Friday, October 05, 2007

Government Healthcare from around the world

For all you folks that want universal healthcare in this country maybe you should take a close look at how it is serving citizens in other countries.

The British National Health Service rates mediocre at best even with more and more funding being put into it.

Britain now ranks 17th out of all of Europe in terms of healthcare. All the countries ranking lower than Britain were much poorer.

Now here is something to make a note of, in Europe there are two types of healthcare. The British "Beveridge" system unifies funding and provision. The other is the German "Bismarck" system based around the competing interests of insurance organizations that are independent of health service suppliers.

The top five countries in Europe all follow this "Bismark" system. Imagine that!

The healthcare system in Ireland is even worse. New figures shows 12,000 folks are waiting six months or more for hospital treatment, and over 2,200 children are waiting three months or more for treatment. In total, there are currently 41,000 people on hospital waiting lists.
Now they have announced that they are going to freeze staff recruitment because of overspending.

Aren’t you looking forward to national healthcare?

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