Monday, April 16, 2007

The continuous appeasement of Iran

It is great news that the 15 British Sailors that were taken and held hostage by Iran have been returned, but let it be known this was just another small victory for Iran. Iran continues to test the international waters to see just how far they can go. Apparently, they can go as far as they want. It seems that no one has the ability or the will to stop them. Taking these British Sailors hostage, which was an act of war, may have been the final test just to see if the world was going to do anything about it. Iran now has the green light to go full steam ahed with its nuclear program.

The British Sailor hostage crisis proves several things. It shows the worthlessness of the United Nations. Iran goes into Iraqi waters commits an act of war by kidnapping and taking hostage 15 innocent British Sailors. Sailors that were not in Iranian waters but Iraqi waters, performing a U.N. mission. The British have the GPS data to prove it and the best the U.N. can do is express "grave concern." Wow! That is a great response to an act of war. The Useless Nations' response to this latest aggression from Iran shows the organization serve no purpose and should be downgraded to a Sunday morning breakfest club.

Of course the British response was not much better. When the whole thing happened, the most forceful statement that Prime Minister Tony Blair could come up with was he was concerned... Concerned? A terrorist state that backs the insurgency in Iraq, that is costing the lives of British troops, just committed an act of war against them by kidnapping these sailors and this was the response? At least the U.N. expressed "grave concern" if that matters.

Blair, just like the U.N., chose to take the route of appeasement in fear, exposing the impotence of their military might as Iran pushed them around. This response coinsides with the attitudes of Europe against Islamic terrorists.

Iran took these British Sailors hostage because they knew that the Western World and the U.N. would show appeasement rather than strength. They knew they could exploit these Sailors by parading them on TV, divert attention from their nuclear program and the U.N. sanctions. They knew they would make the West look week, gain major credibility within the Arab world and embolden the insurgency....and they were successful in their goals.

The proper response from the British should have been to start dropping bombs until the Sailors were returned. You Margaret Thatcher or Winston Churchill would have done.

In another time, Tehran would have been bombed back to the stone Age for what they did, but today the policy of appeasement rolls on.

The world will eventually pay for continuous showings of weakness...and will pay big...just as the world paid for the appeasement of Hitler.

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