Thursday, August 31, 2006

MTCW Pic of the Day.

Ernesto bears down on the Carolinas.

Ernesto strengthening as it moves towards North Carolina.
It seems that Tropical Storm Ernesto is trying to regain hurricane status as it makes way towards the North Carolina coast.

The strengthening storm, which could become a category 1 Hurricane, is expected to make landfall near Wilmington NC sometime between midnight and 2 a.m., and then track up the Interstate 95 through Fayetteville and Ralaigh NC as it passes through the state into Virginia.

The storm could produce severe thunderstorms, power outages, heavy flooding, damaging winds of up to 70-75 mph, tornadoes and bring 6-8 inches of rain to the Fayetteville, Ralaigh Durham area.

What a way to begin the four day labor day weekend. The grocery store was a real fun adventure today. Everyone buying bread and milk, it was a mad house. Lucky for me, the beer section wasn't to crowded.

Don't worry folks, I have stocked up on all the essentials too include enough beer to wait out the storm.

Hurricane party at the house tonight....but you will have too bring your own survival kit. Sorry, only have enough for me and I aint sharing.

One Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

This week marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. If you haven't been paying attention the media and the left have been reminding us all week long that the whole thing was all President Bush's fault. In fact several democrats held a press conference in New Orleans this week to take advantage of blaming the Bush administration and former FEMA head Mike Brown.

Don't you see the hurricane would have never happened if President Bush had just payed attention and cared about global warming and after the Hurricane hit the complete responsibility fell on George W. Bush's shoulders not the state and local government. Makes you wonder if these people want a president or a King...

It is true, President Bush may have been able to handle the situation better. But why is it to this day he gets all the blame. Why has no one held the officials in Louisiana to account for their botched handling of the disaster. When will the Democrats that run that state receive the proper blame? Mayor Ray Nagin not ordering an evacuation earlier. Allowing hundreds of school buses to that could have been used to evacuate people go under water. What about Governor Blanco for not asking for federal assistance when it was clear she needed it... I'm still waiting.

They were held accountable here at MTCW. Here is almost everything I have wrote about Hurricane Katrina from the MTCW archives.

The Big Easy Out Of Control! (Sept. 2, 2005)
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Governor Blanco Delayed Federal Assistance. (Sept. 6, 2005)
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Harry Reid Blames Bush Vacation (Sept. 8, 2005)
More Violence In New Orleans (Sept. 8, 2005)
Elderly Abandoned (Sept. 8, 2005)
$2000 debit cards to Hurricane Victims (Sept. 8, 2005)
Levees Break, It's Got Be Bush's Fault, Right? (Sept. 9, 2005)
(Louisianna officials)Blocking The Red Cross (Sept. 9, 2005)
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Straight Out Of The Democrat Play Book (Sept. 12, 2005)
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Nursing Home Owners Face Negligent Homicide Charges For Not Evacuating Patients. (Sept. 16, 2005)
Show Me The Money!!! (Sept. 19, 2005)
Here Comes The Republicans Version Of The New Deal (Sept. 19, 2005)
Bush's rhetoric about race is troubling (Sept. 19, 2005)
Chain of Responsibility for New Orleans (Sept. 23, 2005)
Super Dome Atrocities Greatly Exaggerated. (Sept.27, 2005)
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Your Tax Dollars Pays For Lap Dances And Booze For Katrina Victims. (Oct. 23, 2005)
The Free Ride On The Katrina Wave Is Over For Some. (Feb 12, 2005)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MTCW Pic of the Day

Sorry folks but couldn't help but notice where the ass crack of the world was!!!

A special thanks to the Tall Cool One.

I would like to say thanks to the Tall Cool One for blogging and keeping you entertained in my abscense. It is something he has wanted to do for a while. I am sure he wishes he would have had more time to do it.

Why you shouldn't vote for any party in November.

Well, we are 69 days away from the election in November that may cost the Republicans control of the House and Senate and give it to the Democrats. Everyone is out there telling you why you should vote for this party over that party. I decided to tell you why you shouldn't vote for any of the parties.

Why you shouldn't vote Republican

There has never been a congress that has blown as much money on vote-buying programs quite like the current Republican congress has. Republicans have become borrow and spend liberals.

There are far too many Republicans who want to take their personal religious beliefs for behavior and make them into the law of the land.

They are unwilling to take advantage of their majority and get things done.

The McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act.

The Medicare Prescription Drug benefit program that is going to cost us trillions.

If they had their way, Terri Schiavo's soul would still not be resting in peace.

They refuse to protect America's borders or do anything about illegal immigration.

No strong support for the FairTax

Why you shouldn't vote Democrat

They seem to be unwilling to defend America from Islamic Fascism ... not now ... not until the price of that defense becomes catastrophic like a nuke going off in a major city or something.

They think terrorism is a law enforcement problem.

They can not stand individualism and personal responsibility.

They don't believe America is great because of its citizens but think America is great because of its government.

They seem to think that income should be distributed to the poor from the rich, instead of earned.

They promote class and race warfare.

Hillary Clinton.

They're joined at the hip with teacher's unions.

Taxes can never be too high for Democrats

The fully intend to turn illegal aliens into Democrat voters and refuse to protect America's borders because of it.

No support for the FairTax.

Why your shouldn't vote Libertarian
With over 50% of the American people harboring a lot of the libertarian party platform beliefs, they can't manage to mount a successful third-party campaign.

Not only will they not defend America from Islamic Fascism, they don't see the threat.

Though philosophically they're right, they fail to see that their "legalize drugs" agenda isn't exactly a winner with the American people.

They never jumped on eminent domain abuse as the party agenda. People will react when they think their property rights are being threatened .... and the Libertarians couldn't take advantage of this.

No strong support for the FairTax..

Random Thought on the War on Terror...

After the 9-11 attacks President Bush vowed to fight a war on terror and rightly so. However, one must wonder how dedicated are we to fighting that war on terror when we step in with the international community to get Israel to stop fighting the same war.... does this make sense???

How is it justified for us to fight a war on terror but where not going to allow Israel to fight the same war on terror??? and yes, Hezbollah is a terrorist organization.

No, I am not joining the anti-war crowd... I am just wonderinng why Israel can' t keep fighting the same war.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

MTCW Pic of the Day

Want to go see a movie???
Hey everyone, The Tall Cool One still filling in for Tony. Tony should be back tommorrow.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

MTCW Pic of the Day

Who's the Cowboy?
Why I believe it is the creator of My Two Cents Worth, Tony Spain... and as usual the country boy has a beer in hand.

Hello folks, Tony is out of the loop until Monday and he has allowed me, The Tall Cool One, to have full access to this blog and his laptop. A mistake he will not regret because he has a sense of humor and a mistake that everyone will enjoy, I promise.

Iran wants to talk...about not sure what.

So now Iran says they are willing to talk about its nuclear program, but are they really or are they just buying time befroe economical sanctions are placed on them that may put a hurting on their oil profits.

So what is Iran offering to bring to the table to talk about?

According to reports coming out today, absolutely nothing. Are they prepared to give up their nuclear program and stop enriching uranium? According to an Iranian news agency, absolutely not. So what is there to talk about?

Nothing comes to mind.

But Iran knows what they are doing. They want to make the United States look like the bad guys. So they tell the world that they are willing to negotiate even if it is not on they key demand of stopping their nuclear program. The Bush administration will send John Bolton and Condi Rice out and say there is nothing to talk about. Iran will call us inflexible and unwilling to negotiate. The Euro-wieners will fall into their usual appeasement modes along with the media and say there goes Bush with his cowboy diplomacy again... focusing all on the fact that the Bush administration is unwilling to negotiate with the willing Iran...

Iran has figured out the game pretty well I think.

Here's some cowboy diplomacy for Iran or perhaps country boy diplomacy that I am sure Tony would approve: Get rid of your nuclear program, or we will get rid of it for you.

Nebraska man arrested 226 times!

Why is this guy not locked up with the key thrown away...This has bastard has been arrested 226 times. Can someone please tell me why he should spend one more day outside of a jail cell? Doesn't Nebraska have a 225 strikes and you're out law? Guess not. There are some crooks in Nebraska with over 500 arrests.

How to negotiate with a terrorists

Here is a full proof plan form our friend Huricane Harry from the blog HH Blowhard on how to negotiate with a terrorist that even a first grader could understand. How to Negotiate with Terrorists read it.

Need some motivation to quit smoking...

Smoking is such a disgusting habit and it will kill you. Here is just another reason to quit smoking...look people, it's dangerous (video)

Happy belated 60th Bill

So saturday was Bill Clinton's 60th birthday and I could not help but notice Tony didn't leave his favorite president a birthday message.(just kidding Tony) Anyways, Farkers has a photoshop Bill Clinton birthday card contest going on for his 60th. As you can imagine, not for the easily offended, but hilarious. view at your own risk folks.

Monday, August 21, 2006

MTCW Pic of the Day

It is Monday...

Just remember no matter how bad you think you got it some one else has it worse.

John McCain makes some good points about Iraq on Meet the Press.

John McCain sat down with David Gregory on Meet the Press Sunday and talked about the situation in Iraq and how we should be fighting the war differently.

Here is full video transcript
and written transcript of Sundays Meet the Press.

McCain admits that things are not going as well as planned there but does not believe it is a lost cost and says that just like most Americans he is frustrated with the way the war is going.

McCain continues to say we need more troops on the ground in Iraq. This is a view that I have never agreed with McCain on until now. I have always felt that more troops would just mean more targets for terrorists with suicide bombs to attack, but McCain brings up a real good point on why we need more troops.

McCain says that because we don't have enough troops in Iraq we go in clear out a city of terrorists like Fallujah and then leave and the terrorists funnel back in to the city. If we had more troops we could clear the city and remain in control of the situation. If you think about it, McCain is absolutely right. How many times have we had to clear cities like Fallujah and Aramadi?

McCain goes on to say that he doesn't think we are winning the war in Iraq, but doesn't believe that civil war has begun there. He also doesn't believe it is like Vietnam and says the situation is salvageable and that we must prevail and we must win Iraq.

You know there is a lot of things that John McCain and I do not agree on, but I believe that he is right on the money on Iraq.

Half of the U.S. believe Saddam had WMDs

A recent poll shows that half of Americans believe Iraq had the WMD when troops invaded 3 1/2 years ago. This of course leaves the left with that uncomfortable look like someone just gave them a wedgie. How could people believe such lies!

Well, maybe its because it is not a lie. WMDs have been found in Iraq. Here is a list of the weapons of mass destruction that have been found in Iraq since Operation Iraqi Freedom began:

500 tons of yellow cake uranium. Now, that is 1 million pounds for those of you who went to public schools. Anyways it was found at Saddam's nuclear weapons facility. I bet you didn't know he had one of those.

1.8 tons of partially enriched uranium found in the same place. This is what you need to make nukes. Hidden centrifuge parts and blueprints.

Two dozen artillery shells loaded with Sarin and mustard gas.

Of course the left tries to downplay all this and says the weapons were old and unuseable. Really, well, I guess they won't mind if we store the evidence in there back yard then.

You may want to print this off and impress your liberal friends with the truth. Here are the links.

USA Today
Front Page Mag

Court rules 2003 money seizure correct despite no drugs found

If this doesn't show you how ridiculous and unfair the seizure laws are in the drug war, nothing will. A court has ruled that authorities were right in seizing a man's $125,000 during a traffic stop...for no reason. The Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves.

Signs of intelligent life in Hollywood!

Yesterday, a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times by an A-list of actors denounced the killing of innocents in Lebanon and Israel. They laid the blame exactly where it belongs.

La-la luminaries Nicole Kidman, Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito, Dennis Hopper, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Don Johnson, James Woods, Kelly Preston, Patricia Heaton of “Everyone Loves Raymond,” William Hurt and 73 others said they are “pained and devastated by the civilian casualties in Israel and Lebanon caused by terrorist actions initiated by terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas.”

The amount of logic and empathy on display, the willingness to break from prevailing views that Israel’s act of self-defense was “disproportionate” and that Hezbollah should be allowed to fire from within civilian populations, is astonishing.

So there are signs of intelligent life in Hollywood afterall.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

MTCW: Pic of the Day

Sometimes you just know your kids are going to be in trouble.

Carter Appointed Federal Judge Pulls Plug on NSA Wiretaps.

You know Jimmy Carter hasn't been president for over 25 years now but we are still paying the price for his administration.

Friday Jimmy Carter appointed US District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor ruled the NSA wiretaps illegal and ordered that they be stopped.

This really is amazing... almost unbelievable really.

Last week we watch the British uncover a terrorist plot that would have been as big as 9-11 and then we get a ruling like this.

Here is a scenario that I have used before lets use it again.

U.S. Intelligence agencies overseas have found the phone number of a well known terrorist's satellite phone. This terrorist makes a satellite phone call to a U.S. citizen living in a large metropolitan area like Chicago or New York. At the time of the call nobody is home. Intelligence operatives are certain that the terrorists will try to place this call again, but it will probably be from a different phone. They are aware that terrorist changes phones frequently to avoid being tracked down. So there is little time to waste. Their best chance to intercept the next phone call is to place a wire tap on the U.S. citizen's phone. The next phone call may be in a matter of minutes, or hours. There is no time to go before a court to get a wiretap order.

Imagine that this might have been a phone call from Bin Laden to Mohammed Atta an hour before Atta was to board that American Airlines flight in Boston.

The call was Bin Ladin giving Atta the final go-ahead for the attacks of 9/11. With a wiretap you intercept the call, discover the plot, and save 3000 lives.

Without a wiretap the call is not intercepted, the 9/11 attacks go forward. OK there's the scenario.

Oh well, when we get hit again at least we will know our civil rights were not violated and no one listened to our phone calls. That is what will matter most when bodies are laying at room temperature because we were unable to gather intelligence to stop the next terrorist attack.

Folks your most important civil right is the right to life... without that one the rest doesn't really mean a hill of beans.

They can't stop Joe Lieberman.

Democrats have been putting pressure on Joe Lieberman to drop out of the Senate race in Connecticut and are talking about stripping Joe Lieberman of his seniority within the Democratic caucus if he does not drop out of the race for re-election.

You know I have hardly ever agreed with Joe Lieberman on any issue. Which is no surprise...I mean he is a liberal. However, there is one issue that I agree with him on and it is one of the most important issues of the day. That is we must continue to fight the war on terror and stay the course in Iraq.

Of course this is the issue that has basically gotten poor Joe kicked to the curb without a key back in to the Democrat Party.

You know it is almost painful to watch the Democrat Party turn on their own and do this to Joe Lieberman. What is not painful to watch is the continuous self destruction of the Democrat Party. When the party leaves a liberal like Joe Lieberman behind there is not much farther left they can go is there?

To bad for the Democrat Party, Joe leads the polls by 12 points and looks likely to win.

You know if the Democrat Party was smart they would start supporting the war effort like Lieberman but that will never happen because that would mean that they would have to start giving credit to President Bush and that is never going to happen.

President Bush could walk out to the Potomac River, walk on top of the water, and the Democrats would hold a press conference claiming the President can't swim!

More Hate Mail...

You know you guys are really getting good at this hate mail thing...I mean some of these have really got to me. I mean ... I'm used to getting hate mail and all ... But when I first read this on Thursday I fell into a state of depression and went on a drinking binge that lasted until late last night early this morning. I was suicidal! Thank God I looked in the mirror and saw all that I have to live for.

Here you are .. enjoy the email.

It is so clear that wherever you choose to act out your life would have been a much better place without you there. You seem to have the personality and presence of a festering, rotting corpse dumped by the roadside. It is a shame you didn't stay in Iraq so you could become a useless pawn for a demented President. At least the rest of us would no longer be burdened with your useless, ignorant point of view. I hope I never see your name on a ballot but I look forward to seeing your name in the obituaries one day.


Do you have something you need to get off your chest? Do you have a question? Maybe you hate me and want to write some hate mail. Maybe you want to tell me what a great job I am doing. Whatever the case may be click on the link below and tell me about it.

Friday, August 18, 2006

MTCW Pic of the Day

Hey Guys...Guess What... It's Friiiday!!!!!!!

It's finally friday, the day I have been looking for all week long. Time to kick back and enjoy the weekend and just let the good times roll.

Did the Dept. of Homeland Security compromise our airport security to terrorists?

This is so outrageous it's almost unbelievable and definately unacceptable. If you ever plan on flying a commercial airliner know that your safety has been extremely compromised by the Department of Homeland Security.

Here's what happened: In June, The Department of Homeland Security took CAIR...the Council on American-Islamic Relations, on a tour of security facilities at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. Where they got to see screening procedures, interview rooms and a rundown on the passenger lookout system. So basically a terrorists dream tour of one of the bussiest airports in the world.

So why should we be so outraged by this? After all, isn't CAIR just a civil rights organization like the NAACP? Well, that is what CAIR would like for all of us to believe. The truth is CAIR is an organization with direct ties to the Islamic Association for Palestine, a front group for the terrorist organization Hamas. There is also evidence to ties with Al Qaeda.

Here is another little twist. A number of people in CAIR management have been arrested and convicted on terrorism charges.

Hey, don't take my word for it, here is your link to my research from the intelligence summit:
[PPT] CAIR Civil Liberties Group or Terror Front?

Perhaps this explains why CAIR has never expressed any outrage against atrocities committed by Islamic Facsist Terrorists but let the President call terrorists Islamic and all of a sudden there is outrage.

The people conducting the tour, always desperate for the politically correct approval of the enemy, assured CAIR that Muslims weren't singled out for special screening. We're sure our friends at Al-Qaeda headquarters are pleased. I bet they are also happy that airport screeners at O'Hare undergo Muslim sensitivity training.

All of this further supports the assertion that airport security is nothing but a joke and we're just asking almost begging for another attack.

It truly amazes me that we know who the enemy is, yet we refuse to do anything about it, for fear of offending someone.

Israel, Hezbollah conflict from a different point of view.

I got an e-mail yesterday from a friend of mine that had an interesting view on the cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah. It is a view that I have not heard from anyone else either. Here it is:

Maybe the cease fire is a good thing, not because it gives Hezbollah a chance to regroup, but it does give us a chance to regroup. I mean I may be going out on a limb here (as usual) but if the cease fire lasts long enough for us to clean up a little bit of our "mess", then we may be able to get in on the next conflict. Isreal would have their hands full if Syria and Iran truly jumped into the battle with all there force. But if we could back Isreal with little problems from our other two areas of operation, then it would be a typhoon of power from Big and Little Satan as they like to call us.

Interesting point... not sure that I agree that to be the case...but it is possible I suppose.

Little something for your Friday, Why you're smarter after a few beers.

Ever wonder why you feel smarter after drinking a few beers right before you get a buzz. Well it is called The "Buffolo Theory" of Beer..

A herd of buffalo can move only as fast as the slowest buffalo. When the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first.

This is known as natural selection and is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members.

In much the same way the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Excessive intake of alcohol, we all know, kills brain cells, but naturally it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first.

In this way regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. That's why you always feel smarter after a few beers, and that's why beer is so GOOD for you!

So, I am headed out to feel smarter my friends...check back in tommorrow for more.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

MTCW Pic of the Day

Let the King rock you to sleep

Why I so strongly support the FairTax.

Yesterday evening I was asked if I was president what would be the first thing I would try to do while in office. Without a doubt I responded that I would push congress to pass the FairTax.

In fact, if I was to run for office the FairTax would be a huge part of my campaign platform. Why??? Because I believe that the FairTax would be the biggest transfer of power from politicians to the citizens of this country since the end of the Revolutionary War.

Here is just a over veiw of what the Fair Tax is and what it will do for you and America. The FairTax proposal is a comprehensive plan to replace federal income and payroll taxes, including personal, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security/Medicare, self-employment, and corporate taxes.

The FairTax proposal integrates such features as a progressive national retail sales tax, dollar-for-dollar revenue replacement, and a rebate to ensure that no American pays such federal taxes up to the poverty level.

Included in the FairTax plan is the repeal of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. The FairTax allows Americans to keep 100 percent of their paychecks (minus any state income taxes), ends corporate taxes and compliance costs hidden in the retail cost of goods and services, and fully funds the federal government while fulfilling the promise of Social Security and Medicare.

Americans take home their whole paychecks.
Not only do more Americans have jobs, but they also take home 100 percent of their paychecks (except where state income taxes apply). No federal income taxes or payroll taxes are withheld from paychecks, pensions, or Social Security checks.

No federal sales tax up to the poverty level means progressivity like today's tax system.
To ensure no American pays tax on the necessities of life, the FairTax plan provides a prepaid, monthly rebate (prebate) for every registered household to cover the consumption tax spent on necessities up to the federal poverty level. This, along with several other features, is how the FairTax completely untaxes the poor, lowers the tax burden on most, while making the overall rate progressive.

However, the FairTax is progressive based on lifestyle/spending choices, rather than simply punishing those taxpayers who are successful. Do you see how much freer life is with the FairTax instead of the income tax?

Retail prices no longer hide corporate taxes or their compliance costs, which drive up costs for those who can least, afford to pay.
Did you know that hidden income taxes and the cost of complying with them currently make up 20 percent or more percent of all retail prices? It's true.

According to Dr. Dale Jorgenson of Harvard University, hidden income taxes are passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices - from an average 22 percent on goods to an average 25 percent on services - for everything you buy. If competition does not allow prices to rise, corporations lower labor costs, again hurting those who can least afford to lose their jobs.

Finally, if prices are as high as competition allows and labor costs are as low as practical, profits/dividends to shareholders are driven down, thereby hurting retirement savings for moms-and-pops and pension funds invested in Corporate America.

With the FairTax, the sham of corporate taxation ends, competition drives prices down, more people in America have jobs, and retirement/pension funds see improved performance.

The FairTax will stop job out sourcing, brings jobs home and make American products more competitive on the world market.
Most importantly, the FairTax does not burden U.S. exports as they are with the current income tax.

So the FairTax allows U.S. exports to sell overseas for prices 22 percent lower, on average, than they do now, with similar profit margins. Lower prices sharply increase demand for U.S. exports, thereby increasing job creation in U.S.manufacturing sectors.

At home, imports are subject to the same FairTax rate as domestically produced goods. Not only does the FairTax put U.S. products sold here on the same tax footing as foreign imports, but the dramatic lowering of compliance costs in comparison to other countries' value-added taxes also gives U.S. products a definitive pricing advantage which foreign tax systems cannot match.

Tax criminals - don't make criminals out of honest taxpayers.
Today, the IRS will admit to 25 percent non-compliance with the code. will be generous and simply take the position that this is likely a conservative estimate of the underground economy.

However, this does not take into account the criminal/drug/porn economy, which equally conservative estimates put at one trillion dollars of untaxed activity. The FairTax will tax this - criminals love to flash that cash at retail - while continuing to provide the federal penalties so effective in bringing such miscreants to justice. The substantial decrease in points of compliance - from every wage earner, investor, and retiree, down to only retailers - also allows enforcement to concentrate on following the money to criminal activity, rather than making potential criminals out of every taxpayer struggling to decipher the current code.

No Tax Penalty On Savings or Investments.
Under the fair tax plan you can save and invest however you want, no tax penalty on interest from savings, withdrawl money from investment and retirement accounts with no tax penalty.

No More Forms to Fill Out And File.
This one is by far my favorite. Never have to file any kind of IRS form again. Make April 15 just another beutiful spring day.

Iran Shells Kurds In Northern Iraq

Turkey and Iran have dispatched tanks, artillery and thousands of troops to their frontiers with Iraq during the past few weeks in what appears to be a coordinated effort to disrupt the activities of Kurdish rebel bases.

Scores of Kurds have fled their homes in the northern frontier region after four days of shelling by the Iranian army. Local officials said Turkey had also fired a number of shells into Iraqi territory.

Well, that is an interesting turn of events... Just more evidence that we are going to have to do something about Iran at some point.

One major problem with a war with Iran though. Iran is the 4th largest oil exporter in the world. It will be a difficult task to pump, ship, or refine irradiated oil.

You know a long while back I said our dependence on foreign oil was a potential national security risk and that we should start drilling our own oil. I think we are about to find out just how big of a risk it is in the not so distant future.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

MTCW Pic of the Day

Don't you just love summer time...

Today is National Airborne Day

Today is National Airborne Day. A day to commemorate the first official Army parachute jump that took place on August 16, 1940. We salute a distinguished group of individuals who volunteered to be in the first parachute test platoon.
Think about that for a moment... volunteered to be the first to test jumping out of an airplane... not knowing if the chute was actually going to work or not... that takes balls.
Yeah sure I jump out of planes but hundreds have gone before me, these guys were the first. I am not sure I could have done that.
So today I thank these brave men whose courage and dedication have earned them a cherished place in American history.

Our Nation's Airborne forces have helped liberate millions from oppression and extend peace and freedom around the world. From the initial tests of this new medium of warfare, to the establishment of venerable units serving today, these brave men and women have expanded the vision and capabilities of our Armed Forces.
The Army designated the first Airborne division on August 15, 1942, and the 82nd Airborne Division set the standard for achievement and built a proud legacy of service. Many units followed in their footsteps, fighting bravely in battle and serving our country with distinction in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and other critical missions.

Today's Airborne forces continue the tradition of excellence and determination as we fight the global war on terror.
"On the 7th day God rested and observed his creation. He realized there was evil in the world. So on the 8th day God created the U.S. Paratrooper. Lightining struck, the Earth shook, and the Devil stood at 'parade rest'."
"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."- George Orwell
Here are the words paratrooper live by:
Airborne Creed

I am an Airborne Trooper! A PARATROOPER!

I jump by parachute from any plane in flight. I volunteered to do it, knowing well the hazards of my choice. I serve in a mighty Airborne Force- famed for deeds in war- renowned for readiness in peace. It is my pledge in all that I am- in all that I do. I am an elite trooper- a sky trooper- a shock trooper- a spearhead trooper. I blaze the way to far- flung goals- behind, before, above the foe's front line. I know that I may have to fight without support for days on end. Therefore, I keep in mind and body always fit to do my part in any Airborne task. I am self- reliant and unafraid. I shoot true,and march fast and far. I fight hard and excel in art and article of war. I never fail a fellow trooper. I cherrish as a sacred trust the lives of men with whom I serve. Leaders have my fullest loyalty, and those I lead never find me lacking.

I have pride in the Airborne! I never let it down!

In peace, I do not shrink the dullest of duty, not protest the toughest training. My weapons and equipment are always combat ready... I am neat of dress- Military in courtesy- proper in conduct and behavior. In battle, I fear no foe's ability, nor underestimate his prowess, power and guile. I fight him with all my might and skill- ever alert to evade capture or escape trap. I never surrender, though I be the last. My goal in peace or war is to suceed in any mission of the day- or die, if need be, in the try. I belong to a proud and glorious team, the Airborne, the Army, my country. I am its chosen, with pride to fight where others may not go- to serve them well until final victory.

I am a trooper of the sky! I am my nations best! In peace or war I never fail. Anywhere, anytime, in anything- I AM AIRBORNE!

World Trade Center Tapes Released

World Trade Center Tapes Released:Listen to them and remember they are still trying to kill us

Bush says Israel won, but did they?

There seems to be a lot of controversy brewing about who exactly won the war between Israel and Hezbollah. Since there was no decisive military victory it is a rather interesting question.

President Bush claims that Israel won the war, but did they?

Lets take a look at what happened:

Hezbollah was not destroyed. In our War On Terror, we proclaim as our objective to kill or bring to justice terrorists or at least thats what President Bush said when we started the war.

But Hezbollah, who are terrorists, is still in place, and some argue are stronger than ever.

The threat from Hezbollah was never neutralized. Let's be real... The U.N. Peacekeepers in Southern Lebanon, who are not even allowed to fire their weapons, are not going to keep Hezbollah from attacking Israel with missile rockets.

Here's the big one... The Israeli troops that were kidnapped have not been returned. This was what began the whole conflict in the first place and Israel quit fighting before getting any of them back.

The fact of the matter is not only did Israel lose, but they lost big.

They now look weak in the eyes of the Islamic terrorist world because Hezbollah drove them out of Lebanon.

Israel could have and should have continued to fight on, ignoring international opinion and completing their mission. But they didn't because the Bush Administration talked them out of it. And since Israel relies on billions of dollars of American foreign aid, they complied.

When you look at the big picture there will be consequences for this because sooner or later we are going to have to fight these killers and their Iranian masters. The longer we wait the bloodier it will be.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

MTCW Pic of the Day

Was Iran backing and fighting along side Hezbollah?

So just how much influence did Iran play supporting Hezbollah against Israel?

It is no secret that Iran would love to wipe Israel and America off the face of the Earth. So it should be of no surprise to learn that there is evidence that the so-called Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon are actually soldiers that were trained in Iran. In fact, bodies of Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been found among the dead.

Also Hezbollah was forced to abandoned a fighting position leaving behind conclusive evidence that Syria - and almost certainly Iran - provided the anti-tank missiles that were left behind.

And just today Iran is telling Israel to fear their missles while thousands of Iranian citizens take to streets chanting, 'Lebanon won, Israel destroyed'; dozens of ambulances hold procession in show of empathy with casualties of war. Senior religious figure in Iran warns: 'If Israel and US attack us, we will shoot missiles at Tel Aviv'

Are you starting to realize this cease fire was not the best plan of action for Israel.

Hate Mail

Every now and then I get some hate mail that I just can't resist sharing. Here is a e-mail I got from Eric. Apparently Eric doesn't like me to well... Oh well.

i find you to be one of the most vile human beings on Earth. Although i don't wish evil on anyone, i would not care one bit if you died a painful, and agonizing death. you are a sick twisted hateful person.

People like you spread hate, start wars and cause the death of the innocent.

YOU are the hater of mankind. I read the headlines of some of your posts and read a couple. It is hard for me to comprehend that anyone can have such hatred within him. It is quite obvious that you would support the neo-nazi-conservatives like Bush. Someday you will have to answer for your evilness, and it won't be to anyone here on earth. A Greater Power than you or I will be the judge. If you don't believe that, then you don't believe in the Bible.


Wow!!! I may actually loose sleep over this one.... or not.

Monday, August 14, 2006

MTCW Pic of the Day

Wail to the Chief
Now thats just funny right there, I don't care who you are. If you can't laugh at that you need to find a new blog to read.

Hezbollah lives to destroy Israel another day.

Well folks so much for Israel showing the world how to fight these terrorist bastards. After a month long relentless assault on Hezbollah targets -- and just before getting ready to launch a massive ground offensive, Israel has caved into international pressure.

That's right...Israel has agreed to cease-fire, prepared by the forever failing United Nations. The cease fire went into effect at 1:00 a.m. Eastern time today. In accordance to the plan Lebanon is going to send troops to control the southern part of the country now run by Hezbollah, the United Nations has promised to send capable troops to patrol the area with the Lebanese troops, and Hezbollah is going to be disarmed.

Let me repeat that last part… Hezbollah is going to be disarmed…yeah… as Bill Cosby would say Riiight…

The cease fire agreement may call for the disarmament of Hezbollah, but we all know that will happen around the same time all criminals are disarmed.
If Israel's goal was to eliminate Hezbollah, then they have stopped well short of this goal. Many citizens in Israel are not happy with the cease fire and thinks they should have kept on fighting until Hezbollah was wiped out. They know fear that Hezbollah will one day attack them again. How right they are…

So why did Israel agree to a cease fire? Because of international pressure plain and simple. Pressure applied by the United States, pressure applied by the United Nations and the Europeans. All of this happened just like the Islamic terrorists in Hezbollah, Iran and Syria wanted it to. The very fact that the head of Hezbollah agreed with the ceasefire tells you how bad it is.

I am telling you folks, if you want to understand the mindset of the Islamic fascist terrorist you must learn to think like one. You must read the Qu’ran. You will then realize that today was a victory for Hezbollah and they view the cease fire as a chance to regroup and prepare for the next battle.

There is not one ounce of doubt in my mind that Hezbollah will take advantage of this cease fire to re-strengthen and re-arm. Any belief that Hezbollah will actually disarm is absurd. The goal will remain the same; to destroy Israel.

Unfortunately most people in the U.S. and the West do not understand this. They believe that as long as no one is bombing the other there is peace and all is good. The truth is there will never be peace until one side is destroyed… I personally would rather see Hezbollah destroyed instead of Israel.

You might think that the world bringing immense pressure on Israel to stop its bombardment of Hezbollah is not really such a big deal. Well, it's hard to say how long you're going to have to wait --- perhaps days or weeks, perhaps months or years -- before Hezbollah strikes again to prove your naivety and to think it could have all been avoided if we would have just let Israel finish Hezbollah off once and for all.

Does Iran have a August 22nd surprise???

Here's an interesting article by Robert Spencer which was written last month. The title of the article is "Iran's Day of Terror?"

Spenser is one of many experts on Islam who believe that Iran might be planning a massive terrorist attack on August 22nd, and possibly overnight on August 21. This particular night is known as the Night of the Sira'a and Miira'aj to Muslims, the night Mohammed ascended to heaven.

The Night of the Sira'a about 7 days away.

Spenser writes that Farid Ghadry, the president of the Reform Part of Syria believes that Iranian president Ahmadinejad is promising to illuminate the night sky over Jerusalem on that evening.

Well ... an x number of airplanes exploding on their way to America would certainly light up the night sky now wouldn't it?

Just a thought.

4 out of 10 Americans prejudice against Muslims new poll finds.

A new Gallup poll says that 4 in 10 Americans admit being prejudiced toward Muslims. That same amount think Muslims should be required to carry a special ID. Gee I wonder why...

Almost immediately following the 9-11 attacks we were told and continue to be told that the Islam religion is a religion of peace and tolerance. That Islam is not the enemy but rather a bunch of fundamentalist Islam extremist were the root of our problems...

Well sorry folks but I just do not see it. Take your pick of the inhumane acts committed by, do I dare say Muslims over the past couple of years…

·Muslims fly commercial airliners into buildings in New York City. No Muslim outrage

·Muslim officials block the exit where school girls are trying to escape a burning building because their faces were exposed. No Muslim outrage.

· Muslims cut off the heads of three teenaged girls on their way to school in Indonesia. A Christian school. No Muslim outrage.

· Muslims murder teachers trying to teach Muslim children in Iraq. No Muslim outrage.

· Muslims murder over 80 tourists with car bombs outside cafes and hotels in Egypt. No Muslim outrage.

· A Muslim attacks a missionary children's school in India. Kills six. No Muslim outrage.

· Muslims slaughter hundreds of children and teachers in Beslan, Russia. Muslims shoot children in the back. No Muslim outrage.

· Muslims murder more than 50 commuters in attacks on London subways and busses. Over 700 are injured. No Muslim outrage.

· Muslim newspapers publish anti-Semitic cartoons. No Muslim outrage

·Muslims are involved, on one side or the other, in almost every one of the 125+ shooting wars around the world. No Muslim outrage.

· Muslims beat the charred bodies of Western civilians with their shoes, then hang them from a bridge. No Muslim outrage.

The Islamic religion has been hijacked by extremist who have inflicted death, destruction and violent crimes against humanity around the world at the hands of Muslims .. no Muslim outrage ..

Muslims taking hostages in Iraq and sawing their heads off.

Lets face it....It just hasn't been a good few of years of public relations for the followers of Allah.

Is it any wonder 4 out of 10 Americans are prejudice against them. I am shocked the numbers aren't higher.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but so far all terrorists have been Muslim...I should put that on a bumper sticker or something...

Tony Spain's suggested reading assignments.

Sorry folks no reading assignments today... had to work late and I don't ever ask you to read anything that I haven't already read.

However I do have Today's eye candy instead: Anna Kournikova gallery - Life After Tennis

Sunday, August 13, 2006

MTCW: Pic of the Day

"Boots on the ground"

The World Trade Center Movie

Nicolas Cage in "World Trade Center."
This was a great and very powerful movie. I saw it opening night. Ironically it opened the night before British authorities stopped what could have been a terrorist attack as big as 9-11.
This movie was a great reminder of what happened to us on that day and the sacrafices that were made to help out fellow man kind.
It was a reminder to me of how I felt that day. I remember it as if it was yesterday actually. I remember seeing the footage on the Today Show and thinking that it must have been some kind of movie or something at first. Then as I listened closer I realized it was a live news cast and the reporter was saying that the plane had been misdirected by air traffic control, as if an airline captain would folllow faulty instructions and fly into a building. Then I watched the second plane smash into the other tower. I damn near dropped my coffee for at that point I realized that we had just been hit and hit hard. The rest of the day was not the same for me from that point on. As the day unfolded their were numerous reports the Pentagon was hit another plane crashed in Pennsylvania that may have been heading towards the White House.
Needless to say, What I saw and felt on September 11th left me doing a lot of soul searching:
Wondering what I could or should do for my country. A country that I knew and still believe is the greatest place on Earth. A country that I had enjoyed all the benefits of living in because of the sacrafices of others before me, but I had never done a damn thing for it. I knew the answer to my questions the next day and found myself at the recruiters office.

After a back and forth with the recruiter, I enlisted in December of 2001 on a delayed entry program that allowed me to get my financial life in order. Because the decision I had made was going cut my income in almost three fourths.
Although, I had to change my lifestyle it is not a desicion that I have ever regreted to this day. I believe that it has made me a better person and it has really made me appreciate the things I have in my life more especially after being to Iraq. I have also met wonderful people that I would never have met otherwise and I am thankful for all of it.
We need more movies like "World Trade Center" to help us remember just what it is that we are fighting for.

Egyptian foreign exchange students fail to show at Montana State Univ.


Archived: Why we need the Patriot Act

Here is a column I wrote for the North Carolina Conservative back in July of 2005.
With the continued threats of terrorism like we saw last week I think it still applies.

Why we need the Patriot Act

The Senate Judiciary Committee had a late night last week arguing over various aspects of the Patriot Act until 3 a.m. The debate finally ended with a compromise bill that was then passed by the House of Representatives 257 approval, 171 disapproval. Most voting against it were Democrats a slim few were Republicans. The bill still has to be debated by the full Senate. The bill extends permanently all but two of the provisions of the Act. These two will need to be reviewed -- 10 years from now; which they then could be made permanent. The House and Senate versions differ on this and that point, but the principles being discussed are pretty much the same and have to do with what it is we are willing to forfeit in order to advance our security, or seek to advance it.

Now most conservatives that oppose the Patriot Act do so because they believe we are giving up freedom in order to have security. It was Benjamin Franklin who said those who give up freedom in order to have security deserve neither freedom or security. Ben was absolutely right then, but does his statement hold true today?

The world was a much different place when Ben Franklin was with us. Our country had the security from attacks on our home land by our fortunate geographic location. Thousands of miles of ocean on each side protected us from attack or invasion up until the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Even then it was nearly impossible for a long range bomber to reach us and there was no such thing as long range missiles. Much has changed since then. Today a missile from the other side of the globe could reach Chicago or St. Louis in an hour and a half. Add a chemical or biological warhead on it the results would be devastating. An unlikely scenario but it is possible. A more realistic scenario a nuke suitcase bomb smuggled across the border with the help of organized international gangs or crime.

The argument unfortunately rests, in many cases, on unseen and unpredictable factors. No one can say for sure what lies ahead. But when terrorists have the ability to transmit a lethal communication by cell phone to set off a detonator to a bomb in a trillionth of a second law enforcement must have the tools such as the Patriot Act to gather the intelligence to prevent it.
The Patriot Act allows law enforcement to enlarge the range of suspects. . It allows law enforcement to uncover terrorists from the masses and stop terrorist attacks.

On July 7 in London it was four British Muslims, indistinguishable to the authorities until that day from a million other British Muslims. Their targets: 56 complete strangers, who did nothing more offensive or conspicuous than to ride in subways and on a bus.

The Patriot Act has stopped similar attacks from happening here. A terrorist cell’s plan in New York to set bombs on the Brooklyn bridge was uncovered. What about the terrorist training camp uncovered in California. This is just a small list but may not have been discovered until it was too late without the Patriot Act.
Progress begins by pooling intelligence information, and that is the major contribution of the Patriot Act. Before the Patriot Act material that was of the FBI wasn’t compared with material that was of the CIA.

Others who oppose the Patriot Act do so because they say civil liberties are being violated. They feel that it infringes on their rights to privacy and free speech. They are reluctant to permit the government to inform itself to business and library records and to conduct roving wiretaps. The distribution of funds, the people you visit, the books you read and the e-mails you dispatch?
Why is the government so interested in all of this? Why is it necessary to investigate people’s personal lives like this?

Well, I have a feeling they probably aren’t interested that you shop at Wal-Mart or that you just read the latest Harry Potter Book.

Let me give you an idea of what they are looking into and some good reasons why this is necessary.

In March 2003, Eco-radical Craig Rosebraugh, former spokesman for the extremely violent Earth Liberation Front, (who is on the FBI domestic terrorist list) wrote a manifesto sent across the internet calling on fellow leftist to take direct actions against US military establishments, urban centers, corporations, government buildings and media outlets. His plans included:

1) Attack the financial centers of the country. Using covert or black block techniques . . . physically shut down financial centers which regulate and assist the functioning of U.S. economy. This can be done in a variety of ways from massive property destruction, to online sabotage, to physical occupation of buildings.

2) Large scale urban rioting. With massive unrest and even state of emergencies declared in major cities across the country, the U.S. government will be forced to send U.S. troops into the domestic arena thereby taking resources and political focus away from the war.

3) Attack the media centers of the country. . . . Using any means necessary, shut down the national networks of NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc. . . .

4) Spread the battle to the individuals responsible for the war and destruction of life -- the very heads of government and U.S. corporations. No longer should these people be able to hide behind their occupations, living their lives in peace while they simultaneously slaughter countless people. Hit them in their personal lives, visit their homes, and make them feel personally responsible for committing massive atrocities.

5) Make it known publicly that this movement DOES NOT support U.S. troops as long as they are serving an unjust and horrifying political regime. Create an atmosphere lacking of support to assist U.S. troops at home and abroad in losing their morale and will to fight.

6) Actively target U.S. military establishments within the United States . . . use any means necessary to slow down the functioning of the murdering body.

In April 2003, A group of peace activist called Direct Action to Stop the War set up a blockade at an Oakland port . The primary target was to stop American President Lines, a longtime carrier of military cargo. APL made 9 vessels available to the department of defense to move ammunition, food, and supplies to US troops fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The anti-war obstructionists weren't exercising their "free speech." They blocked trucks, employees, entryways and streets in order to stop the shipment of things like bullets, rations, lubricants, medical supplies, repair parts and chemical defense equipment to our troops. They also targeted Stevedoring Services of America, which handled some 3 million tons of humanitarian aid.

In January 2005, the anti-war extremists of Code Pink traveled to the Jordan-Iraq border and doled out $600,000 in aid to "the other side."

In February 2005, civil rights attorney and leftist Lynne Stewart was convicted on five counts of conspiring to aid Islamic terrorists and lying to the government about smuggling messages from her jailed client, terrorist mastermind Shiekh Omar Abdel Rahman, to his followers in Egypt.

In June 2005, Professor Ward Churchill suggested to a Portland audience that killing military officers with explosive devices was a more effective anti-war tactic than conscientious objection. "Fragging an officer has a much more impactful effect," Churchill advised.

We are fighting an enemy within just as determined to destroy our country as the terrorist abroad. It is law enforcements job to take these threats to our domestic security just as seriously as they take terrorist threats. We must provide them with the ability to investigate these threats and stop them before they become catastrophic.

I understand if the Patriot Act is abused it could put some freedoms and liberties in jeopardy. That is why I believe there should be sunset provisions set. When the threat is gone the Patriot Act should be gone. Until then what other alternative is there? Hasn’t tolerating the civil liberties of terrorist taken and threatened enough lives already.

Also read this one from the MTCW archives: Civil Rights vs. National Security written Jan 23 2006

A Liberal Activist Supports FairTax Plan

I have often tried to point out that the FairTax plan is not a partisan plan but rather a common sense plan on how to fix our over burdening tax system. However, most people seem to think that the FairTax plan is part of some kind of conservative agenda.

Well here is an article about Ron Deval, who they claim is a "liberal idealist" and an "advocate of all things that favor humanity" and guess what folks... Deval is a FairTax maniac!

I have often wondered why liberals aren't knocking each other over trying to get behind this tax reform plan that completely lifts all of the federal tax burden from the backs of the poor?

Could it be just like the Republicans the Democrats have to many tax lobbiest on K street supporting their campaigns.

The fact is neither party is going to back this plan it is going to be the people of the United States that are going to have to demand that this plan be passed. It will take a serious grass roots effort to get this done, but it can be done.

Tony's Suggested Reading Assignments

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has some advice for Israel. The plan should be to destroy the enemy, not contain it. How right he is now, if only the Bush Administration would subscribe to this theory in the war on terror.

Former New York Mayor and liberal Ed Koch, always one to speak his mind, says George W. Bush and Tony Blair deserve credit for standing with Israel in its fight against Hezbollah. The same cannot be said for various other Euro-weinies.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

MTCW Pic of the Day.

Who says blondes are stupid??? These two blondes are definately on track and came out to support the FairTax in Orlando.

I am back!!!

Yes my friends the Minister of Conservatism is back! I know it has been a long time gone and I apologize for that but school took up a lot of my time.

It would seem that a lot has happened since I left the blogosphere. I hardly know where to start. We have things really heating up in the Middle East as Israel fights for there existence. We have the broken up terrorist plot to blow up 10 airlines with some kind of liquid based bomb and of course you know I will have something to say about the FairTax. There was a FairTax rally in Orlando Florida recently and a whole lot more.

Anyways I would also like to send a quick thanks to my concerned fans who e-mailed asking if everything was ok. Everything is fine, I am back and ready to offend the blue and red states.

Also, I am thinking about moving the blog and comming up with a new name in the near future. Give me some input on what you think about that.

Israel is showing the world how to fight the war on terror

Israel has been fighting terrorism for well as long as I can remember but just recently they were forced to escalate the way they fight that war when Hezbollah kidnapped soldiers and before that was randomly launching missles into Israel.

Israel has every right to defend themselves by using any means of force they feel is neccessary and that is exactly what they are doing.

Israel is taking a lot of heat from the U.N. and Euro weinies on what they say is an over aggressive approach. I tend to dissagree with that.

Israel and the Western World is fighting for their very existence against Islamic fascists. Israel understands this most of the Western World seems to have somehow missed the memo.

Israel is teaching us how to fight a war and how to fight the war on terror. If we would have fought the Iraq war the way Israel is fighting, we wouldn't even be in Iraq right now and a lot more American Soldiers would be alive.

By the way... Is there any doubt in anyones mind that this is a World War? I mean I have been calling it that since the 9-11 attacks, but finally I see some members of the press calling it WWIII. Of course they still do not have it right. WWIII was the cold war, the war on terror is WWVI.

Is there anyone out there that still doesn't get it!

While you were sleeping Wednesday night British intelligence agents were thwarting another terrorist attack. Twenty-one people, all Muslims, apparently all Arabs, are in custody. Officials say their plot has a strong Al-Qaeda connection.

These terrorist planned to blow up at least 10 airplanes flying from England to the U.S. killing hundreds of passengers on board each one.

A police official in the UK said the plan was "intended to be mass murder on an unimaginable scale." It is fabulous news that this plan was thwarted and no one was hurt.

Thursday should be the wake up call to those who do not believe or have forgotten that we are fighting a war agaisnt Islamic Radicalism. This is your wakeup call!

Right now there are people in this world who want to kill you and me for the simple fact that you are an infidel. Their main goal is to bring the entire world under Islamic law. They're intelligent and sophisticated in their plans for attack. They have money. They have resources. They're determined. They don't care if they die trying either because they believe either way they will receive eternal paradice... and they're very very patient.

They will blend into society, hold jobs, go to school, become outstanding members of society for years knowing the whole time that one day they are going to wake up and committ a terrorist attack.

How do you fight an enemy like that?

Well, to begin you must have access to good intelligence like the Brits did. Which is why we desperately need to keep the Patriot Act, and the NSA wire taps on international phone calls.

I know some of you will cry thats a violation of civil rights! Maybe but isn't the most important civil right is the right to life??? If your body is resting at room temperature because we were unable to stop the next terrorist attack what good are your civil rights?

But the main way to address radical Islam and the only way these terrorist will understand is the use of full force. We must completely and absolutely destroy it. Seek the Islamofascists throughout the world, locate them, and then destroy them. Anything less than the use of full force is a sign of weakness to them.

If you want to understand the enemy at hand you must learn to think like them. In other words you need to go out and get your hands on a Qur'an and read it. You will learn that their are no consequences for a Muslim to lie to an infidel and that cease fires are used to regroup and resupply with weapons for the next attack or battle.

So when we say negotiations, they hear appeasement. We say peace plan, they hear surrender. We say peaceful coexistence, they plot to grow their numbers and their strength while we drown ourselves in our own political correctness.

This global war on radical Islam is a fight for our Western civilization and culture. It's a fight for our very way of life.

If you don't get that then I want to talk to you... How can it be people don't understand this.

Can we finally start racial profiling in airports?

The Brits have identified 19 of the Islamic terrorists who had been plotting to blow up as many as ten airliners over the Atlantic ocean.

What did they all have in common with each other and the 9-11 hijackers???

Well, I hope your sitting down for this shocking news... They were all men, younger men, between the ages of 19-35 and everyone of them had a Muslim name.

Are you shocked??? yeah, me either.

But the people running are security at the airports must be shocked out of their minds. I mean they keep searching 80 year old ladies, and pregnant women.

There are many absurdities in the way we are trying to keep Islamic terrorists off airplanes.

Our enemies here are not stupid. In fact they are pretty damn intelligent and when they see us refuse to profile at airport security points we look stupid and vulnerable.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but so far all terrorists have been Muslim.

Bush finally refers to terrorist as Islamic fascists, CAIR is offended.

Thursday President George W. Bush really stirred the pudding when he made a statement to the media on the airport tarmac. His exact words: "This nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation."

Thats right...he finally said it..."Islamic fascists"...It's about time that he starts to use the proper label.

Of course this didn't set too well with CAIR, the Council for American Islamic Relations. Their executive director was offended with the Islamic fascism label, saying "We believe this is an ill-advised term and we believe that it is counter-productive to associate Islam or Muslims with fascism," CAIR went on, speaking about the president: "We urge him and we urge other public officials to restrain themselves."

Ill advised term...they can't be serious??? finds this definition of fascism: "A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism." Sound familiar? What was Iraq under Saddam Hussein...The Taliban, how about Iran and Syria.

Fascism is what these terrorists who were trying to blow up the planes on Thursday ultimately want for every country. Total Islamic law of the world.

Since when does speaking the truth require restraint? Almost every terrorist attack in the last 50 years has been committed in the name of Islam. That's their public relations problem, not ours.

Here we have a religion that has been hijacked by radical fundamental Islamic fascist who commit acts of terror against man kind and CAIR does not condemn the terrorists but condemns the President. Kind of makes you wonder just what side they're on.

Orlando FairTax rally

Orlando held a FairTax rally Saturday, July 29. Despite the humidity and the heat they had a high turnout as well. Organizers say they were happy with the crowd and believe there may have been close to 10,000 people there all though the local news media reported only a couple hundred.

Here is a link to 13 pages of pics from the Orlando FairTax Rally Saturday I will let you be the judge of how many people were there. Here's your link!

One big disappointment from the rally was the bias reporting done by April Hunt from the Orlando Sentinel. I have often said that critics of the FairTax must change the terms of it before they can criticize it. April Hunt did just that. In one paragraph Hunt wrote: "Linder's plan calls for abolishing the income, payroll, gift and estate taxes. In their place, government would impose a 30 percent sales tax on all goods and services that consumers must pay."

The rate, of course, is 23%, not 30%. Nowhere in Hunt's article did she mention the 23% inclusive rate. Nowhere does she explain the difference between an inclusive tax and an exclusive tax. Nowhere in the article does she explain that the FairTax is quoted as an inclusive tax because it is replacing another inclusive tax .. the income tax. If you're in a 25% income tax bracket you will pay $25 in federal income taxes out every $100 you earn. With the 23% FairTax you will pay $23 in taxes out of every $100 you spend.

I have a question for April Hunt. When you are reporting on the income tax, do you cite the 25% tax bracket as being 33%? Well, if you quote the income tax as an exclusive tax, that is exactly what the rate would be! Just how consistent is your reporting?

Hunt also quoted some economists who oppose the FairTax ... but not one quote from any of the economists in favor of the plan.

At any rate the whole event was very encouraging. Whenever you can turn out a crowd that huge in that heat and oppressive huminity for a rally on tax reform, you know you have something going.

This is exactly the kind of thing it is going to take to make the FairTax a reality. Politicians and government are never going to pass this on their own it will take a huge grass roots effort to do it.

Sen. Joe Lieberman Vows Independent Run After Primary Loss Despite Democratic Opposition

My favorite Democrat Joe Lieberman was punished by the anti-war, peace-at-any-price voters in Connecticut Tuesday night for one thing: supporting the war against Islamic terrorism in Iraq and standing beside President Bush to fight it. One must wonder if the outcome of the election would have been different if the election was Wednesday night...anyways

A candidate with lots of money and little political experience, Ned Lamont, picked off Lieberman by 4 points in the Democratic primary. Lieberman says he will now run as an independent in the fall election, which is just 3 months away despite the Democrat parties opposition.

I have never sent money to anyone as liberal as Sen. Joe Lieberman but I am sending his campaign a check today because we need his support in the war on terror and I truly believe he can win as an independent in Connecticut.

Tony's Suggested Reading Assignments.

If you do not have time to read anything else the rest of this weekend make sure you read the next two reading assignments. They are must reads.

Here is the first one, a column from Victor Davis Hanson who writes we're on the Brink of Madness. and points out that we have been there before. In short, if we wish to learn what was going on in Europe in 1938, just look around. excellent read.

The second must read is from Barbara Lerner who writes a column we're losing World War IV and tells us how to get back on track to victory.

Thomas Sowell has an interesting take on service in the military. and brings up the question do we need to bring back the draft? He says there was a time in our country when most in Congress and the media had served in the military but that is no longer the case and says that it is hurting our military. Although I am definately not in favor of a draft Sowell makes some very interesting and compelling points. As always a good read.

This is kind of interesting. According to news reports, the two front runners for the 2008 Republican and Democratic nominations are drinking buddies. It's said that Hillary Clinton and John McCain held a Vodka drinking contest.

Oh my, glad I wasn't there... A bottle of Vodka with the two of them in the room with me that could get ugly real fast.

It is not sure who won the contest as details seem to be a bit hazy... McCain did say he was surprised how much fun Clinton could be and said she was like one of the guys...