Saturday, August 04, 2007

NASCAR driver raises RPMs on Paris Hilton!

NASCAR Driver Kasey Kahne has proven his whole life he can handle fast cars around curves, but can he handle curves around fast women?

It seems Kahne was in a club in Hollywood Wednesday when he had the un-expected pleasure of Paris Hilton’s company, or should I say the pleasure was hers?

According to reports Hilton and Kahne “chatted for a while, and before they parted ways for the night, she leaned in and whispered 'God, you're cute' and kissed him!"

Who knew that NASCAR revs up Paris Hilton’s engine?

Paris Hilton has enjoyed life in the fast lane perhaps she wants to try life on the fast track.


sarah said...

That skank better NOT itch her way into NASCAR. We're already infested with pit lizards as it is, we don't need the queen of all trash getting involved in it.

Jimbo said...

NASCAR. The one place left in the world I did not ever think or want to hear her name. Now's that is over.

tony stewart fan said...

Kasey Kahne in a Hollywood night club! Doesn't he know he is a role model? Where is ESPN's coverage of this?

Cale said...

I wanna be there when Kasey brings the dumb blonde to the track and she meets Richard Petty! It will probably go something like this:

Petty: Who are you?
Paris: Like, you don't know who I am? As if....
Petty: No.
Paris: I saw that movie you were in when I was a kid. Did you really jump that bridge?
Petty: What?
Paris: Like, did some stunt man do that?
Petty: Who do you think I am?
Paris: Burt Reynolds, duh. As if I didn't know.
Petty: No....
Paris: Whatev. Like, did you really jump that Trans Am?
Petty: That was not me.
Paris: So it was the stunt boy....
Petty: *sigh*
Paris: You wanna see my prison tattoo? I had them put it right....
Petty: Thanks but no thanks.
Kasey: Sorry you had to hear that, Mr. King
Paris: He's the King? Whatev, Kasey. Elvis died in 1867.
Kasey: WTF
Petty: Ask her about Quantum Physics.
Kasey: What?!?!? That would put her in a coma.
Petty: Your point?

kim said...

what a slut!