Monday, April 16, 2007

Country Boy's Random Thoughts.

*Don Imus is a nappy headed idiot! He has no room to call anyone nappy headed. Seriously has anyone seen this guy's hair? He has no room to call anyone nappy headed and to call those black basketball players "hos..." Who the hell does he think he is? Ludacris?

*The Democrats no longer want to use the term "Global War on Terror." Probably because they do not believe it is a war in the first place. They definately do not understand the threat from terrorism. The problem with the phrase seems to be the word "terror" and they want the phrase removed entirely from the 2008 defense budget.

Interstingly the Democrats and I agree on something. I do not like the phrase "Global War on Terror" either, never have. Terror is a tactic. You do not declare war on a tactic, you declare war on the people who threaten you by performing the tactic. That would be radical Islamic Fascists. The proper phrase should be the "Global War on Islamic Fascism." I wonder if the democrats would approve that phrase? Probably not, it would be offensive to Muslim terrorists. We wouldn't want to offend anyone.

*If anything the Duke Lacross rape case shows that there has never been more of a need for my idea of a loser pays all court system. These young men, were wrongly accused, held without any evidence, and had to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to attorneys to prove they were not guilty. Face it, the days of innocent until proven guilty are gone, and if you do not have the money to defend yourself you are screwed. If we went to a loser pays all court system the state would have to pay for all the costs that these young men had to pay. The prosecution would have made sure they had a case before takeing this to trial.

*Tony Blair has announced he was relieved the British Sailors were returned and he bore no ill will toward Iran. Not sure what else Ahmadinejad would have to do to create ill will between the U.K. and Iran. The appeasement of Islamic Fascism continues in the U.K.

*The British Sailors hostage crisis has exposed the America-hating international press again. They are praising Iran for releasing the hostages that should have never been taken in the first place...oh sorry, detainees, I guess hostage is to strong of a word even though that is what they were. Not one story from the media about Iran's violation of the Geneva Convention in parading the sailors around on T.V. The U.S. gets accused of prison abuse and violating the Geneva Convention at Guatanamo Bay and it is an international news story for months. Apparently only the U.S. violates the Geneva Convention.

*It's Tax Time! That's right time to file your income taxes. Think about all the time you have spent gathering information and filling out forms that you could have been spending with your family or enjoying something else. If you own a bussiness, how much time and money was spent on making desicions because of tax reasons instead of productivity? If we had the FairTax there would be no forms to fill out, there are no tax concerns in bussiness desicions, and April becomes just another ordinary month. How great would that be? How much did you pay in taxes this year anyways? Oh, you didn't have to pay because you got a refund! Lucky you! You still payed taxes and if you knew how much you actually paid it might make you mad.

*For a while now I have heard a lot of people and so called experts say we need illegal immigration. Our economy will collapse without illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are doing the jobs Americans will not do.

I have yet to hear an expert explain why Americans will not do these jobs that they once did. Could it be because the government is promoting laziness?

Take a look at New Orleans. Illegal immigrants are showing up by the masses to New Orleans to find construction work. However, the people who actually lived in New Orleans are demanding more government funding and assistance refusing to help with the clean up and restoration of their city. Hell, why not...they have a place to live, check every month, and they do not have to do anything for it.

This is nothing more than government produced laziness. These people wait on the government to take care of them and wait on someone else to rebuild their communities. They expect others to do for them what they should be doing for themselves.

*Hillary Clinton wants public funds to finance campaigns. Please...someone stop this insane woman...If the government starts paying for campaigns, government will start choosing candidates. Remember, who ever puts money in the juke box gets to pick the song, this is no different.

Think about this for a moment...Politicians would have to apply for campaign welfare and the feds would decide on some basis whether or not they get the cash.

Like most of the Hildabeast's ideas public financing of campaigns is not a good one. If you notice, like all of her other bad ideas, Hillary Clinton wants to reach into your pocket to pay for them.

**An artist in Chicago has made a sculpture that portrays Barack Obama as Jesus Christ. It was on display at the Chicago Institute of Art and seems to be very controversial. Personally, I think the only thing missing is members of the media kneeling in front of him, kissing his feet, asking to be one of his twelve disciples.

**Madonna says "Global Warming" is a real problem and we must act. Really...Madonna, well, now I am convinced. Anyways, did you know Madonna produced 440 tonnes of CO2 in a four month period last year. This is more than 40 times the polution the average American creates in a year! I wonder if Madonna will turn in her gas guzzlers and private jets for one of those electric deals. You know cause it is such a "real" problem.

While I am thinking about it, the U.S. is having the coldest April on record. Baseball games are being cancelled for snow. When is this "Global Warming" thing going to kick in? You know, so I can watch baseball.

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