Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It is time to pull out those predictions.

Yes, my friends it is time to pull out my predictions that I made in January of 2005 and see how much glass I ate from the crystal ball. Here we go:

1. Iraqi elections will be a success with election turnouts above 70%. Allawi will win soundly. Does not mean the end of reconstruction efforts. OK, So I was wrong about Allawi but everything else was accurate.

2. Bush Administration caving in to John McCain and friends will send an additional 60,000 troops to Iraq. wrong.

3. Iran will conduct a nuclear bomb test. The UN and the rest of the world won't know how to react. President Bush will. This will be avoided if we or Israel does something about it before it happens. right. Iran did conduct tests, however I am not sure that anyone in the world knows exactly what to do about it.

4. Iran, China, and North Korea's alliance comes together as Iran attacks Iraq, China gives Taiwan an ultimatum, and North Korea threatens South Korea with nuclear war. All happening within 6 months of each other. This will set the stage for world war. Russia will join the axis of evil. wrong. Thank God. Although many of the so called insurgents cross the border into Iraq from Iran. China and N. Korea continue to threaten with nukes.

5. Iran becomes the first country to fall in the axis of evil. There will be a revolution in Iran, with the help of the CIA, that will lead to democracy in that country. They will become a valuable asset to the United States. wrong.

6. A dirty bomb possibly a suit case nuke will be used in Iraq by terrorist. wrong.

7. There will be a major networked attempted terrorist attack involving 5 cities in Canada and the US. It will be stopped due to the patriot act. There were several threats though.

8. Terrorist will also try to use railroad cars to set off some type of chemical or biological agent in the heartland of America. They will not succeed. There is no terrorist attack in America in 2005. However, American interest will be attacked overseas. wrong, but there were the train bombings in England.

9. Muslim Terrorist extremist Al Zarqawi and Abu Musab will be either captured or killed by Coalition forces in Iraq. We got close to gettin the bastard a couple of times but never quite got them.

10. Osama Bin Ladin is captured in Afghanistan after coming back from Iran where he was getting medical attention. We start to withdraw troops from Afghanistan but set up strategic permanent American military bases before leaving. wrong.

11. Saddam Hussein is sentenced to death. The libs will say he never got a fair trial. premature prediction... Saddam will be sentenced to death. Of course the liberals already think the trial is not fair.

12. Cuba will make an oil deal with China. China needs oil, Cuba needs money. Cuba has oil, China has money. Any questions??? (Castro found oil in late December 2004) wrong

13. The tsunami cleanup will go better than expected. Within 6 months there will be new major hotels and condos. The same critics on the left who are crying we are not giving enough will cry we did it for the rich to get richer. It is Bush?s Fault. the condos and hotels are rebuilt and as we learned in 2005 everything is Bush's fault.

14. Republicans will propose a bill to begin drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife and Reserve. It will pass creating thousands of jobs and lowering gas prices. It will also make us less dependent on foreign oil. Al Gore will scream: They betrayed this Earth!!! The bill was proposed passed the house and was killed in the senate due to RINO (Republicans In Name Only) republicans.

15. The beginning of privatizing social security will happen. People will finally be allowed to invest some of their social security contributions in the private sector. wrong. I am dissapointed in this one. I really thought the people would get behind the President and demand congress to get this done. I guess people would rather leave their retirement in the hands of the ever so trusting government.

16. The National Sales Tax or the Fair Tax that would eliminate income tax and the IRS will be proposed but it will not pass. President Bush's tax cuts will remain in place. It has been proposed but has not come to a vote yet. President Bush's tax cuts do remain in place.

17. There will be some sort of tort reform. President Bush will not get everything he wants in it though. true, it didn't amount to much though.

18. The economy continues to grow in 2005. Unemployment falls under 5% around June or July. The construction and real estate market have big years. Right. I pretty much nailed that one.

19. The Stock Market Dow Jones rises to 12,000 by September. wrong.

20. Pfizer stock goes through the roof. Airline stock has a bad year. right and wrong. Pfizer stock did not go through the roof and airliners had a horrible year.

21. There will be a political movement to get the United States out of the UN. This will lead to the resignation of Kofi Annan. Former President Bill Clinton will take Kofi Annans place at the UN. Kofi Annan and the rest of the UN is cleared of any wrong doing in the oil for food program.

22. Some of the most heated debates will not be between democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, but between each other. (Especially on Iraq and immigration.) true

23. The republican party moves to the center. People like me move to the libertarian party. (A liberal democrat's dream.) the shift is on.

24. The democrat party moves further to the left. Moderate democrats like Zell Miller or Joe Lieberman move to the republican party. (A liberal democrat's nightmare) it's happening.

25. Hillary Clinton knowing she can not win the white house being who she is begins her transformation to the middle. Her voting record will paint a much different picture. True. she is starting already trying to play herself to the christian crowd.

26. Bush will abandon his soft immigration policy as Congress will pass tougher immigration legislation. More than 85% of Americans want it and congress knows it. (Hillary Clinton knows it, watch for her to talk about it a lot in 2005) true. Congress is starting to work on it, Hilery did talk about it not as much as I thought she would though.

27. Republicans McCain, Lugar, and Hagel continue to side with the democrats. OK that was easy.

28. Democrats will try to impeach President Bush using the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. They will fail. Rumsfield will resign. well, they are begining to mention impeachment but not for Abu Ghraib.

29. Clarence Thomas is appointed Chief Justice of the supreme court. wrong. But I bet no one else picked John Roberts.

30. Howard Dean becomes the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee. (I hope I hope) Right!!! this was suppose to be a joke... I didn't think the Democrats were actually dumb enough to do it.

31. John Kerry will not be able to accept his run for the white house is over. He will declare that he should be the front runner in 2008. John Edwards is finished. He knows it and does not make a comeback. Right. although Edwards may be thinking about another run.

32. General Wesley Clark will become a military analyst or correspondent for a major news network. Probably CBS. right. he works for CNN

33. Fox News and the internet becomes the main source of news in 2005. right. in fact recent poll shows only 28% of Americans are confident in the reporting of mainstream television network news and newspapers.

34. Michael Moore will travel to Iraq to spend time with insurgents. Who he compared to the minutemen. He will tell the story of the Fedayeen, who he will call the founding fathers, and document their struggles against the imperialistic Bush Administration. wrong....this one was for laughs anyway...however he probably thought about it.

35. The ACLU will push for a court ruling making it illegal to distribute bibles and for churches to advertise on TV. wrong

36. Hollywood goes religious. Mel Gibson has opened the door with the Passion making 611 million. Money talks, bottom line. we did see the Chronicles of Narnia...

37. Ashley Simpson has another embarrassing moment where she is once again caught lip synching. She will then move on to reality TV. After we discover her reality TV show is just as real as her singing she will break down into tears and disappear into her sisters shadow forever.

38. Longest standing Jeopardy Champion Ken Jennings will be a commercial star. Perhaps on the box of Wheaties. right... but it wasn't wheaties it was cingular wireless...I think???

39. The Indianapolis Colts defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 34- 17 in the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning wins MVP throwing for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. wrong.

40. In NASCAR Jeff Gordon wins the Daytona 500. Jimmie Johnson wins the Nextel Cup. Hendrick Motor Sports has figured out what DEI has known about super speedways. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has an off year by his standards and finishes just out of the top 5 in points.
Gordon did win the Daytona 500. Jimmie Johnson finished 5th to Champion Tony Stewart and man did Earnhardt Jr have an off year... He didn't even make the chase.

It seems that I ate a lot of glass in 05. Definately a lot more than I ate in 04 I am getting worse at predictions instead of better. Stay tuned for 2006 predictions in the near future.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Sailors Christmas Request

Let's not forget the troops serving overseas this Christmas.
There is no holiday for them today.

The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light,
I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight.
My wife was asleep, her head on my chest,
My daughter beside me, angelic in rest.
Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white,
Transforming the yard to a winter delight.
The sparkling lights in the tree I believe,
Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve.
My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep,
Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep.
In perfect contentment, or so it would seem,
So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream.
The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near,
But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear.
Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know,
Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow.
My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear,
And I crept to the door just to see who was near.
Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night,
A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight.
A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years old,
Perhaps a Marine, huddled here in the cold.
Alone in the dark, he looked up and smiled,
Standing watch over me, and my wife and my child.
"What are you doing?" I asked without fear,
"Come in this moment, it's freezing out here!
Put down your pack, brush the snow from your sleeve,
You should be at home on a cold Christmas Eve!"
For barely a moment I saw his eyes shift,
Away from the cold and the snow blown in drifts..
To the window that danced with a warm fire's light
Then he sighed and he said "It's really all right,
I'm out here by choice. I'm here every night." "
It's my duty to stand at the front of the line,
That separates you from the darkest of times.
No one had to ask or beg or implore me,
I'm proud to stand here like my fathers before me.
My Gramps died at 'Pearl on a day in December,"
Then he sighed, "That's a Christmas 'Gram always remembers."
My dad stood his watch in the jungles of 'Nam',
And now it is my turn and so, here I am.
I've not seen my own son in more than a while,
But my wife sends me pictures, he's sure got her smile.
Then he bent and he carefully pulled from his bag,
The red, white, and blue... an American flag.
"I can live through the cold and the being alone,
Away from my family, my house and my home.
I can stand at my post through the rain and the sleet,
I can sleep in a foxhole with little to eat.
I can carry the weight of killing another,
Or lay down my life with my sister and brother..
Who stand at the front against any and all,
To ensure for all time that this flag will not fall."
"So go back inside," he said, "harbor no fright,
Your family is waiting and I'll be all right."
"But isn't there something I can do, at the least,
"Give you money," I asked, "or prepare you a feast?
It seems all too little for all that you've done,
For being away from your wife and your son."
Then his eye welled a tear that held no regret,
"Just tell us you love us, and never forget.
To fight for our rights back at home while we're gone,
To stand your own watch, no matter how long.
For when we come home, either standing or dead,
To know you remember we fought and we bled.
Is payment enough, and with that we will trust,
That we mattered to you as you mattered to us."

PLEASE, Would you do me the kind favor of sending this to as many people as you can? Christmas will be coming soon and some credit is due to our U.S. service men and women for our being able to celebrate these festivities.

Let's try in this small way to pay a tiny bit of what we owe. Make people stop and think of our heroes, living and dead, who sacrificed themselves for us. Please, do your small part to plant this small seed.
LCDR Jeff Giles, SC, USN
30th Naval Construction Regiment
OIC, Logistics Cell One
Al Taqqadum, Iraq

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Oh There Is No Place Like Home For The Holidays.

Well I fought the Christmas Traffic and made it home in time for Christmas Eve. I can't wait to eat all of mom's homemade chicken and noodles. There is no place like home for Christmas.

If The Savior Was Born on US soil In 2005.

I found this online thought you might enjoy it.

Nazareth Carpenter Being Held On Charges Involving Underage Mother.

Bethlehem, Judea - Authorities were today alerted by a concerned citizen who noticed a family living in a barn. Upon arrival, Family Protective Service personnel, accompanied by police, took into protective care an infant child named Jesus, who had been wrapped in strips of cloth and placed in a feeding trough by his 14-year old mother, Mary of Nazareth.

During the confrontation, a man identified as Joseph, also of Nazareth, attempted to stop the social workers. Joseph, aided by several local shepherds and some unidentified foreigners, tried to forestall efforts to take the child, but were restrained by the police.

Also being held for questioning are three foreigners who allege to be wise men from an eastern country. The INS and Homeland Security officials are seeking information about these who may be in the country illegally. A source with the INS states that they had no passports, but were in possession of gold and other possibly illegal substances. They resisted arrest saying that they had been warned by God to avoid officials in Jerusalem and to return quickly to their own country. The chemical substances in their possession will be tested.

The owner of the barn is also being held for questioning. The manager of Bethlehem Inn faces possible revocation of his license for violating health and safety regulations by allowing people to stay in the stable. Civil authorities are also investigating the zoning violations involved in maintaining livestock in a commercially-zoned district.

The location of the minor child will not be released, and the prospect for a quick resolution to this case is doubtful. Asked about when Jesus would be returned to his mother, a Child Protective Service spokesperson said, "The father is middle-aged and the mother definitely underage. We are checking with officials in Nazareth to determine what their legal relationship is.

Joseph has admitted taking Mary from her home in Nazareth because of a census requirement. However, because she was obviously pregnant when they left, investigators are looking into other reasons for their departure. Joseph is being held without bond on charges of molestation, kidnapping, child endangerment, and statutory rape.

Mary was taken to the Bethlehem General Hospital where she is being examined by doctors. Charges may also be filed against her for endangerment. She will also undergo psychiatric evaluation because of her claim that she is a virgin and that the child is from God.

The director of the psychiatric wing said, "I don't profess to have the right to tell people what to believe, but when their beliefs adversely affect the safety and well-being of others - in this case her child - we must consider her a danger to others. The unidentified drugs at the scene didn't help her case, but I'm confidant that with the proper therapy regiment we can get her back on her feet."

A spokesperson for the governor's office said, "Who knows what was going through their heads? But regardless, their treatment of the child was inexcusable, and the involvement of these others frightening. There is much we don't know about this case, but for the sake of the child and the public, you can be assured that we will pursue this matter to the end."

Via Kathy McMahon

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Preparing For The Long Drive Home.

I am currently packing and preparing for the long drive home to Danville Illinois for Christmas. It is about a 700 mile drive. Anyways, Blogging will be light starting today and through the first of the year.

I have some new ideas for a new look on the blog for next year. I know I have also been playing with the idea of bringing the radio show back next year but it doesn't look like that is going to happen at this time.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and if your traveling home like me stay safe.

Fair Tax Solution for American Manufacturing and American Jobs

Here is a great opinion piece from someone who writes regularly on tax reform matters. Merrill Bender says that The FairTax is the solution for bankrupt companies like Delphi, and other companies ready to go over the edge. If you support the FairTax, or if you're on the fence, read this!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Maybe We Should Send These Guys To Iraq.

Who Is That New Democrat On The Block? Why It's Saddam!!!

Saddam is back in court this week and had some interesting things to say during the continuation of his trial. Let's take a look at some of the quotes from the Butcher of Baghdad, and see if they ring any bells:

"The White House are liars. They said Iraq had chemical weapons. They lied again when they said that what Saddam said was wrong."

Speaking of people who had been tortured that were testifying, Saddam also had this to say when referring about people who had been tortured;

"When I hear that any Iraqi has been hurt it hurts me too. The wrongs that were done to those people were wrong and, according to law, those who did it should get what they deserve."

Now that's laying it on thicker than molassess on Pancakes, Saddam says torture is wrong!

Sound familiar? That's right...these statements could have been made by Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or Hillary Clinton. It is almost as if Saddam is now the left's new spokesman. He's calling the White House a bunch of liars...and so are the Democrats. He says Iraq didn't have WMD...so do the Democrats. I wonder if the Democrats have sent him a voter registration card yet.

No Drilling In ANWR

Well the Senate has killed drilling in the very section of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that was set aside for drilling. That's right, this is the land that was set aside years ago for the purpose of drilling for oil...and now we can't drill there.

So why did the ANWR drilling provision get killed? Because the propaganda from the left and the media portrayed the section of ANWR where the drilling would take place as some sort of luscious, green field with moose grazing. When in reality, the area planned for oil exploration...at this very moment...looks like an iced-over Wal-Mart parking lot on Christmas Day. (Wal-Mart is closed on Christmas Day)

There's simply nothing there.

Right now we rely on foreign sources of oil for much of our energy. Many of those countries are Islamic dictatorships or are run by shady characters like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Yet if we want to drive our cars and heat our homes, we have to bow down and...Practically beg them like a crack addict begs his dealer not to cut off our supply.

And who do we have to thank for this? Liberal "Republicans" like Lincoln Chafee and Mike DeWine. They went against their party to vote against the drilling. So the next time you’re at the pump and at the mercy of OPEC make sure to thank these guys.

Once Doomed Patriot Act Extended 6 Months

The once doomed Patriot Act has been extended by the Senate....for 6 months. It will then go to the House, where it will more than likely pass and the White House will definitely sign it. So what happens in the next six months?

In the next 6 months, Democrats and a few Republican RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) are going to pick apart the Patriot Act and do the work that will make Islamic terrorists leap for joy.

It's easy to say that you oppose the Patriot Act because it invades peoples civil rights or privacy rights or this and that...but how many people have actually read it? And what will happen if Islamic terrorists attack America again? Will there be a commission to investigate whether or not some liberals in Congress took out some provision in the original Patriot Act that might have stopped the attack?

I do not like everything in the patriot act either. It gives our government a lot of power I don’t believe they should have. That is why I do not think it should be a permanent act, but we are at war right now against Islamic terrorism and the patriot act is one of the best tools we have to gather information to prevent another terrorist attack.

For all of those worried about your precious civil rights. What good will your civil rights be when your body is sitting at room temperature because we couldn’t stop the next attack.

Do you know how worried FDR and Truman were about civil rights and privacy rights during WWII? So worried that they actually placed Japanese Americans in concentration camps and had mail, that was coming from the troops fighting over seas, opened, read, and censored before it was sent on to loved ones. Could you imagine the Bush Administration trying to pull that off today? Censorship of mail coming from Iraq…

We're engaged in a war on terrorism...but as usual, the left is in denial.

Newsweek: Where's The Outrage.

Newsweek is wondering why more Americans aren't outraged at the domestic spying the White House says it's been doing. I don't know...maybe it's because people don't care if the NSA spies on Islamic terrorists. Just a thought.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wire Tapping Nothing New.

As it turns out past presidents, both Republican and Democrat, have engaged in the same exact kind of warrant less wiretapping that Bush admits to doing. Now let's see if the mainstream media covers this one fairly. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

Matt Drudge from the Drudge report posted some examples....complete with direct evidence showing the Executive Orders. First up, the lefts favorite President Bill Clinton, here's a quote from February 9, 1995:

"The Attorney General is authorized to approve physical searches, without a court order."

What! The federal government can search your home, without a court order. Where were the news stories about civil rights being violated over this one? Which is worse...listening to your phone calls, or kicking in your door and going through your personal belongings? I wonder of Congressman John Lewis even thought about calling for President Clinton's impeachment over this? Oh yeah, Clinton was a Democrat, he could never violate any civil rights.

The answer, of course, is simple. The mainstream media was more than willing to give Clinton a pass...one they're not and will never give to Bush. You see, if there is a Democrat in the Oval Office then all is well and he can do no wrong. But since it's a Republican...well, that's different. They have to crucify him.

Oh yeah, almost forgot about Jimmy Carter. He did the same thing when he signed an executive order in 1979 saying the Attorney General had the power to do electronic surveillance without a warrant. Will we hear about these past examples from the mainstream media? You're not still holding your breath, are you?

Clinton Claimed Authority to Order No-Warrant Searches

Byron York reports on the activities of the Clinton administration and their no-warrant searches....but of course the media is ignoring that. Remember the media bias template....Republicans bad and evil...Democrats do no wrong.

The President Is Not the Enemy

Another democrat, other than Joe Lieberman coming out to support the president on the war this time it is former New York Mayor Ed Koch. He says Democrats and the media need to remember we are at war, and the president is not the enemy. No surprise here though, during the 2004 campaign Koch said he was a liberal but a liberal with sanity and was voting for Bush because of the war.

Congressman calls for Bush impeachment

It's already started...the left is calling for Bush's impeachment. The latest demand comes from Democratic Representative John Lewis.

The consumer rip-off...Who is gouging who.

When it comes to price-gouging, people always talk about corporations and oil companies doing it. But as Walter E. Williams tells us, did you know the federal government drives up the price of things like milk, and will even put people in jail if they lower the price? You better believe it...read on to find out more. So, who is doing the price gouging again? It’s not the oil companies.

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas

A White Trash Christmas That Is. This is hilarious.

When gas prices go sky high what's a V-8 lovin' redneck to do?


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Insensitive And Perhaps Some Offensive Random Thoughts

There was a vote in the House on H Resolution 612 "Expressing the commitment of the House of Representatives to achieving victory in Iraq." Believe it or not, 108 Democrats voted no. Think about that, 108 Democrats are now on record as opposing victory in Iraq. There's your so called "loyal" opposition. We support the troops, we just hope they lose. How dare you challenge our patriotism!!! Here's your link to see how your representative voted.

Less than a month ago the Sunni area of Tal Afar in Iraq was a hotbed of terrorist activity against our troops. Now when an American convoy approaches Tal Afar the residents come out of their homes to wave and to clap. See if you find this story on CNN, the CBS Evening News or in the pages of the New York Times. The fact is that Bush’s plan for Iraq is working. You Bush-haters who want us to fail in Iraq and you Saddam lovers who thinks he should never have been removed will just have to deal with it.

Lorenzo Johnson says plans to go forward with Mardi Gras in New Orleans next year “is Offensive.” Well, maybe this would be a less offensive idea. No more parties, celebrations, fun or good times in New Orleans ever again. The good times they shall not roll. Let's make it a permanent memorial to those who, for whatever reason, just sat there watching disaster approaching while they waited for the government to take care of them. Perhaps New Orleans should become a monument to the lack of self sufficiency these people displayed, and continue to show.
While were at it, there was a tragic plane crash in Miami in the channel used by cruise ships. I propose that we never again allow cruise ships to use that channel. It would be so offensive to let ships full of happy people on their way to a fun vacation pass over the spot where 20 people died. In fact, as of now no more fun for anyone! Not until everybody can be happy! Having fun while someone else is miserable is just plain insensitive.

UPS says that you can ship a Christmas package as late as December 22nd, and it will be there on Christmas Eve. Someone call the US Postal Service and see if they can do that. Once again the private sector out does the government ran program.

Winning The Katrina Lottery

The longer time goes on, the more clear it is becoming that Hurricane Katrina is turning out to be one of the best things, economically speaking, that ever happened to many residents of New Orleans. It’s almost like they have won the lottery.

The latest payday in the Hurricane Katrina lottery is federal money for uninsured homes. Those who didn't buy flood insurance, but their homes were otherwise flooded? No problem! The federal government is coming to the rescue. As long as the latest package of aid moving through Congress wins final approval, $11.5 billion of your tax dollars will be handed out to those "in need."

So, who is it that is leading the charge for this raid on the public treasury? You are probably thinking it’s a democrat. Well, you are wrong; it is Republican Senator Thad Cochran. The plan would provide up to $150,000 per home for flood damage. Imagine, for a moment, that you're sitting in your house in New Orleans. It's a complete dump. Hurricane Katrina comes and floods your house, destroying it. You were too dumb or broke to buy flood insurance. But now the federal government is going to buy you a new home, a new home that you would never have been able to afford on your own to replace your old shack. Can anyone say, “Move in on up!”

These people had the option to buy flood insurance, and they didn’t. They could have gave up a new car for an older used one to help pay for flood insurance. They could have gone without certain things to help pay for flood insurance but their fishing boats, cell phones, flat-screen televisions and other lifestyle purchases were more important than flood insurance. Now the taxpayers are expected to and are going to bail them out.

Quick scenario: Let’s say I own a house in Illinois. My house sits in a low land area that could be prone to flooding so I buy flood insurance instead of that new Harley I really want. My neighbor never buys flood insurance instead he spends his money on other things he wants. Let’s say it rains and flood waters wash my house and my neighbors house away. Should the government have to buy my neighbor a new house? If so then doesn't that punish me who took the personel responsibility to protect my house. What makes this case any different than the Hurricane Katrina Victims? Are we going to have to buy a house for someone every time their house is destroyed by a natural disaster because they didn't have insurance?

Bush Poll Numbers Up.

Bad news for the left....Bush's poll numbers continue to rise, higher, and higher. This time it's a poll from the liberal Washington Post that shows the increase. Bush's numbers have been surging thanks to his speeches on Iraq. Bush's approval rating rose to 47 percent, up from 39 percent last month and only 52 percent disapprove of how he's doing his job. That's pretty much how things stood when he won re-election last year. His approval ratings on Iraq are up 10% and approval of how he's handling the economy is up 11%. Good news for the Bush White House indeed.

Why the Founders made presidents dominant on national security.

An editorial from today's Wall Street Journal in support of the president's policy on wiretapping. This column seems to put to rest the question of whether or not the president acted legally in ordering some warrentless wiretaps. It seems that the president was on solid legal ground and that his critics have this one wrong. Imagine that, Democrats getting something wrong.

A president can pull the trigger

John Yoo, a Berkeley law professor and author of "The Powers of War and Peace" writes this column about the powers of a president in wartime. excellent reading.

Clinton Used NSA for Economic Espionage

Looks like Bill Clinton authorized the same kind of spying that Bush is getting raked over the coals for. Of course, not one word from Democrats or the mainstream media over that one.

Vital Presidential Power

Bill Kristol and Gary Schmitt say wiretapping terrorists is a vital presidential power....and if the Democrats get their way, so will the terrorists. Once again Democrats lining up on the side of the enemy.

Enquiring Minds Want To Know.

OK ... Carmen Electra says that there is a particular point at which a man ... even a stranger ... pays so much for a date that the sex is somewhat obligatory. So, what's the price?

Red Neck Christmas Tree.

Need A Christmas Tree But Don't Have One...Use your imagination.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Gift Idea For Your Favorite Red Neck.

Wiretaps And Eavesdropping

Their has been a lot of debating and it seems that this is the new bash Bush story from The New York Times who reported last Thursday that President Bush ordered the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on American citizens after 9/11 without first getting a warrant. The Bush administration says that the eavesdropping orders were only given in cases where there was a clear link with terrorism.

I haven’t had much time to really look at this story and figure out what is going on here. All I know so far about it is what I have heard from the network news, and we know how accurate that is. However I would like to offer a scenario, one that very well could be more real than one might think. Let’s say U.S. Intelligence agencies overseas finds the phone number of Osama Bin Ladin's satellite phone. Osama makes a satellite phone call to a U.S. citizen living outside of Chicago. At the time of the call nobody is home. Intelligence operatives are certain that Bin Laden will try to place the call again, but it may be from a different phone. They know that Osama changes phones frequently, so there is no time to waste. Their best chance to intercept Bin Laden's next phone call is to place a wire tap on the U.S. citizen's phone. The next phone call may be in a matter of minutes, or hours. There is no time to go before a court to get a wiretap order. So ... what do you do? Do you put the wiretap in place immediately, or do you take the chance of missing the next phone call from Osama while trying to get a court order? Now, before you answer, imagine that this might have been a phone call from Bin Laden to Mohammed Atta an hour before Atta was to board that American Airlines flight in Boston. The call was Bin Ladin giving Atta the final go-ahead for the attacks of 9/11. Without a court order you intercept the call, discover the plot, and save 3000 lives. Wait for a court order and the 9/11 attacks go forward.

OK there's your scenario. You're the president. You've taken an oath to protect the people and defend the Constitution of the United States and to uphold its laws. Obviously this character living outside of Chicago has some ties to Osama bin Laden. Something may be in the works: another terrorist attack may be just hours away. Do you spend those hours trying to get a warrant? Or do you spend those hours trying to prevent the impending terrorist attack.

Now, with Bush there is, of course, no way he can win on this. If he orders the wiretaps on people who have clear ties to terrorism, he will be assailed by the left for violating the law and ignoring our civil rights. If it is later discovered that he was aware of someone in this country with direct ties to terrorism but didn't take immediate action to monitor their activities, he will be accused of ignoring clear threats to our country.

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to make this decision? I know I am.

Now, for my two cents on the matter; we are at war. If wire tapping helps us to fight our enemies then let’s use it. I am tired of hearing about our civil rights being violated. We are in a fight against terrorism, but we are not allowed to use racial profiling because that would be a violation of civil rights. We got to get rid of the Patriot Act, it violates civil rights. Wire tapping of people who may have links to terrorist, it violates civil rights. Folks, your civil rights will not mean a hill of beans when your body is laying at room temperature because we couldn’t gather any information about the next terrorist attacks.

Does anyone remember how worried FDR and Truman were about civil rights during WWII? They were so worried about civil rights that they gathered up the Japanese and placed them in camps. Now, I am not suggesting that we do the same with Muslims, all that I am saying is there was a difference in priorities between then and now. We understood that we were in a fight for our very existence I often wonder if we realize it today.

Liberal Bias? Pretty Much A Settled Matter Now.

Now here is an interesting story. It would seem that there is no longer any room for doubt that the mainstream American media leans quite heavily to the left. A study conducted by Tim Groseclose, a political science professor from UCLA, and Jeffery Milyo, an economist and public policy scholar from the University of Missouri says that “…there is quantifiable and significant bias in that nearly all of them lean to the left.” Groseclose claims to be surprised at the results.

I won't get into how the results were discovered for the study here -- it's actually quite confusing --- but the results were interesting.

So, can you guess what is the most liberal major media outlet out there? It may surprise you, it did me. I was extremely surprised to find that the news pages of The Wall Street Journal are the most liberal. This is simply amazing considering the fact that the editorial page of the Journal is just about as conservative as it gets for major outlets. Behind the news pages of The Wall Street Journal, we have CBS News, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times as the next most liberal news organizations.

Here's the link for that UCLA study on the dominant leftist bias in the media

Support For The United States On The Rise In Middle East.

Uh oh ...more bad news for Democrats and Bush haters, as it turns out support of the United States is surging in many parts of the Muslim World. Looks like the Iraq policy is working.

The Liberal Dictionary.

Are you having a hard time understanding your liberal friends? Maybe this will help The liberal dictionary.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Historic Vote In Iraq

Right now, Iraqis are going to the polls to freely elect 275 representatives to the new Iraqi parliament. This freely elected Parliament will serve 4 years and will select the President, Prime Minister, and the Cabinet. This is nothing short of a miraculous time in the history of the Middle East. The good news is starting to spread throughout the media...there have been very few incidents.

So what does all of this mean? It means that in 3 years since the American liberation of Iraq, the reconstruction efforts are making progress at a nice rate. Once the election takes place and the new government is in place, we are one big step closer to being able to bring our troops home from Iraq. Sometime next year, providing everything keeps going well, the troops will probably start to come home. Expect George Bush's poll numbers, already on the rise, to increase further. This will infuriate the media and the Democrats.

If the election concludes without many problems, expect the media and the left to be skeptical. They'll tell us how much work still needs to be done and how much hardship is still ahead and start doing the political backstroke on their 'cut and run' statements. Once Americans start to see the purple fingers of Iraqis trying out liberty for the first time, then they'll start to realize the war has been worth it.

Then, of course, Democrats will revert to their original position, which was being for the war. That is, before they were against it.

Bush Comes Out Fighting

Finally, it seems President Bush is not going to sit back and take the lies coming from Democrats anymore. In his fourth speech yesterday on Iraq, Bush laid out the situation in Iraq. Here are some key points mentioned in the speech.

1.) The intelligence turned out to be wrong, but it doesn’t matter because removing Saddam Hussein was still necessary. Exactly right. Saddam Hussein defied the United Nations for 12 years by breaking the rules in the UN resolution from the 1991 Gulf War 17 times. These are enough grounds for his removal from power by force, and let’s not forget that it was the policy of the United States to change the regime in Iraq throughout both Clinton’s and Bush’s administrations. The story about WMD being the sole reason for taking out Saddam is a revisionist fantasy of the left. Oh, by the way, we did find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

2.) Saddam was a threat to the American people.

That also is right...Saddam Hussein was harboring terrorists, numerous terrorist training camps were found in the initial invasion of the war. Saddam was also financing suicide bombers and had the capability and the means to produce and sell nuclear weapons. These are facts. Immediately following Bush's speech, Congressman John Murtha began his our “military are failures rant”:

"We've got nation building by the U.S. military, and that's not a mission for the U.S. military. I've said this over and over again: They're not good at nation building. You've given them a mission which they cannot carry out. They do the best they can, but they can't do it."

I wonder if Al Zarqawi is using Murtha's press conferences to recruit new Islamic terrorists by now. I can see him now, sitting there with a copy of a news story, telling soon to be suicide terrorist bombers; Look this is a former US Marine in America’s Government and he says the American Military can’t accomplish the mission in Iraq. We can win the war!!

I am sure our fighting men and women in Iraq appreciate being told they can’t handle a job that they have been doing pretty successfully for the past 3 years. But Bush is on the right track here. Put the left on the defensive as much as possible, and keep hammering home the facts.

Why The Left Wanted To Save "Tookie"

Stanley “Tookie” Williams may finally be taking his well overdue dirt nap, but Larry Elder decides to take a look at his life....and his supposed "redemption." Why did so many people want “Tookie” to live? Why did they fight so hard to prevent him from becoming fertilizer for the daises? Read on to find out.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hanoi Jane Baghdad Fonda Weighs In

Remember when Jane Fonda was trying to sell her book about her life and she tried to apologize for her actions during the Vietnam War. Jane Fonda has apparently so sorry for her actions that she has seemed to have adopted the same tactics she used then. The Good Old 60’s Hippy Communist supporting Jane Fonda came out recently and slandered U.S. troops by calling them all "killing machines." And A Merry Christmas to you too, Ms. Fonda, by the way I hope that offends you greatly.

Hanoi Jane told the Washington Post, about the killing machines, who weren't killing enough, causing the Military to change procedures:

"When you put young people into an atrocity-producing situation where enemy and civilian are commingled, where the 'other side' is dehumanized, we cannot be surprised."

Boy, it sure would be nice to see some proof of all the atrocities American troops are committing in Iraq. Yet, for some reason, just like John Kerry and Vietnam...the evidence is lacking.

So what proof does she have of her theories? She says she was in secret meetings with military psychologists. Perhaps for her next act Jane Fonda will go on Al-Jazeera TV for a photo op and hold some rocket launchers with Al-Qaeda. You know just for old times sake.

Jane Fonda also warned us that anti-war vets now returning from Iraq should be listened to instead of being dismissed as "unpatriotic."

Just the anti-war vets returning from Iraq should be listened to right Jane. What about the vast majority of Vets that have returned from Iraq like me who say your full of SH*T!!!!!

God, I really find that lady repulsive.

Military Officers Believe We Can Accomplish Mission In Iraq

Major Ben Connable writes that he's happy to be going back to Iraq. Shocked? You shouldn't be.....he says things are going quite well there, despite what the media is "reporting." He also tells us about an interesting statistic: 60% of Americans now think it is time to pull out of Iraq compared to 64% of Military Officers who think Iraq can be successful if we are allowed to continue to work.

Isn’t it interesting that the people who have never even set foot in Iraq are willing to give up on it, while the people who are actually doing the fighting are optimistic about the situation.

Time for a Republican Reformation

It's time for a revolution in the Republican Party...and John Goldberg has just the person to lead it. Remember when the GOP stood for small government? Those were the days.

Bringing the Sunnis and the Shiites to the table in Iraq, Big Challenge

Bringing the Sunnis and the Shiites to the table in Iraq so they can exist peacefully is the biggest challenge the Bush administration faces in Iraq, but as Terrence Jeffrey points out, it's not impossible.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Free Ride On The Federal Gravy Train Continues For Katrina Victims

Do you remember about a month ago when I told you that Federal funding from FEMA was going to end for Katrina victims in December. Remember when I predicted that their would be critics crying because these poor people were going to be thrown out on the street for Christmas. Well a federal judge has ordered that FEMA continue to provide free hotel rooms for Katrina evacuees until at least February 7th. In his ruling Judge Stanwood Duvall wrote:

"It is unimaginable what anxiety and misery these erratic and bizarre vacillations by FEMA have caused the victims, all of whom, for at least one point in time, had the very real fear of being without shelter for Christmas."

Anxiety and misery caused by FEMA? Are you kidding me? FEMA -- or, more accurately, you, the American taxpayers have been and currently are paying for 41,000 hotel rooms in 47 states and the District of Columbia. You will find that during their 3 month stay very few evacuees in these hotel rooms have been working to find a job and to become self sufficient. For the most part these are people who lived a lifestyle relying on the dependability of government in New Orleans, and they have just spread their welfare mentality to the rest of the country. So if you ask me, any anxiety or misery that these people are experiencing has been self inflicted due to the poor decisions that they have made through out their life.

And as far as being without shelter for Christmas, yes it is sad, but perhaps they should have thought about that in the 3 months they were living in a hotel room for free. Maybe, they should have been looking for a job or a way to make it on their own.

They will continue to live off the taxpayers until they are forced to get out there and make it on their own and there are plenty of "activists" who will work day and night to make sure that day never arrives.

The Time Has Come To Deal With Iran.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei now knows exactly what the United States should do to reign in Iran's nuclear ambitions. We should pay blackmail and promise a security guarantee. Good plan...it worked in North Korea, right? Well, not really.

Here is a solution that is guaranteed to work…it is called an air strike!!! Blow the reactors up!

Oh, how I hear the critics now: We can’t do that, we are bogged down in Iraq. If we bomb Iran they might attack back then we will be at war with them as well…Blah, blah, blah. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Bush is going to kill us all.

Yes, because it will be much easier to deal with this problem once Iran has nukes. Oh and let me let you in on some information. In case you didn’t know it, we are already at war with Iran in Iraq. A large part of the so called “insurgency” is from other Middle Eastern countries including Iran.

A failure to take action now against Iran means they will have Nukes in a couple of months. There is no doubt in my mind that those nuclear weapons will be pointed at 3 places; Israel, Iraq and the United States. Are we going to allow that to happen? What are we waiting for? The truth may be that the leftist white flag waving Democrats have so much weakened our will to fight, our will to defend ourselves from these kinds of threats, that we just might do nothing. That decision may very well cost lives, but the Democrats won’t be the ones to take the heat for it. They will place the heat on President Bush for not taking action against Iran.

Casualties And War

The media has gone into overdrive to make it look like we're losing the war in Iraq. Thomas Sowell would like to remind people that both sides of a war usually suffer casualties.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Iraq Elections Could Mean Bad News For Democrats

This week there is more good news from Iraq. The good news is that Iraqis head to the polls Thursday to vote on a new parliament. Voters in the Democratic, free Iraq will elect 275 members to 4 year terms in the new Iraqi parliament. The elected members of Parliament will choose the president, prime minister and the Cabinet. This will be nothing short of miraculous. Should the vote go off without incident and the new government be seated, that would mark a substantial blow to the Islamic terrorists or the "insurgents" as the media prefers calling them.

Simply put, this will be another of the already many successes in the transformation of Iraq from a terrorist state to a democracy. And how is this good news being treated by the mainstream press? Well, it's being reported with a potential doom and gloom outcome. It is definitely not being spread as good news, nor is it good news for the Democrats.

Norman Podhoretz has a column out today entitled “The Panic Over Iraq: What they’re really afraid of is American Success.” Norman says that the Democrats, and this would include the mainstream media, are in a state of near panic over these elections. The Democrats know that a successful election will be good for Iraq and good for President George W Bush.

Remember ... success for Bush in Iraq is a nightmare for Democrats. They are being driven by politics on this situation, nothing more. The future of the Iraq people is of no importance when compared to the future of the Democratic Party.

White Flag Democrats

After the Democrats, led by Howard Dean and John Kerry, came out last week with their outrageous remarks about are troops and the war in Iraq the Republican Party pounced on the remarks. They made an ad, currently being distributed, that shows DNC Chairman Dean waving the white flag. The ad accurately portrays Dean's remarks. Democrats were outraged by the ad, probably upset that people might actually find out what they really stand for.

So they decided to send out 81-year-old Democratic Senator Daniel Inouye from Hawaii to demand George Bush pull the ad. In his remarks, Inouye had this to say:

"As a Veteran of World War II, I know what it's like to fight a war and put your life on the line every day. I also know what it takes to win a war, and I know that politics and an attack machine like the President's plays no part in it. The Republican Party's latest ad is a shameful and disgusting attempt to distract the American people from the problems in Iraq. It may improve the President's political fortunes, but the American people and our troops will pay the price. I hope that President Bush realizes how shameful it is to play politics when what we really need is leadership, and that he will direct his Party to take down this ad immediately."

Boy, that's really pulling the wool over the herds eyes...and is probably the most ridiculous thing Senator Inouye has ever said. Does he not realize that American troops are paying the price for the cut and run stance of his party? Doesn't he realize the Islamic terrorists that are killing Americans in Iraq are encouraged to keep fighting by the statements of Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha?

Democrats turn their backs on one of their own for backing the war.

How dare Joe Lieberman back the war? Doesn’t he know what all other Democrats know that any success in Iraq is a win for Bush. Here's an excellent WSJ editorial.

A Christmas Quiz

John Leo has an excellent Christmas Quiz for you. For instance, what are the new words to "Silent Night" at the Ridgeway Elementary School in Dodgeville, Wisconsin?

Is The Conservative Movement At A Dead End?

Has the American conservative movement reached a dead end? Judging by President George Bush's inability to shrink the government and cut spending, it makes you wonder. Michael Barone explains.

Mike Adams Gets A Die In Place Lesson From A Marine

Professor Mike Adams was considering cutting back on his Townhall columns, but that was before he received a letter from a Marine officer about his columns.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Chris Wallace Says His Father, Mike Wallace, Has lost It.

Fox News' Chris Wallace says his father, 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace, has "lost it." This after the elder Wallace cut loose with a series of Bush-bashing remarks. Of course I thought Mike Wallace had lost it years ago.

A 'Tet' Moment Coming

Pat Buchanan says there's a defining moment coming next year in the war in Iraq...one that he compares to the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam war. When more troops are needed, will President George W. Bush send them? Interesting question.

The Quest For Justice Souters Home Continues

Remember that guy that wants to take Supreme Court Justice David Souter's house through eminent domain and build a bed and breakfast? He hasn't given up.

Is The Real Estate Bubble Really About To Burst?

Even though the real estate market is still red-hot, and houses are being bought at record highs. The media is convinced the bubble is going to burst and 800,000 people will be out of work. Never underestimate the media's appetite for bad news. They have been predicting this for months now and it has not happened.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

This Land Was Your Land, Now It’s Uncle Sam’s Land.

So, did you think that mortgage payment and those property taxes you pay meant you own your home? Well, it does, until the government wants to take it away from you. You know to sell to private real estate developers to build condos and restaurants or anything else that will generate more tax revenue than your little house can. It is all OK though I mean there just looking out for your best interests, or at least that is what the mayor of Riviera Beach, Florida, who is taking property from 6,000 residents under eminent domain believes, says he's actually "rescuing" the residents. Riiiiight…

"We are going to rescue and relocate individuals and we will put them in a better position than they're living in now," Mayor Michael Brown told Sean Hannity of the Fox News Channel.

Yes, what a plan, lets take their homes and relocate them to a better place, where they are better off. But by whose standard would they be better off? Many of these folks have lived here their whole lives and they own their own homes. They are self sufficient, they may not be rich but they are not living off the government. Many their home is their life savings. Home ownership is an investment, this is no different then the government going in and confiscating your stock portfolio. If you take away someone’s life savings like this and they end up being dependent on government welfare programs, are they better off? What have you rescued them from?

It seems a number of residents in the redevelopment zone do not wish to be rescued either. Many of them have voiced dismay at what they believe is a government-sanctioned land grab benefiting wealthy citizens and private developers.

"We just can't believe that this can happen in America. Anywhere else, but not in America," said longtime resident Princess Wells. "We have so many kids that are losing their lives to keep America safe ... and to know they're going and taking people's property here while we have young kids dying to protect us is really very sad."

Mayor Brown went on to say this:

"This is a redevelopment plan which includes restaurants and condos," said Brown. "The overall plan is designed to train people, get them better jobs so they can have a living wage and not a minimum wage so we can increase our tax base so that we can pay for fire, police, so we can provide basic services."

Sounds a lot like communism to me.

City wants back rent from Kelo residents

In the adding insult to injury category, the city officials that triumphed over a group of Connecticut homeowners in a landmark Supreme Court property-rights case are expecting those residents to pay the local government rent dating back to the year 2000.

What a slap in the face. Not only did the government rob them of their home they are making them pay back rent!!!

School Lunch Menus Deemed Inappropriate, Said Merry Christmas

A Seattle school district recalled lunch menus because they said "Merry Christmas." The 11,500 copies were changed to "Happy Holidays" and guess who paid for it? That's right... you the taxpayers.

Bush Praises Improvements In Iraq

Finally...the Bush administration is doing what they should have been doing all along...telling people about the good news and successes coming out of Iraq.

A Digital TV For Every Man, Woman, And Child, this entitlement stuff is way out of control!!!

Your tax dollars at work....did you know that the Federal wants to spend $3 billion on television sets? But it doesn't end there....as George F. Will points out, it's the fancy kind.

Is The US Causality Rate Higher Because Of The AP?

Is the anti-war, biased reporting of the Associated Press causing American soldiers to lose their lives? Todd Manzi thinks so and sounds off on media bias. http://www.townhall.com/opinion/columns/ToddManzi/2005/12/08/178110.html

Mind Changing Books

Looking for some books to add to your Christmas reading list? Perhaps you want to give the gift of reading. Thomas Sowell runs down a few books that changed his mind from being a hard-charging leftist.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Flash Back To A Time Of Terror

Yesterday I told you about John Kerry resorting to his old ways; bashing our men and women in uniform. On last Sunday's Face the Nation Kerry had this to say about the actions of American troops in Iraq: “..... There is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women ...."

Yesterday in conversation with a friend of mine I was reminded of a time when American "troops" did, in fact, knock down a door in the middle of the night and terrorized a child. It happened almost six years ago. A Democrat was in the White House, and the "Commander in Chief" of these particular "troops" was a female Democrat. Do you remember this, anyone? The date was April 22, 2000. The terrorized child was Elian Gonzalez. It’s OK if you didn’t remember; I didn’t either until my friend reminded me.


According to a new AP poll, not only do a majority of Americans but also the British, the French and South Koreans believe that torturing suspects is justified. Yes, that's right...the French. Apparently after Islamic terrorists practically burned down the country and set all their cars on fire, they've come around (at least temporarily.)

61% of Americans believe torture is justified in rare instances. So what are those instances? Well the story doesn’t really say but my guess is when a terrorist suspect has information that could prevent another attack.

Just a little reminder though we are not even torturing people. Sorry, but sitting in a cold room in your underwear after being fed better than what the troops get in Iraq and being forced to listen to Christine Aguilera isn't torture...well, it may come close...especially that Christine Aguilera part, but it's not what this poll is talking about.

Some Kurds Can Hardly Wait For Saddam’s Execution.

To those on the left that thought Saddam Hussein should be left in power and that Iraqis were better off under his rule, perhaps they would like to read a message desperately written on the wall of an Iraqi prison: "I'm 10 years old but they claim I'm 17. Mummy and Daddy, the Ba'athists are going to kill me and I'll never see you again."

Oh yeah...Bush lied and led us to an illegal war... blah blah blah...whatever.

Why won’t the media tell the whole story about Iraq?

Donald Rumsfeld wants to know why the media just won't tell the American people the whole story about what's going on in Iraq? I would like to know myself Here's the text of a speech Rumsfeld delivered on Monday.

Iran, The bomb, and Bush

Now that Iran is potentially only a few months away from building a nuclear bomb, Tony Blankley wonders what the Bush administration's next move is going to be. Will they hold Iran to account, as promised? It’s a tough question that the Bush Administration is going to have to deal with soon.

Basic Economics

For those who believe all of the lies told about price gouging by the oil companies, Dr. Walter E. Williams offers an economics lesson. Print this one out and give it to all the kids you know, because they will never learn it in the public school system.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Howard Dean Says We Can’t Win In Iraq.

Now the Democrats are just coming right out and saying exactly what they believe in the debate over the war in Iraq. Yesterday, we heard from DNC Chairman Howard Dean who joins the John Murtha’s, and Nancy Pelosi’s wing of the Democrat Party which calls for the surrender by withdrawing our troops from Iraq. Dean’s stunning statement: we are not going to win the war in Iraq. Nice going Howie, way to support the terrorist cause and try to demoralize our troops by telling them they are failures and can’t do the job.

We can’t win in Iraq…are you kidding me… We can’t lose in Iraq is more like it. I have said it before and I will say it again the only way we can lose this war is at home in the hands of politicians like Howard Dean.

Right now there are roughly 160,000 American troops in harms way in Iraq. They were sent there to fight a war that Congress (including Democrats and Republicans) gave the president support and authorization to wage. In just under 3 years, we have liberated the Iraqi people, deposed the ruthless dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, held elections and drawn up a Constitution. In just nine days from now the Iraqi people will elect their own leaders under their own constitution. Not bad, in spite of what the Democrats want you to believe.

Democrats want us to believe and keep trying to portray the picture that we are losing the war, but the truth is we are winning the war. We are in the reconstruction mode, the rebuilding of Iraq. This, by the way, has been the fastest reconstruction effort the world has ever seen.

How could we have Saddam on trial if we were losing the Iraq War? Also, how could we have occupied the country, set up a provisional government, held an election, and assisted the interim government in drafting a constitution, if we were losing the Iraq War?

I realize that Chairman Dean and the Democrats really want us to lose over there so that they can win an election over here, but would somebody please tell them that we have pretty much already won the Iraq War.

John F*#kin Kerry Does It Again

During his now infamous testimony in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after he came home from Vietnam in the spring of 1971, John Kerry made all sorts of wild statements about atrocities he never actually witnessed or knew for sure happened. Here is an excerpt from what he said. (Click here for the full statement.)

"They had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, tape wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the country side of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war, and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country."

Throughout the entire Vietnam War there was only one case of these sorts of atrocities that were proven and that was the atrocities that occurred at My Lai in 1968.

Now John Kerry is doing it again. Accusing our troops of terrorizing on Face The Nation. Here is the story:

On CBS' 'Face The Nation,' John Kerry was talking about the troops in Iraq. He was asked by Bob Schieffer about the progress being made there. He once again reached into his past, and pulled out the "atrocities" card:

" ... And there is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the - of - the historical customs, religious customs."

Well then, I guess the more some things change the more they stay the same. Perhaps the French looking Senator from Massachusetts, who by the way, served in Vietnam, would like to offer up a little proof...and after that, explain why he's bashing the United States Military on national television, other than the fact that bashing our military is just something that seems to come naturally to him.

Maybe next Kerry will run down to the White House fence and throw back his medals...or ribbons...or someone else’s medals or maybe an Iraqi Veterans medals...you know just for old times sake.

What Is Propaganda?

A whole lot of people are upset because the Pentagon allegedly paid to have pro-U.S. propaganda put into Iraqi newspapers. But what exactly is propaganda? Well, some have accused my website of being propaganda. After reading this column I will agree that to a certain extent it is propaganda. So are CNN and CBS the only difference is I do not make things up and I don’t try to hide my bias. Cal Thomas says propaganda is in the eye of the beholder.

Strong U.S. economy negates naysayers

Speaking of propaganda the economy is booming faster than NASCAR on Sunday, yet all the press and the left can do is talk about the doom and gloom of it all. Jack Kemp has some numbers that prove otherwise, and says he's never seen the naysayers this bad.

Did President Bush Lie? No, not about Iraq, about medical marijuana.

When President Bush first ran for the White House and he was asked about medical-marijuana laws, The Washington Post reported, Bush answered, "I believe each state can choose that decision as they so choose."

So why is it that President Bush has taken a hard-line approach. His administration has challenged states that voted to legalize medical marijuana. White House Drug Czar John Walters contends that medical-marijuana is a cynical gambit used by people who want to legalize all drugs and are hiding behind sick people to advance a pro-drug agenda.

Debra Saunders looks at the medical marijuana debate...and says that President Bush isn't following through on his stated position he gave in the 2000 campaign.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Joe Lieberman Is Becoming My Favorite Democrat.

If I had to pick a Democrat I would go with Joe Lieberman. I have always liked Joe and respected him. Now days it seems that he is about the only one in his party that makes any sense at all when it comes to the war on terror. He voted for the war, stands by his vote, and is not playing politics like other politicians on both sides of the aisle are doing.

Joe Lieberman has been to Iraq 4 times in the last 17 months and has written a column for the Wall Street Jornal's online Opinion Journal. It is titled "Our Troops Must Stay: America can't abandon 27 million Iraqis to 10,000 terrorists."

In the column he writes about the real progress he saw in Iraq. He also writes this:

almost all of the progress in Iraq and throughout the Middle East will be lost if those forces are withdrawn faster than the Iraqi military is capable of securing the country.

The leaders of Iraq's duly elected government understand this, and they asked me for reassurance about America's commitment. The question is whether the American people and enough of their representatives in Congress from both parties understand this. I am disappointed by Democrats who are more focused on how President Bush took America into the war in Iraq almost three years ago, and by Republicans who are more worried about whether the war will bring them down in next November's elections, than they are concerned about how we continue the progress in Iraq in the months and years ahead.

Here is an ironic finding I brought back from Iraq. While U.S. public opinion polls show serious declines in support for the war and increasing pessimism about how it will end, polls conducted by Iraqis for Iraqi universities show increasing optimism. Two-thirds say they are better off than they were under Saddam, and a resounding 82% are confident their lives in Iraq will be better a year from now than they are today. What a colossal mistake it would be for America's bipartisan political leadership to choose this moment in history to lose its will and, in the famous phrase, to seize defeat from the jaws of the coming victory.

Does America have a good plan for doing this, a strategy for victory in Iraq? Yes we do. And it is important to make it clear to the American people that the plan has not remained stubbornly still but has changed over the years. Mistakes, some of them big, were made after Saddam was removed, and no one who supports the war should hesitate to admit that; but we have learned from those mistakes and, in characteristic American fashion, from what has worked and not worked on the ground. The administration's recent use of the banner "clear, hold and build" accurately describes the strategy as I saw it being implemented last week.

I cannot say enough about the U.S. Army and Marines who are carrying most of the fight for us in Iraq. They are courageous, smart, effective, innovative, very honorable and very proud. After a Thanksgiving meal with a great group of Marines at Camp Fallujah in western Iraq, I asked their commander whether the morale of his troops had been hurt by the growing public dissent in America over the war in Iraq. His answer was insightful, instructive and inspirational: "I would guess that if the opposition and division at home go on a lot longer and get a lot deeper it might have some effect, but, Senator, my Marines are motivated by their devotion to each other and the cause, not by political debates."
Thank you, General. That is a powerful, needed message for the rest of America and its political leadership at this critical moment in our nation's history. Semper Fi.

Click on the link above to read the rest of this outstanding column.

We could use a lot more Democrats like Joe Lieberman... It is such a shame that his party is full of whack jobs and that he will never win a nomination bid for President. I could tolerate a Joe Lieberman Presidency.


The head of the IAEA, the nuclear watchdog at the UN, Muhammad El-Baradei says he agrees with Israel....Iran is only a few months away from creating an atomic bomb.

El Baradei added that "It's difficult to read their intention. We're still going through the program to make sure it's all for peaceful purposes," he told reporters.

However, he warns against anybody actually doing anything about it....fearing Iran would retaliate.

Now that is just a swell plan, isn't it? Iran who is a known enemy of the United States and Israel is well on the way to developing nukes, but we should just sit back and do nothing because this idiot at the UN is afraid they may retaliate. So, what are we suppose to do? Let them proceed until they actually have the nuclear weapons in hand and then try to do something. What a typically useless position from the Nobel peace prize-winning bureaucrat.

It is difficult to read there intentions??? Iran has gone on the record less than a month ago calling for the destruction of Israel and the United States. They will have a nuclear weapon in a month to do just that and this Noble Peace Prize winning idiot Baradei at the UN says it is hard to read there intentions.

Maybe, some one needs to break this down for Baradei… Baradei knows this guy Joe, who really hates him. Joe walks up to Baradei and says I am going to kill you. Joe then pulls out a handgun that appears to be unloaded because he has bullets in his other hand. Now Joe will have a loaded hand gun in less than a minute. Then someone comes along and says hold on Baradei, you can’t be to sure of what Joe’s intentions are here, if you try to disarm him he might fight back. What should Baradei do?

Well, if he wants to live to see another day he better kick Joe’s ass before he loads that gun!!! And that is exactly what we should do with Iran. It wouldn’t take much, just fly some bombers in there, take out the nuclear facilities and come on back.

But it probably won't happen, unless the Israelis do it. There is simply no will in this country to take Iran on. Maybe Iran won't launch the nuke.....they'll just sell it to terrorists like Zarqawi.

The Saddam Circus Trial Continues, Saddam’s Defense Team Walks Out Of Court Room.

The trial of Saddam Hussein, currently underway in Baghdad, hit a bit of a bump this morning. It seems one of Saddam's lawyers, former United States Attorney General Ramsey Clark got upset over not being able to address the court. Clark wanted to make a speech addressing the legitimacy of the court. Chief Judge Rizgar Mohammed Amin told him no, saying the tribunal had been established under the law by an elected Iraqi government, and so Saddam's legal team stormed out.

But now we have the, we don’t want to help or support the invasion in Iraq but I think we should have a say in what is going on there now, United Nations weighing in on the Saddam trial. The UN recently claimed that Hussein's trial does not meet international standards of justice because of flaws in Iraq's legal system, whatever that means.

Could their be an ulterior motive to why the UN is saying this? Is it possible that the big flaw is that all those oil-for-food checks from Saddam to the members of the Security Council have stopped coming, and they're none too happy about their cash cow being on trial?

It seems to me that the UN is more concerned with their oil-for-food money than the hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) that were murdered by Saddam and is complaining about the dictator's trial. Of course, then again that may be why they were complaining about the whole invasion.

The Fair Tax: One of the greatest ideas that will never become reality.

Yes folks the fair tax idea is starting to pick up a little momentum but not enough. It may be one of the greatest ideas ever that will never become a reality because it will be the biggest transfer of power from politicians to the people since the end of the revolutionary war.

The FairTax and it's Implications for the U.S. Economy, part 2 of an article by a University of Georgia on the FairTax.

Why Are Republicans Governing Like Democrats?

It looks like I am not the only one disappointed with the Republican Party. Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey asks the question in this op-ed that quite a few people would like answered: why are Republicans governing like Democrats? He also says they better get their act together or there going to lose and has some advice on how to get back on track. Great Read.

Turning The Last Of Our Battle Ships Into Museums???

It seems that some in Congress think that the remainder of our Navy Battleships would serve better as Museums then battleships. The Army and Marine Grunts fighting in Iraq might want to pay attention to this since they are the ones who may have to pay the ultimate price for this. Robert Novak has more.

Star Parker Likes The New NBA Dress Code.

Star Parker says the new dress code in the NBA is a good one and she almost debated Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube on ESPN over it. But she says she probably likes it for different reasons than the league commissioner does. Interesting Read.

Rescued From The Trailor Park!

How would you like to be married to this classy gal? Tailor made for a dumb jock. And how about that fake smile and the freakin’ ugly tat? Oh and are those things real??? Just wondering???

Friday, December 02, 2005

What Is So Bad About Wal-Mart.

Unions hate Wal-Mart, of course, because the Wal-Mart workforce isn't unionized. The people who work at Wal-Mart actually believe that they're working for Wal-Mart. They aren't operating under an allusion that they're working for a union! Since this is an intolerable situation for the unions, Wal-Mart must be demonized!

One of the other arguments against Wal-Mart is how they treat their employees. Now as I have mentioned before I use to work at Wal-Mart. In fact I worked there for 3 years. I never had a problem with the way I was treated. The wages was competitive and yes it is true that the health insurance cost more than some union stores like Target but Wal-Mart did not put a cap on how much they would pay. This made the higher cost worth it to me. Also Wal-Mart had a 401K, a profit sharing program and a stock buying option where they actually match 50 cents on every dollar you buy in stock. When I started working there Wal-Mart stock was worth 19.00 a share. Since then my Wal-Mart stock, which I still own, has split twice and is worth roughly $47 a share. Believe it or not, I have actually seen people retire from Wal-Mart as millionaires.

Of course, other retailers aren't happy with Wal-Mart either. Let’s face it; Wal-Mart is a clear low-price leader. For other businesses to compete they have to either offer higher levels of service, better merchandise or lower prices, all of which would affect the bottom line. So, if you can't compete you must demonize the competition. These businesses know that if they can do anything to force Wal-Mart to increase its prices, like accepting a unionized workforce or adopting expanded worker benefits, it will help to level the competitive playing field.

Recently a "documentary" was released by Wal-Mart opponents which purported to show the negative impact that Wal-Mart is having on our country. The documentary was full of distortions and lies. In one particular instance a hardware store that was going under was shown. The blame for this store going under was placed squarely on the new Wal-Mart in town. The trouble here was that the hardware store was in the process of closing long before the arrival of Wal-Mart and the owner of that store admitted that Wal-Mart had nothing to do with the closing. So the opponents of Wal-Mart lied in Michael Moore fashion to get their point across. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

So, has the campaign of demonization been working? It would seem so. A survey done by some anti-Wal-Mart group known as WakeUpWalMart.com has found that 56% of Americans say that Wal-Mart is bad for America. Amazing.

If the unions and Wal-Mart competitors succeed in forcing Wal-Mart to increase its operating costs it will constitute a wage cut for every single American who relies on Wal-Mart for huge savings on the items they need in their daily lives.

Sen. John Murtha: The Army Is Broken, Worn Out, And Living Hand To Mouth.

Almost 2 weeks ago Democratic Congressman John Murtha called for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq because he said they are suffering for nothing. Pursuing a policy of cut and run would be a complete disaster, but it looks like the majority of Democrats, at least in the House, also want to cut and run.

Well, yesterday, Murtha was at it again. Speaking to a group in his district in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Murtha said that troops will leave Iraq in the next year because the Army is "broken, worn out and living hand to mouth." I am not sure what Army he is talking about but it is not the US Army!

So here we have a former Marine, John Murtha who is virtually claiming defeat and wants to leave the battlefield. He is saying the troops will be leaving because they aren't up to the task. If you read between the lines, Congressman Al-Murtha is saying the war is lost because the troops have failed.

What exactly have our troops failed at? The terrorists have been waging a campaign against American troops with roadside IEDs and car bombs. They will not confront our troops head-on because they know they can’t win that way. There have been no major battles, only minor skirmishes. In other words, Murtha is telling all of those who might want us dead that our troops can't even handle a war without battles, a war without direct engagement. We can't even handle suicide bombers and roadside explosives! Way to go, Congressman Murtha.

Consider for a moment what Murtha's comments might mean to the Islamic insurgency and Islamic terrorist factions around the world. Somewhere Abu Musab Zarqawi and other Islamic terrorist leaders are smiling. This is just the kind of propaganda that they need to keep the terrorist insurgency going. All Zarqawi has to do is take these comments to his foot soldiers and say, look at this, this is a United States Congressman, a former Marine Officer, and he says the American troops are worn out, broken, and living hand to mouth. Continue the fight we are winning.

I say again, just how many American men and women in Iraq have died because the Democrats decided to politicize this war instead of win it?

Just like Vietnam the United States Military is winning on the battlefield. There is no way that we will lose this war militarily. The only way we can lose this war is here at home.

Murtha also says he made a mistake when he voted for the war and criticized President Bush saying that “Staying the course is not a policy.” Now that the going has gotten tough, he wants to throw in the towel. It seems that cutting and running is the only way to go, staying and fighting is not even an option.

If we allow people like Murtha to run the show, we're never going to win the War On Terror. Hopefully people won't keep listening to this nonsense.

The Iraq Story You Haven’t Heard And It's About Joe Lieberman.

Is Joe Lieberman the only sane Democrat left?

Everyone is focusing on John Murtha's call to withdraw from Iraq, but there is one Democrat people should be paying attention to: Joe Lieberman.

“[I’m] disappointed by Democrats who are more focused on how President Bush took America into the war in Iraq almost three years ago, and by Republicans who are more worried about whether the war will bring them down in next November’s elections, than they are concerned about how we continue the progress in Iraq in the months and years ahead.” ~ Joe Lieberman

This, of course, is at odds with the statements made by prominent Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, John kerry, John Murtha and Ted Kennedy. Why can't we get more Democrats like Joe Lieberman? Why can't someone like Joe win the nomination for President in the Democrat Party?

Steve Muscatello has more. about Joe Lieberman who has been given the cold shoulder by his own party and the press.

Yes, we have opened Pandora's box in Iraq - but freedom has sprung free

This is a must read. Gerald Baker says Yes The Pandora's box has been opened in Iraq-but Freedom has sprung free. Read this to see what we have accomplished not just among the people of Iraq but among the people of the entire Middle East.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I Am A Year Older And A Year Wiser Today.

Today is my Birthday. No time to celebrate today though, maybe this weekend. I have been on life's journey for 29 years now. I would just like to say hello to everyone that I From Left To Right: Dave Jenkins, Beer Bong Man, and Tony Spain
at the Darlington Race.

have met along the journey. I have learned something from almost all of you.

So for the good times and the bad times I thank you. You have to be thankful for bad times without bad times how would you know what goodtimes are? Anyways thanks for the memories that makes up my life so far.

President Outlines Strategy for Victory in Iraq

Here is the full transcript of the president's remarks yesterday at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. It just maybe the best speech he has given on Iraq.

And Now The Democrat Response.

Let’s be honest for just a moment about the status of the war on terror. While the American people have not lost their will to fight the war there are signs that the will is diminishing. The Islamic terrorist jihadists have not lost their determination to continue to fight and have the evidence of encouragement they need to keep fighting. This combination of attitudes spells nothing good for our future safety and our very culture. It just means the fighting continues on.

It is no secret that part of the terrorist game plan for the past few years has been to destroy our will to fight and our will to resist. They have succeeded to an extend I thought to be unimaginable in the months following 9/11. The truth is that the terrorists have met this amazing success with the eager help of Democrats and the mainstream American media who continue to undermine our efforts.

I often wonder how different the Iraq war could have gone and if we would still be fighting in Iraq if Democrats would have gotten on board in support of our efforts instead of trying to derail them. It seems to me that Democrats could have even shared in the victory of Iraq. Of course that would have meant that they would have had to share it with President George W. Bush, but since they are blinded by hate for him that could never happen. Instead what happened is America went to war against terrorism and Democrats went to war against President Bush.

We have Nancy Pelosi after Bush's speech yesterday demanding an American withdrawal within six months. Anyone who does not understand that there were cheers from Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and his band of Islamic terrorists at Pelosi's words simply does not understand how grave this situation is. Then we have John Kerry, who told us that the presence of our troops on the ground is fueling the insurgency. That would be like some Senator from 1944 saying that the Germans are fighting because Americans have landed at Normandy!!! Look folks, this is fuel for Zarqawi. He takes this news and shows it to his foot soldiers and says look, these are United States Senators saying this. Keep on fighting the Americans, they are getting weaker we are making progress in our fight.

I say again, just how many American men and women in Iraq have died because the Democrats decided to politicize this war, instead of to win it?

Smat Or Stupid On The Economy Boom...

It seems that I am not the only one that is wondering why the Bush Administration is not talking about the booming economy. Larry Kudlow points out that if this were Reagan or Clinton, there would be daily press conferences.