Sunday, October 15, 2006

US Government sets record with quarterly tax revenues.

Remember those horrible Bush tax cuts? The ones that were going to starve the government for the money it needed because the rich were going to get away with paying there “fair share.” Well, once again we come to find that cutting taxes on the upper class actually leads to higher government tax revenues. That's a lesson the left will never learn.

September 15 is the day that quarterly tax payments are due. This is one of four times a year when businesses and corporations have to pay their estimated taxes or quarterly taxes. What a haul it fact, they raked in so much tax money, they set a record.

$85.8 billion dollars was taken in a 20% increase over last year! And to think some people actually think the government doesn't have enough money. The fact that so much money flowed into the treasury at once is important for a few reasons.

One, it shows that the economy continues to grow faster than it ever has in history. Right now we are in the middle of one of the biggest historic economic booms ever. Don't let the mainstream media or the Democrats tell you otherwise. Add on top of that falling gas prices and we've got a great economic situation. In addition, the fact that tax receipts jumped 20% shows us that the Bush tax cuts are working just as they intended too.

Second, the fact that so much money was confiscated by the federal government in a single 24 hour period tells us something else. The government has grown too big...and it has grown faster under a Republican administration and a Republican Congress than any other time. It may be safe to say that the conservative Reagan Revolution is officially dead among so called "conservative" politicians. Notice I said dead among conservative politicians. The conservative revolution continues among the people of the United States unfortunately it seems we have lost our voice within the Republican Party.

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