Saturday, August 04, 2007

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In light of NASCAR fining Tony Stewart for saying too much and Greg Biffle for not saying anything Darrell Waltrip says NASCAR is trying to sanitize and control every aspect of the sport, and sanitizing it will hurt the sport. I have been saying that since the death of the man in black! It’s about time D.W. start living up to his nickname when he was a driver. JAWS.

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Anonymous said...

Since nobody's posted a comment on this, and dring every race this year I tend to voice my opinion about all that's going down in Nascar. (eventhough only herd by me) I think the Nascar officials are messing up the sport by trying to make it more likable to popular culture.
We have the wooseys whinin' abt the safety of the sport when if the drivers were concerned for thier own safety why the hey' would they drive cars 200 plus mph in the first place??
We have the politcallly correct bs'ers wantin' to drive foriegn company cars such as Toyota......OMG com'on Nascar has been a trelly American sport, at least that's what I thoght with the rum runners and all....
Then u have the usual media that messes up everything it "touches" It has messed up Nascar by trying to turn it into some kinda soap opera with the over dramatization of the happenings in the pits and calling it "As the Wheel Trns"
And so on but I've done enough gripin' for a few nights right?