Friday, September 30, 2005

Demoralized Dems

These should be good times for the Democrats with George Bush's perceived mishandling of Katrina, high gas prices, the Iraq war and so on. So why is the left so down and out? Howard Fineman explains.

Babes For The War.

Don't they look alot better than Cindy Sheehan? Smarter as well.

President Bush's Nickname List.

Ever wonder how the President remembers all the people he talks to every day? He has nicknames for them.

The Poor Grieving Cindy Sheehan


Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's Time Once Again To Play Who Said?

Who was it that said?

"People of Iraq are not our enemies, people around the world are not our enemies, they are our brothers and sisters. We stand here today to say we are in solidarity with you."

"We understand that they(the Bush Administration) are taking money from the people of the United States and funneling it into there corporate backers, Haliburton, into the war kill and conquer and take over other peoples land and recourses."

A. Osama Bin Ladin
B. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Al Qaeda's #1 man in Iraq.
C. Mara Verheyden - Hilliard, Partnership for civil Justice speaking at Anti War Rally.
D. Saddam Hussein

If you answered C give yourself 10 points.

Next, who said?

"We are standing with the people of the world against the aggression of the US Government. We are standing with the people of Iraq as they struggle, and suffer and fight back against the brutal US Occupation."

A. Moqtada al-Sadr, radical Shiite cleric, and terrorists
B. Osama Bin Ladin
C. Peta Lindsey, Youth ANSWER organizer and Howard Student speaking at Anti War Rally.
D. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

If you answered C. Give yourself 10 points.

Now, who said?

"I call upon the American people to stand beside their brethren, the Iraqi people, who are suffering an injustice by your rulers and the occupying army. Otherwise, Iraq will be another Vietnam for America and the occupiers."

A. George Galloway, A British Politician speaking at the anti war rally.
B. Cindy Sheehan speaking at the anti war rally.
C. Muqtada al-Sadr, radical Shiite cleric, and terrorists
D. Osama Bin Ladin.

If you answered C. give yourself 10 points.

Amazing how similar an enemy of the United States quote is almost exactly the same as some of its citizens. I am sure Al Qaeda and terrorists everywhere are thankful.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fabricated Media Product, They've Been Doing It For Years.

There are two photographs here. The first photograph is a cropped AP photograph taken at the anti-war rally in Washington DC. It is taken at an angle so you can't see what is really going on. (The White House in the back is a nice touch too, don't you think?) Any ways the media runs with this photo and reports that there where 100,000 or 300,000 protesters in DC. Now, look at the photograph next to it. This photograph was captured by Getty Images. Where are all the protesters? I don't see any protesters. I just see a bunch of photographers. It was staged. This is nothing more than a fabricated media product.

The whole anti-war rally was nothing but a fabricated event. If you look closely at what went down. We are suppose to compare New Orleans to Iraq. Both Bush failures and people dyeing for no reason. New Orleans and Iraq have even been reported the same way.

We have found WMDs in Iraq the media ignores it. Instead they fuel the Bush lied rhetoric. We get nothing but bad news from Iraq. New Orleans the same way. We now find that just like the Gitmo prisoner abuse story the conditions in New Orleans were not as bad as reported. They were both fabricated news with the goal to fuel anti-war and anti-bush feelings.

Then they fabricate the whole anti-war movement by not telling the American people who is actually behind it. A group called ANSWER International who works with the Worker's World Party who are communists.

Above we have a couple more photos. The first one is a AP photo of Cindy Sheehan and Al Sharpton in a ditch at Crawford Texas. It is taken to make it look like there is a bunch of protesters all around. In the second photo we see the truth. Just a bunch of reporters and camera men. Another fabricated news media product.

This is nothing new. The news media has been doing this for years. They fabricated Vietnam to make it look like we were loosing the war when we were actually winning. It is the same thing today.

The best way to look at the news is not to look at it as news but rather look at it as a product. A product that represents the viewpoints of the seller. The seller has people who put the product together. They have people who market it to you in hopes of success. They measure their success by seeing how many people they can convince into believing their point of view.

So the next time you turn on a News Channel remember that you're watching a product. It is up to you to research what is true or false. Here at My Two Cents Worth we call this doing your homework.

Credit to Little Green Footballs for pointing out the photos.

Dan Rather Still In Denial Over Bush National Guard Story

Dan Rather is still holding on to the dream that his Bush National Guard story featuring forged documents was "accurate." He actually said that!

Democrat Ed Kotch Takes On Cindy Sheehan

We need more Democrats in this world to think like former New York Mayor Ed Koch, perhaps things wouldn't be so screwed up. In his latest column, Koch takes on Cindy Sheehan.

New Orleans Atrocities Exaggerated.

I told you yesterday about the fabricated media stories from the Super Dome well here is another report from the Houston Chronicle that claims a lot more was made up as well. Police are reporting that the crime was over exaggerated.

Here's a thought: What ever happened to the tens of thousand dead that Mayor Nagin was claiming. Remember all the body bags they said they flew in for all the bodies. The death toll now is only 841. Which is pretty low if your expecting 10,000. No problem! The media doesn't made a great headline at the time. One they thought could hurt Bush.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Is Cindy Sheehan still a grieving mother who lost her son in Iraq or just a self-absorbed media whore who is loving the attention of the fawning we hate-Bush media? I think the grin on her face says it all. Doesn't she just look like a pig in slop?

Sheehan Arrested In Washington DC

Cindy Sheehan got arrested yesterday. Smiling as the cops hauled her away. She was blocking a public way and refused to move. It happened during a Sheehan-centered "peace" protest in front of the White House.

She just can't get enough media attention. Of course the mainstream media will not tell you about the organizations behind these protests except for Fox News.

If you were watching Fox News Channel last night you would have seen a report detailing the truth about Cindy Sheehan and International A.N.S.W.E.R. The very fact that Fox News reported the ties between International A.N.S.W.E.R and the Worker's World Party is all the proof that leftists need that Fox is a right-wing menace to all that is wonderful with the world.

Crime Is Down, Lets Let Prisoners Out Of Jail!

Only a liberal mindset could come up with this. The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday that violent crime in the U.S. was at a 32-year low. Thirty-two years ago, by the way, was when our government started keeping statistics on crime. So crime is the lowest it has ever been since we started keeping track.

Well here comes the Justice Policy Institute with this insane idea. The Justice Policy Institue is a liberal group dedicated to the idea of getting people out of prison believe it or not. They are working to end society’s reliance on incarceration and promoting effective and just solutions to social problems. So, in response to the new statistics showing reduced violent crime, the Justice Policy Institute thinks it would be a good idea to reduce the number of people we have in prisons around the country. Only a liberal would fail to connect the dots to see that one of the reasons violent crime has gone down is because the people who commit the violent crimes are behind bars! Simply amazing!

Super Dome Atrocities Greatly Exaggerated.

So, just how many people actually died in the Superdome waiting on Federal Assisitance? 100 people? 200 people? That is what the media has been reporting. Actually the number of people who died in the Superdome, according to New Orleans writers Brian Thevenot and Gordon Russell is 6 people. 4 of them from natural causes, 1 suicide and 1 drug overdose. Wow, that is a lot lower than what the media told us. Oh but there is more.

Remember all the gun shots and shootouts that was being reported? Turns out that may not have happened either. National Guardsmen running 24 hour patrols said they never heard or saw anything like that.

What about all the rapes that where reported? Looks like those may have been fabricated as well.

Doesn't this remind you of all the accurate reporting we got from Gitmo? Of course why let the facts get in the way of a good story? Especially a story that makes America look bad while a republican is in office.

Gaza Strip Pull Out Seems To Not Be Working.

The Israelis withdraw from the Gaza Strip was suppose to bring ever lasting peace between Palestine and Israel but it seems to not be working. Duh...

I never understood why Israel would ever agree to this plan anyway. If your Israel you have an enemey whos main purpose in life is to wipe you off the face of the earth. So you pull out and let them occupy land that was yours and pray they don't keep comming because of a peace aggreement. It didn't take a masters degree in international relations to tell this was not going to work.

History has shown us time and time again that appeasement does not work. The greatest example of this is Hitler. Europe tried to appease and make peace with Hitler for years and look what happened. WWII could have been prevented if Hitler had been dealt with in the 30's.

This Israeli pull out of the Gaza was suppose to show the Palestinians that the Israelis wanted to arrive at a state of peaceful coexistence. So, how did the peace-loving Muslims react to this peace gesture? The same way they always do. They spent a few days lobbing rockets into Israel in an attempt to kill civilians.

Listen up. If you want to understand the Muslim thought process you need to start reading the Koran. You will then understand that Muslim "Palestinians" saw Israel's withdrawal from these Gaza settlements as a sign a weakness, to Muslim aggression. So, they capitalized on it and immediately pressed their offensive. There is no gesture Israel can make that will be grand enough, no demonstration of a willingness to peacefully coexist that will suffice.

Another thing if you read the Koran you will know that Muslims do not make peace treaties with infidels. Who are the infidels? basically anyone who is not Muslim. There is an exeption to this rule. The only thing peace treaties should be used for is to let the jhad reorganize and regroup to fight the infidels another day. (let me point out this is an exremist fundamentalist point of veiw not carried by all Muslims.)

The Muslims will understand one thing and one thing only; overwhelming force and determination anything less is a sign of weakness. By the way ... that goes for all of the grand gestures the United States might make. Force leading to absolute victory ... that works. Holding anti-war demonstrations destroying the morale of the United States to effect foreign policy does not work.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Anti War Protests

The Anti-War Protest this weekend was more like a hate Bush fest and hate America fest. I mean there was an anti-war message but it was drowned out by other themes such as:
Bush is a racist, Bush is a terrorists, Bush hates poor people. American aggression around the world is killing people... Capitolism is killing people... blah blah blah... all day long.

I mean what does New Orleans have to do with the war...and capitolism?? Nothing.

Even Daily Kos, a left winged blog, who is verry much against the war stated: Watching clips of the Answer Anti-War Rally, all I see are things that I want nothing to do with.

Oh and by the way just thought you might like to know that this protest was organized by International A.N.S.W.E.R. I've told you about this group before. One of the forces behind International A.N.S.W.E.R is a group called the Worker's World Party. That's a communist organization, in case you didn't know. The Worker's World Party supports governments like those of Kim Jong Il in North Korea and Fidel Castro in Cuba. The Worker's World Party and other like-minded organizations formed International A.N.S.W.E.R following the Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11 in an attempt to forestall any U.S. military response to those attacks. In the leadership of International A.N.S.W.E.R you will find people who have been supporting communist causes and working for the weakening of America for many many years. The groups behind International A.N.S.W.E.R have also called for the abolition of private property. This seems to be the group that Cindy Sheehan has made her home.

Another observation, but did you see the Reverend Jesse Jackson standing side by side with these loons. Al Sharpton and Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was there. Way to go guys, show your support for communism. At least we know who you really are now.

More to come..

Good Bye Chrenkoff, Thanks For The Good News.

Arthur Chrenkoff has signed off and said goodbye from his blog "The Good News From Iraq." I blog that I have made reference and linked to many of times in the past.

Chrenkoff, the 32 year old from Australia has found a job that will no longer allow him to blog.

Chrenkoff's Good News From Iraq had appeared on the Wall Street Journal's opinion page and other places across the net. It got a lot more publicity then he ever could have imagined and he thanked his supporters and said goodbye from his blog on Tuesday.

So long Arthur, good luck on the new job, and thank you for The Good News From Iraq.

GOP Congressman Proposed Cuts In Federal Spending To Pay For Katrina. Why is he in trouble with other GOP members.

Rep. Mike Pence, a 46-year-old former radio talk show host from eastern Indiana serving his third term in Congress, is currently chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee (RSC). He has tried hard to cooperate with the regular House Republican leadership rather than confront it. So, he could not have been happy last Tuesday when he found himself in a closed-door fight, with GOP leaders as the inquisitors and Pence as the heretic. Robert Novak has the rest of the story in this column.

Rep. Mike Pence seems to be one of the few Conservative Republicans left. We should show support and reward this kind of behavior.

NY Times Admits Fabricating News - Again

Your Kidding??? The New York Times??? The New York Times making things up??? I am shocked!!!


Hollywood Hurricane expert Barbara Streisand warned the world of global warming when she told Dianne Sawyer, "this summer's back to back superstorms are proof positive we have entered a new period of "global warming emergency."

I mean she must be an expert. Dianne Sawyer wouldn't let anyone make such claims other wise right?

"We are in a global warming emergency state, and these storms are going to become more frequent, more intense," Streisand urgently declares.

Really, more frequent and more intense, because of global warming.

This argument has been used for years by the environmental extremists in this country. However when you actually look at the facts you will find that over the years the number of major hurricanes hitting the US Coast has had no significant change. In fact the number has actually decreased.

According to the National Hurricane Center there were 34 major hurricanes (hurricanes class 3 or higher) between 1900 - 1950 with 10 of them occurring between 1941 - 1950. There were 28 between 1950 - 2000.

Just a small fact that I am sure our Hollywood expert must have forgotten about.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Need Fire? Grab A Can Of Coke And A Chocolate Bar.

So your hiking in the woods and you get ready to set up camp when you realize you forgot your matches. Well, If you packed a Can of soda pop and a chocolate bar your in luck. You have to check this out.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Chain of Responsibility for New Orleans

In case you aren't familiar with how our government is SUPPOSED to work: The chain of responsibility for the protection of the citizens in New Orleans is:

1. The Mayor
2. The New Orleans director of Homeland Security (a political appointee of the Governor who reports to the Governor)
3. The Governor
4. The Head of Homeland Security
5. The President

What did each do?

1. The mayor, with 5 days advance, waited until 2 days before he announced a mandatory evacuation (at the behest of the President). Then he failed to provide transportation for those without transport even though he had hundreds of buses at his disposal.

2. The New Orleans director of Homeland Security failed to have any plan for a contingency that has been talked about for 50 years. Then he blames the Feds for not doing what he should have done. (So much for political appointees)

3. The Governor, despite a declaration of disaster by the President 2 DAYS BEFORE the storm hit, failed to take advantage of the offer of Federal troops and aid until 2 DAYS AFTER the storm hit.

4. The Director of Homeland Security positioned assets in the area to be ready when the Governor called for them.

5. The President urged a mandatory evacuation, and even declared a disaster State of Emergency, freeing up millions of dollars of federal assistance, should the Governor decide to use it.

Oh and by the way, the levees that broke were the responsibility of the local landowners and the local levee board to maintain, NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

The disaster in New Orleans is what you get after decades of corrupt (democrat) government going all the way back to Huey Long.

Funds for disaster protection and relief have been flowing into this city for decades, and where has it gone, but into the pockets of the politicos and their friends.

Decades of socialist government in New Orleans has sapped all self reliance from the community, and made them dependent upon government for every little thing.

Political correctness and a lack of will to fight crime have created the single most corrupt police force in the country, and has permitted gang violence to flourish.

The sad thing is that there are many poor folks who have suffered and died needlessly because those that they voted into office failed them.

For those who missed item 5 (where the President's level of accountability is discussed), it is made more clear in a New Orleans Times-Picayune article dated August 28:

NEW ORLEANS (AP) ? In the face of a catastrophic Hurricane Katrina, a mandatory evacuation was ordered Sunday for New Orleans by Mayor Ray Nagin.

Acknowledging that large numbers of people, many of them stranded tourists, would be unable to leave, The city set up 10 places of last resort for people to go, including the Superdome.
The mayor called the order unprecedented and said anyone who could leave thecity should. He exempted hotels from the evacuation order because airlines had already canceled all flights.Gov. Kathleen Blanco, standing beside the mayor at a news conference, saidPresident Bush called and personally appealed for a mandatory evacuation for the low-lying city, which is prone to flooding. (emphasis mine)

The ball was placed in Mayor Nagin's court to carry out the evacuation order. With 5-day heads-up, he had the authority to use any and all services to evacuate all residents from the city, as documented in a city emergency preparedness plan. By waiting until the last minute, and failing to make full use of resources available within city limits, Nagin and his administration messed up.

Mayor Nagin and his emergency sidekick Terry Ebbert have displayed lethal, mind boggling incompetence before, during and after Katrina.

As for Mayor Nagin, he and his profile in pathetic leadership police chief should resign. That city's government is incompetent from one end to the other. The people of New Orleans deserve better than this crowd of clowns is capable of giving them.

If you're keeping track, these boobs let 569 buses that could have carried 33,350 people out of New Orleans? in one trip get ruined in the floods. Whatever plan these guys had, it was a dud. Or it probably would have been if they'd bothered to follow it.

As for all the race-baiting rhetoric and Bush-bashing coming from prominent blacks on the left, don't expect Ray Nagin to be called out on the carpet for falling short. You want to know why?

Here's why:
It's more convenient to blame a white president for what went wrong than to hold a black mayor and his administration accountable for gross negligence and failing to fully carry out an established emergency preparedness plan.

To hold Nagin and his administration accountable for dropping the ball amounts to letting loose the shouts and cries of ?Racism!?. It's sad, it's wrong, but it's standard operating procedure for the media and left-wing black leadership.

Author unknown

Who are these Republicans?

Well they don't seem to be conservative. Republicans who once stood for limited government and controls on spending are passing huge budgets loaded with pork and are now blanketing the Gulf region with billions in taxpayer funds. Mona Charen asks the question: just who are these supposed "Republicans?"

Bush Responds To Clinton Remarks

President Bush fired back at ex-president Clinton on Thursday, saying the weak U.S. response to terrorist attacks that took place mostly during the Clinton administration encouraged al Qaida to launch the 9/11 attacks.

"The terrorists saw our response to the hostage crisis in Iran, the bombings in the Marine barracks in Lebanon, the first World Trade Center attack, the killing of American soldiers in Somalia, the destruction of two U.S. embassies in Africa and the attack on the USS Cole," Bush noted, after getting an update on the war on terror at the Pentagon.

"The terrorists concluded that we lacked the courage and character to defend ourselves and so they attacked us,"

Four of the six terrorist attacks cited by Bush took place on Clinton's watch, with the first two coming during the presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Losing Iraq In Vietnam Fashion.

There is proof that the lefts anti-war campaign is working. According to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, fewer than half of Americans surveyed believe the United States will win the Iraq war and 55 percent say we should speed withdrawal plans. This proves two things:

1.) If Americans would ignore the partisan media long enough, they would realize that we have already won the war in Iraq. Yes, we are still fighting Islamic terrorists who hate democracy and the rule of law, but the war has been won. By every measure of history and modern warfare, the war in Iraq has been won many times over. Take your pick of the following successes: a new Constitution, elections, Saddam Hussein in jail, much lower casualties than predicted.

2.) If people think we should speed the withdrawal, then they simply don't care who wins the war. If the Coalition were to pull out now, Iraq would fall to Zarqawi and his Al Qaeda thugs.

If you're worried about losing the war, then why speed the withdrawal of troops that would guarantee defeat? It would be a disastrous failure and would threaten the security of the United States. The media's blatant ignoring of good news from Iraq along with their propaganda campaign to try and sink George Bush seems to be having an effect.

Its a damn shame that Iraq looks more like my generations Vietnam every day. I just wonder how long it will be before Americans start calling soldiers baby killers and spitting on them again. Give it time, it will happen. All made possible by American leftist propaganda.

TSA Workers No Show In Houston As Rita Approaches

I hope you wasn't trying to fly out of Houston today. It seems that TSA workers didn't show up to work today. Perhaps they decided evacuating themselves was more important.

Whatever the reason they should be fired immediately. This is a federal job and they should have known that there would be risks that came with the job. These people are responsible for the nations security at airports. They can not just not show up for work.

In the 80's a bunch of air traffic controllers walked out on there federal jobs and Ronald Reagan fired them on the spot. All benefits gone, retirement gone.

Think President Bush will even reprimand any of them? Doubt it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Here Comes Rita

It looks like we may have learned some things from the Katrina disaster. We're already getting the equipment in place to take care of Rita's aftermath.

This is how local leadership is suppose to work. Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco should take notes.

"Everyone Agrees" Part III

Earlier this month I noted what a reporter said about troops in Iraq on Face The Nation. Here is the quote again for those of you who missed it.

"Everyone agrees, the sight of American Troops on the Iraqi streets makes everybody mad." [transcript Here]

Then I Told you about an e-mail got from a friend of mine serving in Iraq:

I am in Baghdad now just thought I would drop a few lines give you and update of how things are going on over here. I assure you it is not as bad as what you see on the news. We are making progress. It is slow but it is progress. Check out this website for the stories the media will not cover. Go to There your will find "This Week in Iraq". This is a bunch of the "good news" stories from Iraq. I thought you might enjoy them and pass them on. We are winning the war regardless of what any one says.

Well now we have a column on the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal written by the newly democratically elected Iraqi President Jalal Talabani thanking the troops and begging us to stay until the job is finished.

The name of the column is We Need American Troops: Thank you for liberating my country.

I wonder if that reporter still thinks "everyone agrees?"

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Price Gouging And Price Caps On Gasoline.

I am so disgusted with all this hysteria about price gouging and price caps. This is just another example of the ignorance that plagues the American public thanks to government ran schools.
Since they do not teach the fundamentals of economics in public schools no one seems to understand the simple rules of supply and demand that I learned in private schools.

It is the rules of supply and demand that are effecting gas prices not price gouging. In fact there is no such thing as price gouging in a competitive free market, meaning a market without monopoly, like gas companies. Price gouging is eliminated in a competitive free market society. Here is how it works.

Let's say you have 3 gas stations owned by three different people. We will call them stations A, B, and C. All three gas stations pay approximately the same price for gas. All 3 companies charge about the same price for gas. Why do they do this? To stay competitive and remain in business. If gas station A decides to raise his prices for no reason he will not stay in business long because stations B and C are lower. What if gas station A lowered his prices? Then gas station B and C no doubt would lower their prices. So in order to get price gouging to go on you would have to get every gas station to go along with it. In a competitive market it is not going to happen why because someone will undercut your price if they can.

Any politician who cries that there is price gouging going on is one of 2 things. They are either lacking the knowledge of economics or they are taking advantage of your ignorance to increase their power while trying to convince you that they are doing something about it so they will have your vote. (Republicans and Democrats are both guilty.) Instead they should be educating you about the real situation like I am going to do here.

The rules of supply and demand are pretty simple. If supply is high and demand is low then prices will be low. If supply is low and demand is high then prices will be high.

Let's put it into real life situation and lets use oatmeal. When scientist came out with a new study that said people who eat oatmeal daily reduce cholesterol and have less risk for heart disease people started buying oatmeal in record numbers. This made the demand for oatmeal rise and the price rise because the supply didn't match the demand. Supply was low demand was high. So farmers who saw this increase in oatmeal double there production of oatmeal and the prices went back down. Supply met demand.

This is what happened with gas. In a market that already had a high demand and low supply the supply became even lower raising prices even higher. In other words there was a gas shortage.

Now let's take the above situations and go back to our 3 gas stations. Our gas stations supply has just been cut off. They will not be getting any gas for a while they are told. This would make the supply even lower and the demand was already high. Gas stations A decides to not follow the rules of law and demand. It keeps its prices the same. Gas station B and C decide to raise their prices. Gas station A runs out of gas while gas station B and C remains in business serving gas to the community.

Now lets take a look at price caps. This is another bad idea. There is absolutely no doubt that price caps on gasoline would accomplish only two things. The caps would be used by politicians to show that they are really trying to doing something for you and it would cause widespread shortages of gasoline.

Never in the history of mankind has there ever been a more efficient way of allocating resources and insuring a supply of needed commodities than the free market system. When government starts putting caps on prices the free market system collapses. With government price (or profit) caps you move from free enterprise to the government-managed economies that are best illustrated by life in the old Soviet Union.

In the old communist economies of East Europe there were always lines for everything as things were always in short supply. That was because the prices were kept artificially low. There was no incentive to produce goods for artificially low prices. When they switched to capitalism the lines went away.

I find it interesting how a lot of Governors cry about price gouging and high gas prices and say they think price caps should be in place. However, they want the federal government to in place the caps? I wonder why they do not want to place the price caps?

Here are some columns about so called "price gouging."

'Price gouging' in Florida

In praise of price gouging

Another Game Of Who Said?

Who was it that said:

"As all of us saw on television, there is also some deep, persistent poverty in this region as well. And that poverty has roots in a history of racial discrimination, which cut off generations from the opportunity of America. We have a duty to confront this poverty with bold action."

A. Rev. Al Sharpton
B. Rev. Jesse Jackson
C. John Edwards
D. George W. Bush
E. Howard Dean

If you said D. George W. Bush give yourself 10 points.

Yes, President George W. Bush said it in his address to the nation from New Orleans. David Limbaugh and Star Parker are not to thrilled about the comment. Neither am I. How is there racism in a place where 7 out of 10 are black.

New Orleans and race -- revisited by David Limbaugh

Bush's rhetoric about race is troubling by Star Parker

Random Thoughts by Thomas Sowell

His random thoughts are better than most people's organized thoughts

Monday, September 19, 2005

Bush's rhetoric about race is troubling

Star Parker was not impressed with the president's speech claiming the difference between conservative compassion and liberal compassion is not the size of government, but how the money is spent.

She also was not impressed with his rhetoric about race. Permitting himself to give credence to the notion that black poverty of recent years in New Orleans reflects racial discrimination and lack of opportunity was anything but an act of compassion toward blacks. He is either uninformed, which of course is troubling, or willing to bury truth for political ends, which is also troubling.

Politicians who truly care about the black condition in America today need to start reaching for the intestinal fortitude and being honest.

How can racial discrimination be the operative holding blacks down in a city in which at least seven out of 10 residents are black?

I couldn't agree more. Great column as always from Sarah Parker.

Here Comes The Republicans Version Of The New Deal

When President Bush announced last Thursday that the feds would take a lead role in the reconstruction of New Orleans, he in effect established a new $200 billion federal line of credit. To put that $200 billion in perspective, we could give every one of the 500,000 families displaced by Katrina a check for $400,000, and they could each build a beach front home virtually anywhere in America.

Wow, no wonder Bush is the biggest spending President in history. 400,000 a family. I wonder how much of that money will end up like all that grant money at the Louisiana Homeland Security Department. Big Government just never learns does it. Read It

Show Me The Money!!!

I will bet most of you didn't know anything about this. Turns out that while Hurricane Katrina was commig towards New Orleans, there were top officials in Louisiana's Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness department waiting to go to trial. What for you say? How about corruption and fraud.

It seems that these official either misspent, missplaced, or stuck 60 million federal tax dollars in their pockets. Here are the details from According to the Los Angeles Times.

In March of this year, FEMA, was asking for the return of 30.4 million that the feds sent to Louisiana for emergency planning and preparedness. The money was sent to Louisiana's Office Of Homeland Security and Preparedness under a federal program called the Hazard Mitigation Grant program. Now that is the program that is suppose to help states improve flood control facilities... Did someone say flood?

I don't know a whole lot, I mean I do not have a college education or anything, but something tells me this would have been a great deal for New Orleans... but no one seems to know where the money went!!!

Ok so lets follow the money trail. 15.4 million dollars was spent by the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. That 15.4 million was part of the 30 million grant, your money, that was sent to Louisiana for flood control facilities. Uh Oh, wait a second, we can't follow the money trail. The Louisiana officials say they awarded that money to sub contractors for 19 major hazard mitigation programs, but they can't find the receits to account for 97 percent of the funds. Now I did some math, 97% of 15.4 million is 14.94 million. That is 14.94 million of your tax dollars, gone, and no one knows where it went.

I wonder how many lives could have been saved, how much flooding could have been prevented. Don't you just love big government.

WHO SAID THIS??? Al Qaeda For Democrats, Of Course

James Taranto at has come up with an interesting quiz question. See if you can guess who said this:

"[President] Bush, in his dealing with what was left behind by . . . the devastating Hurricane Katrina, which revealed to the entire world the great helplessness in dealing with the destruction caused by this hurricane, because of the tremendous attrition of the American army's resources in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This hurricane has once again brought to mind the manifestations of racial discrimination among the American people, and has exposed the fragility of the foundations upon which it is structured. The acts of assault and killings have spread, as well as robbery and looting, and what is still to come will be even more terrible."

Was it:

(a) Howard Dean
(b) Kanye West
(c) Nancy Reid and Harry Pelosi in a joint statement
(d) Cindy Sheehan

The correct answer, of course, is (e), none of the above. It was Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al Qaeda's Iraq franchisee. The fact that the source of the quote could have been any of the others shows just how hateful and anti-American the leftists in this country have become.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Nursing Home Owners Face Negligent Homicide Charges For Not Evacuating Patients.

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (CNN) The owners of St. Rita's Nursing Home in St. Bernard Parish, where 34 people died as Hurricane Katrina hit, have been charged with negligent homicide, Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti Jr. said Tuesday.

"They did not die of natural causes; they drowned," Foti told reporters. "Thirty-four people drowned in a nursing home where they should have been evacuated."

"We feel we have criminal negligence," Foti said. "They did not follow the standards of care that a reasonable person would follow in a similar circumstance." (Watch the attorney general explain the charges -- 4:23)

He said the owners had plenty of opportunity to move their charges out of the facility. The Manganos were asked if they wanted to evacuate the building and were offered buses; in addition, they had signed last April a contract with Acadian Ambulance to provide transportation in the event an evacuation was needed, Foti said, but "they were never called."

Does this sound familiar to you? Kind of seems like what Mayor Nagin did doesn't it? He had access to buses a amtrack train leaving town offered to take evacuees but he turned the offer down. he train left empty. I wonder if Attorney General Charles Foti Jr. will charge him. I doubt it.

Katrina Victims Don't Blame Bush

Did anyone see ABC last night after the Bush address? This was great.

ABC News, Ted Koppel had a special early edition of Nightline with reporter Dean Reynolds last night for the Presidents address. They found these evacuees from New Orleans at the Astrodome and set up a town hall meeting outside the astrodome, where the evacuees watched the President's Speech and then would be asked to comment on it.

They were taken outside the air-conditioned Astrodome, made to sit outside in the heat and humidity and the insects of Houston, Texas, while watching this speech. Why did they do this? Why didn't they do it inside the Astrodome? Well I don't know but my guess is because they wanted them to be irritated when they interveiwed them after the speech. ABC just knew that these people were going to rip Bush to shreds.

The reporter, Dean Reynolds, says, "I'd like to get the reaction of Connie London. She spent several horrible hours at the Superdome. You heard the president say repeatedly that you are not alone, that the country stands beside you. Do you believe him?"

LONDON: Yeah, I believe him because here in Texas they have truly been good to us.

REYNOLDS: Did you get a sense of hope that you could return to your home one day in New Orleans?

LONDON: Yes, I did. I did.

REYNOLDS: Did you harbor any anger toward the president because of the slow federal response?

LONDON: No. None whatsoever, because I feel like our city and our state government should have been there before the federal government was called in. They should have been on their jobs.

REYNOLDS: And they weren't?

LONDON: No. No, no, no. Lord, they wasn't. I mean, they had RTA busses, Greyhound buses, school buses, that was just sitting there going underwater when they could have been evacuating people.

Now my friends these are evacuees, victims of Katrina saying this. They can see what is going on.

The rest of the broadcast continued on like this. Dean Reynolds kept probing and kept asking and kept hinting and kept imploring them to rip into Bush, but it didn't happen.

Dean Reynolds goes to another guest. "Now, Mary, you were rescued from your house, which was basically submerged in your neighborhood. Did you hear something in the president's words that you can gleen some hope from?"

MARY: Yes. He said we're coming back and I believe we're coming back. We're going to build the city up. I believe that.

REYNOLDS: Do you believe you'll be able to return to your home?

MARY: Yes, I do.


MARY: Because I really believe what he say. I believe, I've got faith.

Now onto evacuee #4. Dean Reynolds is really getting frustrated about this you can hear it in his voice. I want you to notice how he tries to bait the evacuee to say something, anything bad about the speech.

REYNOLDS: Now, Brenda Marshall, you spent, what, several days at the Superdome, correct?"

MARSHALL: Yes, I did.

REYNOLDS: Well, what did you think of what the president told you tonight?

MARSHALL: I think the speech was wonderful. You know, him specifying that we will return back and that we will have like mobile homes or, you know, whatever. But I think it was a well defined speech.

REYNOLDS: Was there anything that you found hard to believe? That he said that you thought, "Well, that's nice rhetoric, but, you know, the proof is in the pudding?"

MARSHALL: No, I didn't.

REYNOLDS: Good... Well, very little skepticism here.

Dean Reynolds talking to evacuee No. 4, and here is the question.

REYNOLDS: And Cecilia, did you feel that the president was sincere tonight?

CECILIA: Yes, he was.

Then Reynolds gets desperate, he goes back to evacuee No. 1: "Mary, what is the one mistake that could have prevented -- that would have made your lives better? Is it simply getting all of you out much sooner? What was the one mistake?”

MARY: I'm going to tell you the truth. I had the opportunity to get out, but I didn't believe it. So I stayed there ‘til it was too late.

LONDON: And really, it wasn't Hurricane Katrina that really tore up the city. It was when they opened the floodgates.


LONDON: It was not the hurricane itself. It was the floodgates. When they opened the floodgates, that's where all the water came.

REYNOLDS: Do you blame anybody for this?

LONDON: Oh, yes. I mean they've been allocating federal funds to fix the levee system, and it never got done. I fault the mayor of our city personally. I really do.

You talk about a major backfire. This was not what ABC had planned on. ABC hand picked these people, sat them outside in the heat and bugs to watch the President just knowing they were going to rip Bush. I mean after all they were black and we know the Bush Administration and the Federal Government are racist. It was suppose to be a bash Bush night and it completely backfired on them. So then Reynolds sends it back to Koppel who looked like some one had just ate his lunch.

REYNOLDS: Ted, that is the word from the Houston Astrodome, and as I said, when the president said that the Crescent City will rise again, there were nods all around this parking lot.

Koppel: Dean Reynolds, thank you very much. If the national response is reflected by that small group of people in the parking lot of the Astrodome, the president has made some major progress tonight.

Koppel tries to downplay what just happened here by calling them a small group in the parking lot.

A small group that they hand picked. It was really great to watch.

Here are some links. some have audio.
(NewsBusters: To ABC's Surprise, Katrina Victims Praise Bush and Blame Nagin)
(FOXNews: Bush Pledges Full Recovery From Katrina)
(Boston Globe: Many in poll say they'll stay in Texas)
(American Spectator: The President's speedy recovery from Hurricane Katrina)
(MRC: Katrina Victims Praise Bush and Blame Nagin)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bush claims responsibility for slow response to Katrina

Enough said.

U.S. congressman: Reject 'Crescent' 9-11 memorial

Congressman Tom Tancredo is one of the few congressional voices speaking out against a controversial memorial to victims of Flight 93 on September 11 that appears to pay tribute to the fundamentalist Islamic terrorists who killed the innocents on that plane.

I guess they couldn't use a cross... I mean that would be against seperation of church and state!

Minister Louis Farrakhan: Bomb Blew Up Levee

Farrakhan says a bomb blew up New Orleans levee to flood black neighborhoods.

I don't know what is worse. The fact that he said it or the fact that the news media reports this insanity.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Earlier this month I noted what a reporter said about troops in Iraq on Face The Nation. Here is the quote again for those of you who missed it.

"Everyone agrees, the sight of American Troops on the Iraqi streets makes everybody mad." [transcript Here]

Well I got an e-mail from a friend of mine serving in Iraq today. Here you go:

I am in Baghdad now just thought I would drop a few lines give you and upate of how things are going on over here. I assure you it is not as bad as what you see on the news. We are making progress. It is slow but it is progress. Check out this website for the stories the media will not cover. Go to There your will find "This Week in Iraq". This is a bunch of the "good news" stories from Iraq. I thought you might enjoy them and pass them on. We are winning the war regardless of what any one says.

In deed we are... thank you Marcus keep up the good work and be careful over there. Beers on me when you get back.

Unions Hire Picketers To Protest Wal-Mart

The shade from the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market sign is minimal around noon; still, six picketers squeeze their thermoses and Dasani bottles onto the dirt below, trying to keep their water cool. They're walking five-hour shifts on this corner at Stephanie Street and American Pacific Drive in Henderson—anti-Wal-Mart signs propped lazily on their shoulders, deep suntans on their faces and arms—with two 15-minute breaks to run across the street and use the washroom at a gas station.

So what are they protesting about Wal-Mart? Well they are complaining about low wages, unafordable health insurance, and work conditions at Wal-Mart.

Interesting since the protestors, who are non-union members work for a temp agency hired by the union. They get paid $6.00 an hour, have no benefits, and work in 104 degree heat.

Wal-Mart employees on average in Nevada make $10.17 an hour, have health insurance, it does have a $500 deductible but there is no cap on how much the insurance will pay, and the associates get to work in air conditioning.

Seems to me if the union was worried about work conditions they would have found a temp agency that treated their workers better. Oh thats right...I lost sight of the goal and that is to bring down the non union evil Wal-Mart empire.

Wal-Mart is the biggest employer in the United States. It is not that bad of a place to work if you have a good work ethic you will get promoted, rather quickly too. They offer competitive pay and have an exellent benefit package. They have an awsome stock buying program, 401K profit sharing, and health insurance. I know I use to work there. I was promoted 3 times in 2 years and left as a department manager of frozen food. I also left with a lot of wal-mart stock that keeps going up! Which I still have.

I know someone is going to come along and ask: Well, if it is so great, why did you leave? I found a better job that paid a lot more. Plus it was not what I wanted to do the rest of my life... I have higher goals to reach than Wal-Mart.

Monday, September 12, 2005

There Is A Valuable Lesson To Be Learned In All These Disasters

You know folks there is a lesson to be learned in all of these natural disasters. A lesson that I think we should teach every child in this country.

What does all the victims in each one of these natural disasters have in common? They are poor.

The poor suffered in the 1995 heat wave because they didn't have the resources to stay cool. The poor suffered in 1928 because they didn't have the resources to get out of the path of the storm. The same thing happened with hurricane Katrina.

The lesson: No matter how many government programs are set in place to take care of you you are still responsible for yourself. No one can or will take better care of you than you. So you better pay attention in school get an education and learn not to be dependent on government.

Those Who Do Not Know History Are Doomed o Repeat It

Seems that is kind of what has happened in New Orleans. Here is a column written by Jill Barton, Lessons of Florida's levee disaster unheeded.

A massive hurricane washes out 20 miles of dike, flooding homes and cities and drowning thousands, most of them too poor to heed warnings to evacuate. Authorities in Florida learned from the 1928 disaster at Lake Okeechobee and have spent decades building a bigger, stronger levee around the lake, one of the nation's largest.

Straight Out Of The Democrat Play Book

Now, I want you to think backto the beginning of the Hurricane Katrina Blame Game. Who were the first people to start pointing fingers for the Katrina disaster? If you answered liberal Democrats give your self ten points. And who did they blame? If you answered Republicans and President Bush give yourself ten more points. Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin some how did not get any criticisms from Democrats in Washington.

Now what did the blame game accomplished??? It divided the country or so they say. Anyways now the Democrats have a solution on how to reunite the country.

The democrats solution to the divide that they ultimately created with their finger pointing is for President Bush to appoint someone more "mainstream" (meaning more to their liking) to the Supreme Court so that the appointment will not cause more termoil in congress. Also they say President Bush should abandon any plans for making the tax cuts permanent.

These Democrats try to bring this country to turmoil with their "blame Bush game," then tell Bush that the way to bring the country back together again is to raise taxes and appoint a liberal to the Supreme Court. Just another play out of the Democrat play book.

750 People Died When Chicago Baked In 95. Clinton Got No Blame.

When Chicago baked durring the 1995 heat wave leaving 750 people dead no one blamed the slow response of federal government or Clinton. No one accused the federal government of being racist and hating poor people even though the most effected areas was poor black neighborhoods.

Now, I am not trying to say that Clinton should have been blamed for anything. It obviously wasn't his fault. All I am trying to point out is we have similiar tragedies and much different responses from the media.

There were advanced warnings: Long before 1995, American public-health officials warned of the dangers of extreme summer weather. Heat waves in a typical year kill more Americans than all other extreme weather events combined (between 400 and 1,500).

A strong emergency response might have compensated for the poor advance planning. As with Katrina, meteorologists identified the treacherous weather system at least a week before it hit Chicago and advised the city to prepare for the worst. Instead, Mayor Richard M. Daley and many of his Cabinet members set off on summer vacations, returning to Chicago only after dead bodies began piling up at the morgue.

The poor suffered the most: Affluent and middle-class Chicagoans had little trouble getting out of harm's way. They either turned on their air conditioners or fled for cooler destinations. Thousands of poor, old, isolated, and sick people, especially those concentrated in the city's segregated African-American ghettos, on the other hand, were effectively trapped in lethal conditions. Neither federal nor local agencies did much to assist them. Instead, city patrols cracked down on young people who opened fire hydrants.

This is in Chicago, one of the most liberal cities in the country. While Clinton was President.

Just another example that government dependency does not work.

Katrina Response Was Actuallty Faster han Usual

Jack Kelly wrote a column that appeared in the Pittsburgh Post Gazzette yesterday pointing out that this may have been one of the quickest relief effortrs ever.

Jason van Steenwyk is a Florida Army National Guardsman who has been mobilized six times for hurricane relief. He notes that:

"The federal government pretty much met its standard time lines, but the volume of support provided during the 72-96 hour was unprecedented. The federal response here was faster than Hugo, faster than Andrew, faster than Iniki, faster than Francine and Jeanne."

For instance, it took five days for National Guard troops to arrive in strength on the scene in Homestead, Fla. after Hurricane Andrew hit in 1992. But after Katrina, there was a significant National Guard presence in the afflicted region in three.

Journalists who are long on opinions and short on knowledge have no idea what is involved in moving hundreds of tons of relief supplies into an area the size of England in which power lines are down, telecommunications are out, no gasoline is available, bridges are damaged, roads and airports are covered with debris, and apparently have little interest in finding out.

So they libel as a "national disgrace" the most monumental and successful disaster relief operation in world history.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Remember The Blood Of Heroes (9-11 Tribute)

It has been 4 years since 9-11 and this tribute can still bring tears to my eyes. Most of you have probably seen it before. Watch it again... remember where you where when you saw this happen. What did you do? How did you feel? Do you remember that day???

This happened to us. It didn't happen to France or Germany or the UN. It happened to your fellow americans.

Please take a moment to remember and say a prayer for those who are no longer with us and their families.

God Bless America....

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Saddam Looks to become Martyr

The Butcher of Baghdad in a letter sent to Jordan seems to have decided that he will become a martyr when he goes to trial in Iraq soon. He claims that his "soul and existence is to be sacrificed for our precious Palestine and our beloved, patient and suffering Iraq." Well, whatever, enjoy your eternal dirt nap Saddam.

Husbands And Dogs: How Much Do They Have In Common?

House breaking your husband just got easier ladies. A new British reality TV show says husbands can be trained just like dogs because they learn the same way. Annie Clayton, the host of the show, says you can teach an old husband new tricks.

Well, at least the husband knows he is being trained unlike the dog.

I would like to make a similiar observation using women and cats. How much do women and cats have in common? Well there both untrainable. You ever try training a cat? Just like a woman it can't be done. Why? Because they both think they already know it all making them unwilling to learn.

I can see the hate mail flowing in already.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Why Wal-Mart Works Better Than FEMA?

I was watching CNN this morning and Miles O'brien was interveiwing a Louisianna Congressman about the Federal Government's reaction to the relief effort. O'Brien brought up that Wal-Mart did a better job of supplying immediate aid to the victims than FEMA did and wanted to know why?OK, I can answer that close attention now... Wal-Mart isn't government!!! It is a private sector business that moves freely without red tape, beuracracy, and political consideration.Need another example of private sector vs. government? OK, One of my favorite places Waffle House. Waffle House had 112 resturaunts that were not destroyed by the storm. 110 out of the 112 are open today for business using generators. The other 2 will be open tomorrow.

Blocking The Red Cross

A new report claims that Louisiana officials delayed relief from the Red Cross to hurricane victims in New Orleans. The red cross announced today that they were ready to go into the city with relief supplies on Thursday, September 1 but was told by Louisiana officials to hold off because of "logistic problems." Of course this is Bush's fault though.

Levees Break, It's Got Be Bush's Fault, Right?

Well, Only if your I guess. and 3 Katrina survivors took to the steps of the whitehouse to blame Bush for the levee break in New Orleans.

Of course their claims are completely contradicted by federal spending records wich show that Corp of Engineering spending in Louisianna soared to record levels under Bush, but then again when has ever cared about the facts.

In the same story, Tom Matzzie, Washington director of claimed "This is what government looks like when it is in the hands of people who do not believe in government, want to privatize, who want to cut back and reduce the ability of the government to serve the people."

Wrong again Tom. In fact it is the opposite. This is what happens when you have a government that creates a society that is dependent on government. What has our government privatized recently? Nothing. In fact government has grown since the Republican takeover of congress. The TSA, Homeland Security, and lets not forget no child left behind. This is just a few government additions. What have they cut back and reduced? This is the biggest spending congress and Presidential Administration in history!! And that is after taking away the expense of the War on Terror.

FEMA Michael Brown Padded Resume

You want to criticize the Bush Administration here you go. But, before you do, don't act like FEMA was smooth running before all of this. FEMA is not a first responder and never has been.

Any one know how long it took FEMA to get to Charleston SC after Hurricane Hugo? Close to a month.

Slain Marine's Father Leads Atlanta Rally

The father of a marine killed in Iraq is highly critical of Cindy Sheehan. He will not get any media coverage though. After today he will never be heard of again.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

$2000 debit cards to Hurricane Victims

Sorry folks but this just doesn't make sense to me. What makes a victim of Hurricane Katrina more entitlied to taxpayer money than lets say a family who lost their house to a fire? Where does the role of private insurance play here? I guess the message here is if you don't take care of yourself and if you don't protect your property not to worry the federal government will bail you out. This is just the begining. I predict by the end of this month victims families of this hurricane will be demanding the same type of pay outs that the victims families of 9-11 got.
Read It.

Elderly Abandoned

The Staff at St Rita's Nursing Home near New Orleans abandoned patients behind as they fled the Hurricane. The patience barricaded doors with whatever they could find including wheelchairs and was left to pray for the best. Rescuers found 30 bodies in that nursing home yesterday. One must ask where was the nursing homes evacuation plan? Where was the cities plan? Oh, wait I forgot it was Bush's fault.

More Violence In New Orleans

This is simply unbelievable. While authorities were trying to evacuate patients from a New Orleans hospital yesterday they were shot at. Then they wonder why it was so hard to get help to them. Of course this was Bush's fault.

Harry Reid Blames Bush Vacation

Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is now questioning whether or not President Bush's so called "vacation" contributed to the slow response of the relief effort. Yeah, thats it, its all Bush's fault.

Why if he would have been at the White House the levees wouldn't have broke. (which was his fault) The 2000 buses would have been used to evacuate the city. (Also Bush's fault) and the mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisianna would have taken charge of the situation before pointing fingers.

Dean Plays Race Card

Howard Dean played the race card yesterday by claiming that so many of the hurricane victims were poor and black. First of all some one should tell Howie that two thirds of New Orleans is black. Duh. Secondly, of course its the poor who mostly suffer disasters like this. Survival depends on resourcefulness, self reliance, and good desicion making. Traits that are not exactly found in those we call poor. I would estimate 90% of the poor in New Orleans and throughout the country do not have their own transportation and are dependent on the government or someone else. Once again I ask the mayor why were the buses not used to get them out of the city?

Evacuee Arrested For Panhandling In Atlanta

Oh boy...Atlanta recently passed a law against panhandling in certain areas of the city...wouldn't you just now one of the first people arrested would be a Hurricane Evacuee. Maybe he should try Denver. I hear panhandling is a million dollar industry there. Read It

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Of Course It's Bush's Fault

If you ever want to know what is on the minds of some people who call themselves Democrats all you have to do is check out their internet forum. Here is a couple posts found at

"Saddam had rape rooms, Bush has rape stadiums." (barbaraan)

"Saddam gassed his own people, Bush let his drown. Who has the higher body count? (midnightWind) true it is!!! I hate him. I hate this bastard." (cynatnite)

Majority Isn't Buying The Bush Blame Game

Here are some CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll results sure to disappoint the angry left. People were asked who was to blame for the disaster in New Orleans?

Local Officials 25%
Federal Officials 18%
Bush 13%
No one 38%

Evacuation Plan

I have now read the 45 paged evacuation plan from the State Of Louisiana Emergency Operations Plan. Here are some details:

"Local transportation resources should be marshaled and public transportation plans implemented as needed. Announce the location of staging areas for people who need transportation. Public transportation will concentrate on moving people from the staging areas to safety in host parishes with priority given to people with special needs." It also says that the Governor will "Mobilize State transportation resources to aid in the evacuation of people who have mobility and/or health problems. Deploy to support risk area parishes."

Looks like to me it was the responsibility of the State of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans to make sure people who couldn't get out on their own were evacuated. Including poor people. The plan never happened. Naturally, this is Bushes fault.

What Did The City Know? And When Did They Know It?

There is a report developing that there may have been a crack in the 17th street levee before the arrival of Hurricane Katrina, and the city was notified of it. Is it possible that New Orleans officials ignored the warning that could have saved lives? Trying to find a link to this stay tuned.

Crack or no crack city officials were aware that the levee was not built for a class 5 hurricane. Once again I ask. Why are there 2000 buses underneath water still in the parking lots. Why was these buses not used?

In Praise of Price Gouging

Finally...Somebody other than me gets it...It's the law of supply and demand. Great column by John Stossel. Read It

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Throwing Out The Thugs

Rebecca Hagelin makes an interesting comparison between the Titanic victims and the victims in New Orleans. Oh how the times have changed. Read It.

An Unnatural Disaster: A Hurricane Exposes the Man-Made Disaster of the Welfare State

Great column by Robert Trancinski

Governor Blanco Delayed Federal Assistance.

The story is now surfacing that at one point President Bush offered Federal Assistance to Democrat Governor Blanco who turned it down saying she would prefer to wait 24 hours before making that request. Wow...that kinda hurts the Bush blame game now doesn't it.

I wonder what else Governor Blanco delayed?

Lets Talk About Homeland Security

FEMA truly is a disaster folks. Everyone agrees on this. It use to work but that was before Congress added more beuracracy to it and put it under Homeland security. Here is just something to chew on. What we are witnessing right now in New Orleans is how Homeland Security (FEMA)would respond to a terrorist attack in this country. You should be concerned about this.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

History Shows What Should Have Happened in New Orleans

The San Fransisco earthquake of 1906 was one of the worst natural disasters this country has ever seen. It also happened at a time when we had no Homeland Security or FEMA. The liberal idea of government dependency had not yet taken effect. The Mayor of San Fransisco at the time was a man named E. E. Schmitz. Mayor Schmitz imediately isuued a proclamation right after the disaster. (Shown on the right)

At the request of Mayor Schmitz the US Military was sent into San Fransisco on patrolls and law and order was restored quickly.

In New Orleans we had a story of a Hospital being taken over by looters. Doctors and nurses were actually moving patients to higher floors as the looters invaded the floors below them. Now, these hospitals have helicopter landing pads on the roof. Helicopters should have carried troops to the roof tops to take care of these looters. Even if their wasn't helicopter landing pads air assault troops could have roped in. Why did this not happen?

This is what should have happened in New Orleans. Instead what we enden up with is mass chaos in the streets. Exessive Looting and gun fights throughout the city. At the Superdome women are dragged into restrooms and raped. Gunshots have been reported from inside and fights are a common occurence.

We have the Mayor of New Orleans who doesn't have the leadership ability to make a desicion. Then we have the Governor of Louisianna, who has been saying for 2 days now she is ready to crack down on the lawlwessness in New Orleans. It still has not happened. Police say they have not been arresting people because they have no place to detain them. One of the first responsibilities of Government in times of disasters is to restore order.

On day one the mayor should have given the authority to shoot looters with the exception of those looting food. Armed National Guardsmen should have been placed at the Superdome with orders to treat predators harshly. It did not happen. Instead we ended up with random search for weapons upon entering the Superdome. You think this would stop criminals from bringing in a gun. Worried about a random search? This left innocent people unable to defend themselves. Is it finaly safe to say that an armed society is a polite society? Would these predators thought twice about dragging women into restrooms and raping them if they thought someone with a gun would step in?

Folks we are witnessing the results of a liberal culture at work. A culture that does not encourage or allow its citizens defend or take care of themselves. A culture of complete dependence on Government.

Friday, September 02, 2005

The Big Easy Out Of Control!

The criticism has begun. Enough is not being done to help the people of New Orleans. Well, let us take a look at how some of the victims are acting and how rescue teams are being met.

Women are being raped and tourists are mugged and beat up at the Super Dome and the New Orleans convention center.

Doctors and nurses in stranded hospitals have to move patients to higher floors. Not because of rising flood waters but because looters are invading the floor below.

A 911 call from a children's hospital on tuesday night as looters try to kick the doors in from outside. Of course the police would not respond claiming rising flood waters for reason.

First responders making rooftop rescue efforts, fired on.

A US Army first aid helicopter fired upon.

There seems to be no law and order left in New Orleans. It's time to do what should have been done from the start of the madness. Declare martial law and send in the US military to reclaim the city by force.

The Economy Remains Strong: Unemployment falls to 4.9%

Regardless what anyone says, tax cuts are working. 169,000 jobs added in August as the unemployment rate fell to the lowest it has been since August of 2001.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

WMDs Found In Iraq

The Democrats and the left keep telling us that no weapons of mass destruction have been fouind in Iraq. In fact it has been their crying claim to an injust war and Bush lied. However did you know that weapons were found in Iraq? Not just a few but lots of them. Here is a list of what has been found so far:

500 tons of yellow cake uranium. Now, that is 1 million pounds for those of you who went to public schools. Anyways it was found at Saddam's nuclear weapons facility. I bet you didn't know he had one of those.

1.8 tons of partially enriched uranium found in the same place. This is what you need to make nukes. Hidden centrifuge parts and blueprints.

Two dozen artillery shells loaded with Sarin and mustard gas.

Wow! Sounds like WMD to me. You may want to print this off and impress your liberal friends with the truth. Here are the links.

USA Today
Front Page Mag

Panhandling Is A Million Dollar Industry

You know that homeless person sitting outside the barbershop with the litte tin cup looking for some change? Business couldn't be better.... Turns out they are making millions in Denver anyway. Not bad for just sitting there. Wish I could generate that much from my website... Maybe I am in the wrong business?

Everyone Agrees???

I was doing a little channel surfing on Sunday morning when I came acrossed something on Face The Nation that got my attention. They had a reporter from Baghdad giving a status of our troops in Iraq. It was this statement that made me throw my rubber brick at the screen:

"Everyone agrees, the sight of American Troops on the Iraqi streets makes everybody mad." [transcript Here]

That, my friends is a Bologna Sandwich. I know it has been over a year since I have been deployed to Iraq, so I will not use my experiences cause the situation could have changed.

I still have friends serving in Iraq that I keep in contact with and here at Fort Bragg NC their are troops comming back from Iraq every week. I have talked to a lot of them about the situation over there. The common theme that I get is that the media isn't giving the whole story and that American troops are generally welcomed and admired by the Iraqi people.

Well...thats how it was when I was over there... I guess some things never change.

"Everyone agrees"... I am starting to wonder who this reporter considers "everyone" to be.