Thursday, April 06, 2006

NASCAR Calls NBC Journalism Outrageous For Their Attempts At Martinsville.

The NBC Sting on NASCAR story finally blew up today. In an associated press story NASCAR said NBC's Dateline NBC confirmed it was sending Muslim-looking men to a race, along with a camera crew to film fans' reactions. The NBC crew was "apparently on site in Martinsville, Virginia, walked around and no one bothered them," NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston said Wednesday.

"It is outrageous that a news organization of NBC's stature would stoop to the level of going out to create news instead of reporting news," Poston said.

"Any legitimate journalist in America should be embarrassed by this stunt. The obvious intent by NBC was to evoke reaction, and we are confident our fans won't take the bait," he said.

There is also a column at about the whole situation at Martinsville and they give Kudos to NASCAR fans for not taking the bait.

So...NBC came up empty at they are on there way to Texas. I wonder how many places NBC will go without finding an incident of racism, or how long will they go before they stage a NASCAR fan look-a-like yelling racial slurs at an Arab Muslim look-a-like...

I wonder if NBC will report that they were unable to find a lot of examples of anti-Arab and Muslim racism or will they just keep filming until they find what they want and then go see...we told you their was racism here.


mike said...

Yeah...well NASCAR fans were probably tipped off and thats why they didn't take the bait.

We all know that large majority of the NASCAR folks are nothing but beer drinkin, confederate flag wavin, redneck, racist, good ol boys.

Anonymous said...

i could never associate myself with anyone who takes pride in one of the most racist symbols in our history.

tennessee mountain man. said...

you guys don't have a clue about the history of the confederate flag and Southern Successsion do you??? It wasn't about was about freedom from government.

Damn Yankees!!!