Friday, August 03, 2007

Country Boy's suggested reading and viewing from around the web.

Here is a must read from columnist Tony Blankley, he does an excellent job of putting the Iraq was in a historical perspective. He compares the situation in Iraq to June of 1942. England was about to lose the war and the House of Commons had lost all confidence Winston Churchill and wanted him out. Of course, Churchill replaced some generals and the war turned for the better by October of 1942. Blankley says the only difference between the House of Commons and the current U.S. Congress; The Brits understood it was a win or die situation. The U.S. Congress is under the delusion that America can simply surrender to al Qaeda without any mortal consequence. Great read.


longjonblu said...

I must agree with you. Bush is a 'bumbling IDIOT'. As far as it goes about Rove he is just one of the hundreds of slimey characters we are used to in the world of politicals from both sides of the fence.

Jimbo. said...

Perhaps you are the bumbling idiot as you can't even seem to comment in the right post!