Thursday, October 04, 2007

It is official; Fred Thompson wants to be president, bad news for Hilary

After months of much anticipation from conservative supporters, Fred Thompson announced his campaign on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno Sept 6.

After the show Thompson aired a video on his campaign web site stating he is running because of threats to national security, the economy and the need to change Washington . “I know that reform is possible in Washington because I have seen it done,” he said. “I do not accept it as fact of life beyond our power to change that the federal government must go on expanding more, taxing more and spending more forever.”

Thompson, former Senator from Tenn. , has been extremely popular among the more conservative base of the Republican Party, and his Southern roots, conservative message and celebrity appeal as an actor in movies and the hit TV show “Law and Order” has kept him among the front runners in the polls before announcing his campaign.

Since announcing his campaign Thompson has been neck to neck with Rudy Giuliani for the top spot and as of Sept 23 he leads 26% to Giuliani’s 22% in a Rasmussen Poll of likely Republican Primary voters.

I expect this lead to increase over the time leading up to the primaries.

This is bad news for Hilary Clinton, because now conservatives have a candidate to vote for instead of just voting against her. These two factors will motivate the conservative base of the Republican Party to heights not seen since 1980.

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