worse thing that could have happened has happened and that is Obama winning Iowa as soundly as he did. Obama’s victory spells disaster and puts the Clinton campaign in some serious trouble.

Even before the Iowa Caucus, Obama was already running even against Clinton in New Hampshire. After winning Iowa he is sure to get a bounce that could give him another victory there on Jan. 8.

Here is where the real problem rests for Clinton. Obama is also the favorite in South Carolina, where almost half of the Democrat Party primary voters will be African American. A lot of black voters had previously held back their support for Obama because they were not sure he could win in places like Iowa that has the smallest black population in the country. Now that doubt has been removed, they are likely to leave the Clinton camp for the Obama camp in large numbers. That means potential big wins in states like Maryland, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi where African Americans share roughly 40% or more of the democrat primary vote. A John Edwards victory over Obama could have prevented this, but that didn’t happen.

Add this with Obama’s charisma and ability to get youth voters to the polls and steal women voters from Clinton and her path to the White House is very much in jeopardy before she even gets the nomination.

Republicans contest it is still up in the air with no clear frontrunner.

Iowa was a must win for Mike Huckabee and he won. In fact he won by a larger margin than Obama did with 9 points over Mitt Romney, but now Huckabee needs money, and lots of it.

Huckabee was able to win Iowa with very little money and hardly any formal organization that will not work for him the rest of the way.

We have seen that Huckabee is a great entertainer with a compelling persona. In fact many criticized Huckabee for leaving Iowa on Wednesday for the Jay Leno show, but he capitalized on his appearance. When Leno asked why he's doing well against Romney, Huckabee replied, "People are looking for a presidential candidate who reminds them more of the guy they work with rather than the guy that laid them off." The studio audience loved him. And apparently so did Iowa.

Can Huckabee win? I believe he has just a good of a chance as anybody. His achievement in Iowa should not go unnoticed. Huckabee was an unknown a year ago, and is the only candidate in either party to rise to the top from the second tier, and he didn't use a lot of money to do it.

Huckabee is now the clear favorite in South Carolina on Jan. 19 and is probably the favorite in many other southern states providing Thompson and Giuliani stay in the race a while. The longer this race stays a multiple candidate race the better for Huckabee. If it ends up a one on one against Mitt Romney, Huckabee loses.

The thing that interests me the most about Huckabee is his support for the FairTax, which would eliminate the income tax and the Internal Revenue Service and replace it with a national sales tax. An idea with a strong grass roots backing and, as you all know, I am strongly in favor of. However, I never here anyone give any credit to Huckabee’s success in Iowa to it.

All I hear is Huckabee won Iowa because of the base of evangelical Christians, and he will not do well in New Hampshire because that base does not exist there. I have to wonder if the FairTax played any part in Iowa success.

No, I don’t think it propelled him to victory, the Christian base was strong enough to do that on there own, but I think it may have played a factor in a 9-point victory. There sure have been a lot of attacks from op-ed writers and political pundits on Huckabee by criticism of the FairTax. Those who want to see the current tax system stay seem a little concerned.

Huckabee may surprise some people in New Hampshire.

Fred Thompson suffers in Iowa. McCain gets just what he needs

Fred Thompson needed a big showing in Iowa, and he did not get it. A third place finish for John McCain is great, because McCain has a solid chance to win in New Hampshire. A third place finish for Thompson in Iowa created no buzz for his campaign and will generate no added support or money. My guess is Fred Thompson will be out of the race after South Carolina. What will be interesting to see is where will the Fred Thompson support go? Huckabee, McCain, or Romney? It could decide the nomination.

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MTCW Pic of the Day

Happy New Year!
let's hope your year didn't start out like this:

She must have had a bad 2007... Dosesn't look like 2008 is starting off any better for her.

Country Boy's New Years Resolutions

It is undoubtedly that time of year again for New Year’s Resolutions. I really don’t know why I continue to make these. I don’t even remember my resolutions from last year other than I probably didn’t keep them.

Every year I am often taken back to a “Haggar the Horrible” comic strip I once read. Haggar is asked what his New Years Resolutions are and he responds:

“I resolve to eat as much as I want and drink as much as I want”

He is asked what kind of resolution is that? He replies, “One I can Keep.”

So here are 5 New Year’s resolutions that I should be able to keep:

1. In 2008 I resolve to focus on the solution of the problem and not just on the problem.

2. To be more optimistic, although that will be hard to do after Hillary Clinton wins the White House in November.

3. To actually reply to all my e-mails from family and friends

4. To no longer consider other people’s feelings, when they so obviously do not consider mine.

5. To work harder than ever to stop and prevent millions of voting parasites, led mostly by single females, on their quest to destroy the ideas of individuality, private property rights, self reliance and this very country by putting a hideous, power hungry leftist bitch into the White House. Oh and that is putting it nicely, trust me.

How about you? What are your resolutions?

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, Did you see her Christmas commercial?

Did you see Hillary Clinton’s Christmas commercial over the holidays? You can watch it here. There she is, the wonderful Hillary Clinton, playing the roll of mother, placing Christmas gifts under the tree. Universal healthcare, tax breaks to the middle class, Pre-K preschool, all gift wrapped and placed under the tree just for all of us, and it is all free…Wrong.

Well free for Hillary. Her gift giving doesn’t cost her a dime. Who pays? You, the tax payers.

I have mentioned this before; liberals like Mrs. Clinton believe America is great because of government. Big government. This dangerous woman believes government is the solution to every problem and the solution is always more government, more control.
The private sector has no role to play because evil rich corporations run it. Freedom, who has the responsibility for freedom, let the government handle it, they know best.

When Hillary Clinton places these gifts of universal healthcare and Pre-K preschool under the tree, she isn’t doing it out of love or compassion for her fellow Americans. She is doing it to give her more power over her fellow Americans.

So all you Hillary Supporters get out there and vote away. All you single woman get out there and elect your woman president don’t worry about the consequences just make history! Yeah…doesn’t it feel good!

These fools are destroying the greatest system of governance this world has ever known, but they are too ignorant to realize it.

This is something that has needed to be addressed for a long time, and somebody has got to say it. Fine, I will.

If you never took it upon yourself to take advantage of every opportunity given to you to get an education or learn a skill or trade to make you marketable to an employer and ended up an unemployable semi-illiterate loser, that’s not our problem. It is yours.

If you have destroyed your health through lifestyle choices such as not exercising and eating a consistent diet of unhealthy food, what gives you the right to demand people who lived more responsibly to cover the cost of your healthcare?

If it is more important for you to spend your money on flat screen televisions, new cars, dining at fancy restaurants, and taking expensive vacations than it is to pay for your own health insurance policy. OK, fine that is called the responsibility of freedom, but don’t ask the government to steal from someone else so that you don’t have to change your way of life.

A country whose citizens learn they can vote money for themselves from the public treasury is doomed to a socialist state. Welcome to the future of America. (So much for the resolution of optimism, that didn't last long. Sorry folks, I am a realist and right now reality sucks!)

The uneducated and unmotivated, the “I’m not responsible for my own healthcare” crowd, and the single moms will all be in line come November to elect Hillary Clinton. All of you that want the government to step in and take care of you after you screwed up your own lives. Hillary Clinton will be more than willing to use the police power of the state to reward you for your vote.

It's not just Hillary, republicans are guilty of Santa Claus politics as well.

Republicans may not be as guilty as liberal democrats when it comes to “Big Government” gifts, but they are still guilty.

I still feel anger and betrayal toward the Republican Party. There was a voter revolution in this country in 1994 that put the Republican Party in charge of the House and Senate. They were elected on a pledge to reduce the size of the federal government. All they had to do was stay true to the principles of the party. Instead, they more than doubled the size of the government.

Economic genius Thomas Sowell has a column out titled “Santa Claus Politics” In it he refers to Hillary Clintons Christmas commercial.

Sowell also says Santa Claus is bi-partisan as both sides of the aisle are eager to give away government goodies to the voters.

Of course Sowell has more of a beef with government interference with economics than he does with free gifts at taxpayer expense.

He is absolutely right though. The Bush administration is working on a plan to virtually bail out homeowners who took out risky mortgages in a good market that went bad. Why should the task payers pay for someone else’s gamble?

Perhaps the taxpayers owe me money for my losses in the stock market so far this year! The market has not been to hot the last few days and I am losing money! Hillary, George...help! how about a bail out here?

This whole using taxpayer money to pander and buy votes is getting pretty ridiculous.

Country Boy predicts Iowa surprise for both parties: Thompson, Edwards winners. Clinton third!

The Road to the White House begins here.
I am looking for an Iowa surprise from both parties today. Here are my predictions:

On the Republican side:

Fred Thompson 22%
Mike Huckabee 21%
Mitt Romney 20%
Ron Paul 15%
John McCain 14%
Rudy Giuliani 10%
Duncan Hunter 2%

On the Democrat side:

John Edwards 31%
Barack Obama 30%
Hillary Clinton 25%
Joe Biden 7%
Bill Richardson 3%
Chris Dodd 3%
Dennis Kucinich 1%

I am probably wrong, but either way it will be interesting to see how it turns out. We will definately have a better idea of who the real front runners are tomorrow, and just how real is Ron Paul.

Here are some other predictions.

Columnist Robert Novak, the man that predicted the John Kerry Iowa surprise in 2004 has some interesting Iowa predictions. On the Republican side he says it is between Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney for the win and a three-way race for third between Fred Thompson, John McCain and Ron Paul. Ron Paul??? A third place finish for Ron Paul in Iowa would definitely make a splash in the water and carry potential momentum going into New Hampshire.

Columnist Andrew Cline is already predicting a possible third place or better showing for Ron Paul in the New Hampshire primary Jan. 8.

On the Democrat side of the house Novak predicts Barack Obama with the win and also gives Hillary Clinton a third place finish with Edwards taking second.

61-year-old Orthopedic Surgeon Bill Krissoff joins Navy after son’s death in Iraq.

Unfortunately Bill Krissof will never get half the media attention that Cindy Sheehan received.

Cindy Sheehan lost her son, Casey Sheehan, in Iraq and spent all of 2005 as the darling to the media and the left protesting the Iraq war. She was dubbed the name “Peace Mom” and was paraded around by the left and the media to try and dent support for the Iraq war.

Today, Sheehan is pretty much treated as an irritant or an embarrassment as she and anti-war protestors carrying signs that read “Impeachment is Patriotic” were booed and yelled at during the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, Ca. Not that she deserves better, but her son, who died for a noble cause, does.

Cindy Sheehan is not the only parent whose loss of a son in Iraq prompted a response worth noting. Here is a much more uplifting story of a parent’s actions to a son’s death in Iraq that has not received hardly any media attention.

Marine 1st Lt. Nathan Krissoff was killed Dec. 9, 2006, at the age of 25 in the Al Anbar province of Iraq, prompting his 61-year-old father, Bill Krissoff, an orthopedic surgeon to join the military.
Krissoff’s youngest son, Austin, is also an officer in the Marine Corps.

“Both my sons were hugely affected by the events of 9/11, and Nate was proud to serve in the Marines, as Austin is,” Krissoff said. “I share their views.”

So as most orthopedic surgeons his age contemplate retirement, Krissoff is closing his practice, leaving behind his Reno home, relocating to San Diego and taking on a new position as Navy Lt. Commander.

Krissoff will serve in the Navy as a medical officer and although 19 years over the Navy’s official age limit, Dr. Krissoff will serve as a Navy Surgeon for three years.

“My interest in Navy medicine was because they take care of Marines,” he said.

Just like Mrs. Sheehan, Dr. Krissoff met with President Bush, but that is where the similarities end.

Since the cut off for medical officers joining the Navy is 42, Krissoff was told it would be a difficult and lengthy process to get in. Krissoff took the issue and asked for the needed waiver from the highest authority possible – President George W. Bush.

Krissoff had the opportunity to meet the president in August at an American Legion convention in Reno where Bush asked each family what he could do for them.

Krissoff told the President he wanted to serve and used humor to push the issue.

“Sir, I’d like to serve, but they told me I’m too old, but I’m younger than you sir,” he said.

After the conversation Krissoff quickly got an age waiver and is scheduled to deploy to Iraq in the near future.

It is unfortunate Bill Krissoff will never get half the media attention that Cindy Sheehan received.

Bill Krissoff is the American Hero deserving of media attention and fame, not Cindy Sheehan.

Good luck to you in Iraq, and God Speed Sir.

Country Boy's suggested reading and views from around the web.

New gallop poll shows 70% of Americans think the U.S. is on the wrong track, while 84% are happy with their own lives. Daniel Henninger calls it the pre-election paradox.
Columnist Lisa Fabrizio thinks there is a conservative blackout in the media, and she is not just talking about the usual suspects. Fabrizio says it is disturbing to see conservative pundits ignore or dismiss real conservative candidates like Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter. Interesting read.
It seems Mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg is considering a run for the Presidency as an Independent. He says he is willing to spend 500 million of his own money, if he decides to run. Hey, it’s not an investment I would make, but like the Wall Street Journal opinion page states: It’s his money.
The number of people who identify themselves as Republicans has risen to a two year high. This is interesting because I can think of a number of people who use to be Republicans. (Including myself) Makes me wonder, what exactly is a Republican by today’s standards? The party seems to have no room for real conservatives anymore.
Only 372 cars were torched by [Muslim] youths in France on New Year's Eve ... this was apparently a "relatively calm" night. Yeah, I added muslims, the media won't, but I will.
A Pakistani cleric says that he wants Islamic law for all of Pakistan and the world ... and will use force to see it happen. My God! I am so shocked! I mean there so peaceful and loving...
Oil reached $100 a barrel yesterday. Now let's continue complaining about it instead of focusing on the solution like drilling in ANWR and off the cost of West Florida. Oh, you don’t like that idea, then stop complaining about gas prices.
This is a Happy New Year message for Democrats and Ron Paul supporters. Violent civilian deaths in Iraq in December were down 75% from one year ago. I guess that "Surge" thing that was going to be a disaster worked!
I found this looking for something else at findarticles.com. It is an interesting article on inter-racial relationships titled: Black Women White Men, White Women Black Men. Apparently it is an escalating trend. I have done my share of inter-racial dating, didn’t know it was a “trend”

Country Boy's Kewl Beans Picks

A Year in Review: JibJab's In 2007. Always hilarious.
Where you a zero with the ladies on the dance floor at the New Year's Eve parties? Make a New Year resolution to not let it happen again. Let the man, James Brown teach you how to dance. Dig it!
The “Godfather of Soul” has nothing on Country Boy! Check out these dance moves. Who knew he could get down like that.

I think I displayed similar moves at a friends wedding in Florida once, but there was definately tequila involved.