Friday, April 07, 2006

The Tony Spain Illegal Immigration Solution.

Since our elected officials just can not seem to figure out this illegal immigration thing I decided to come with my own plan. It is not rocket science, or revolutionary, just a 3 step common sense approach to what some would say a complex problem.

1. Now I know this may sound insane but how about we figure out how to enforce the existing laws that we already have? Part of the Presidents responsibilities in the executive branch is to enforce the law not allow people to break it. It is against the law to cross the border into the United States without the proper steps. This is what we call illegal immigration. How do we enforce it???

A. Taking the proper actions to tighten and secure our borders.
Some have proposed a wall with barbed wire and gun turrents. I do not support this idea for one reason. A wall to keep people out can also be used to keep people in if socialist communism was ever to take over. I would propose something different. We have border patrol agents, lets use them and let them do their jobs effectively.

First thing I would do with the border patrol is make them part of the Department of Defense. Their own branch like the Coast Guard.

Next I would make it were soldiers who are getting out of other branches of service, like the Army, Marines, Navy, or Airforce could transfer into the Border Patrol. They could keep their rank and their time served would transfer over for retirement. So if you had 4 years in the Army and had the rank of sergeant. you would retain those 4 years towards your retirement and keep your sergeant rank in the Border Patrol.

There are quite a few people getting out of the military that would still like to serve but they have a family and just can't deal with the deployments anymore. This would be a fine way for them to continue to serve their country and they would bring a valuable skill to the Border Patrol that we wouldn't have to train a new recruit on.

I would also provide them with more fire power, communication equipment, night vision goggles and what ever they needed to do their jobs effectively.

B. Work on deporting the illegal immigrants already here. Completely dissassemble the Immigration and Naturalization Service and make them a division of the Border Patrol Agency. This destroys the Beuracracy between the two and ensures that they will share information and work better together.

Put this division in charge of finding employers who knowingly are hiring illegal immigrants. Turn the employers over to federal agents and deport the illegal immigrants back to their homeland.

2. Increase and strictly enforce the penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants. This is were the government has to step up by making the punishment so severe that the practice of hiring illegal immigrants will stop. This is something that would have to be worked out I am sure but I would propose a fine of 25,000 per illegal immigrant and 2 years in prison.

3. Withhold all entitlements to illegal immigrants. No welfare, no social security, no unemployment, no non essential health care, no nothing. The only thing they get is emergency medical care and police protection. The concept here is rather simple, make America more desirable for those who want to enter legally and less desirable to those who come ilegally. Reward the behavior we want and punish the behavior we don't want.

What we do not need is more worthless government legislation that awards the act of illegal immigration because they say it is the best we can do. Sorry I disagree, the laws are already in place to fight illegal immigration...lets enforce them.


Stan said...

25,000 bucks and 2 years in prison??? Isn't that a little steep??? How did you come up with that punishment?

JD said...

This is an awsome proposal... I would also add to it that immigrants trying to come here legally get bumped to the front of the line if they are willing to serve 4 years in the US MIlitary.

Becci said...

I love your blog... I don't agree with everything but you do make me think about things that I haven't thought about before.

You are right about we do not need another piece of worthless legislation though.

Country Boy said...

I came up with those numbers because I want the penalty to be so steep that employers will not even cond=sider breaking the law as an option.

I would agree that $25,000 may be a little steep but not that far off. I have learned in life when proposing something always ask for more than you want then bargain down.

I figure that if a company paid a person minimum wage of 5.15 an hour and they worked 40 hours a week. That is $10,712 a year. You also have to add the cost to training and things of that nature. The fine has to be significantly higher than that. Otherwise the employer finds that it is still cheaper to hire the illegal immigrant.