Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Nuclear Bomb and North Korea

O.K…so here we of our biggest nightmares has become a reality. North Korea has made the nuclear bomb and has tested it!!!

So we can all forget about stopping Kim Jong-Il from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Forget about his missile tests a few months ago. Now he has done what many thought he would not do...he has tested a nuclear weapon. He set off the bomb. The world and the United States is now under a huge test, and the world will be watching, especially Iran, for our response.

The United States and the world were quick to condemn North Korea for the test. White House Spokesman Tony Snow issued this statement: "A North Korean nuclear test would constitute a provocative act in defiance of the will of the international community and of our call to refrain from actions that would aggravate tensions in northeast Asia."

South Korea is mad and issued similar statements...China is definitely upset with the situation and at one point said it may be at this time unimaginable to not use military force against North Korea. Of course they have backed away from that statement now.

Japan has probably had the smartest and best response to this crisis so far. Japan immediately sent air patrols up and airplanes to monitor radiation levels in the area. The Japanese also closed off there ports to all North Korean ships and are not allowing any North Korean nationals into Japan.

Countries around the world are issuing statements condemning the test. So what is going to happen next? What will be North Korea's punishment?

Well, only time will tell I guess, but as of now it doesn’t look like it is going to be much of anything and North Korea knows it. That's why Kim Jong Il pushed the button...he knows there aren't any consequences.

Oh sure, the U.S. says it will push for sanctions and push for China to do the same, but North Korea is already under military and economic sanctions that are not working. Of course they are not working because they are UN imposed sanctions.

Another thing, North Korea says they will not tolerate new sanctions and will declare war on any nation that imposes those sanction. So here is my question? If we go ahead and try to impose sanctions are we ready to use military action against North Korea to enforce these sanctions? More importantly, are we prepared to go to war with North Korea?

It is an important question, and one that needs to be answered and needs to be answered quickly. Regardless if we take a diplomatic approach to this crisis or not we must prepare for a possible attack and declaration of war from North Korea.

The most interesting reaction to this crisis may come from Russia. The Russian leadership said that this test is a signal for the United States to enter two-party talks with North Korea. Are you serious!!! That is what North Korea has been demanding before the tests took place! So, I guess that would make Russia's position one of appeasement.

So why does North Korea want two-party talks? Two reasons!

1. Any talks between just North Korea and the United States would legitimize the North Korean government and their power. It would make it appear that we are the only ones concerned with North Korea.

2. North Korea can't feed their own people, but a lot of U.S. money would help them. It is tough to demand money from the U.S. treasury and the taxpayers when there are four other parties in the room. It is much easier if you're only dealing with us. Let’s face it, it worked before for North Korea when Clinton was in office.

1994, in Switzerland, North Korea and the United States signed an agreement in which North Korea agreed to abandon his nuclear weapons program in exchange for us helping them build two nuclear power plants for energy purposes.

President Clinton also eased some of the economic sanctions against North Korea they also gave North Korea aide in the form of rice and grain. Kim Jong-Il was also rewarded with an official state visit from Madeleine Albright, which did absolutely no good.

Obviously that agreement wasn't worth a dime, since North Korea immediately broke it. When Bush took office they found that North Korea had been cheating on that agreement all along. North Korea was not using the nuclear power plants for power and was selling the grains that we were giving them taking that money to help build their nuclear weapons program.

It is the present Bush Administration that corrected our policy toward North Korea from one of appeasement during the Clinton Administration to one of dealing with North Korea sternly. That's what the six-party talks are pressure North Korea into doing what they should be doing.

Interestingly enough, Democrat Minority Leader Harry Reid is now demanding one on one talks with North Korea. Once again the democrats have made their policy one of appeasement.

I myself believe this crisis can be solved diplomatically if done right. It will take 6 party talks to do it. However, we should also be prepared to use military force if necessary.

My biggest fear is not that North Korea will use the nuclear bomb. I don’t think they will. I do believe they would sell that bomb to the highest bidder. Someone like Al-Qaeda or Iran and there is no doubt in my mind that terrorists will use it if they had it.

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