Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mark Foley sex scandal shows my ever growing disgust with both Republicans and Democrats.

Unless you have been living under a rock since Friday, you definitely have heard about Florida Republican Congressman Mark Foley.

Mark Foley resigned from the congress on Friday after the scandal of an inappropriate relationship between Foley and a former 16 year old congressional page surfaced. It would seem that Mark Foley is what we call a sexual predator who likes teenaged boys.

The story is that Mark Foley has been sending rather suggestive emails and text messages to former Congressional pages. Now there truly is no reason to go into great detail of the content of those messages here, as they are rather sick, disturbing, and disgusting stuff. However here is an idea of the sick perversion that we are dealing with from Mark Foley. Foley asked these teenage boys for pictures of themselves. In one conversation he asked the young boy if his messaging was making him horny. He asked another young boy, who wrote that he and his girlfriend has broken up "..did you spank it this weekend yourself?" Foley then went into a lengthy discussion with this boy about masturbation. Like I said, rather sick, disturbing and disgusting stuff.

There have been many news accounts that the House Republican leadership knew of Foley's actions for perhaps a year or more. Some have said that the Speaker of the House Republican Dennis Hastert of Illinois knew about, what is been called, “overly friendly e-mails” to congressional pages since 2001 ... and did NOTHING about it!!!!

Here we have a case where you have a sexual predator preying on young, under-aged teenage boys and the Republican leadership knew it! And did nothing unless you consider telling Foley to knock it off and lay low as doing something ... but that simply does not work for me.

Look these people are lawmakers. As soon as they learned of Foley's actions they should have turned the information over to the proper authorities for a full investigation of Mark Foley. For al they knew this email interaction might have been the tip of the iceberg, and you can not tell me that there were not conversations among House leadership as to whether or not there were other young men involved, and whether or not any had been physically violated by Foley.

Another thing that isn't being reported is that Democrats more than likely knew about Mark Foley as well. The Republicans kept quite in the hopes that the scandal would just go away. But if the Democrats knew why didn't they expose Foley months ago ... maybe last year? Could it be said, that Democrats decided to wait to expose Foley for their own political opportunity??? I think so. Did they hold on to this information until it was effectively too late for the Republicans to salvage that House seat with a replacement candidate? It seems very plausible with the election being less than five weeks away.

This whole case is disgusting as hell to me. We are talking about a 52 year old man having sexually explicit discussions with 16-year-old boys over whom he exercised some degree of authority. This is not a situation that calls for covering your party's political rear end. It is also not a time to withhold information to use later to exploit your political enemies. This is a situation that calls for the involvement of law enforcement right away…not when it is convenient.

In my opinion it is clear that the Republican House leadership knew something was going on here, and decided to lay low and try to exercise some control over Foley. I also believe that the Democrat leadership also knew what was going on and decided to withhold the information until it was in their best political interests to reveal it, which is exactly what they did. After all, if you are a republican it is better to keep the house than to turn in a sexual predator, and if you are a democrat better to try an exploit your enemies to try and gain control of the house than turn in a sexual predator.

Simply disgusting politics! This whole Mark Foley sex scandal shows my ever growing disgust for both the republican and democrat parties. Of course, I have been disgusted with democrats for years on end now.


geegee28 said...

You never fail to amaze me. You have taken what is obviously a complete breakdown in the Republican leadership and some how have have made a convincing arguement that democrats share the blame...

You mau have a future in this game of politics.

Al said...

these politicians don't give a damn about this country any more. All they care about is getting power and retaining power at whatever cost...this is a perfect example of that.