Friday, April 07, 2006

Amnesty Bill Tabled in Senate, More Protest Expected Monday.

The votes were just not there to pass President George W. Bush's amnesty bill...I mean guest worker program...or was it a path to citizenship??? I am calling it the illegall amnesia amnesty bill, since the word amnesy comes from the word amnesia and everyone has seem to forgotten what happened the last time we passes an amnesty bill.

Anyways, the illegall amnesty bill is dead for now. The Senate could not come up with an agreement on the bill before breaking for Easter recess... (do they still call it Easter recess??? or is it spring recess now???) So the bill goes on the shelf until they come back from break.

I hear all those pro illegal immigration supporters are comming back out of the shadows to protest on Monday in hopes to get the Senate to cave in to their demands and pass the amnesty bill. Notice on their website how they leave out the word illegal and just call them immigrants. Nice trick isn't it... Immigrants do not have anything to protest here this bill doesn't effect them.

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