Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Hillary Clinton melt down

Yesterday the top story in the media quickly turned from “Obama is leading in New Hampshire” to “Hillary may drop out of race if she loses in New Hampshire.” (See Country boy’s suggested reading below) Of course her staff says she is in the race until the convention, but seriously, what else are they going to say?

The fact is Hillary Clinton’s campaign is struggling, and she is in deep trouble. So we can expect to see a few changes between now and Super Tuesday on Feb. 5.

I expect there will be some firing and hiring going on amongst the campaign staff in the very near future. Also Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has announced they plan to be more aggressive and open… whatever that means. Aggressive, I can see. Open? No way.

The media has also been running with the Hillary getting emotional in a coffee shop with New Hampshire voters. There she was with eyes tearing up, saying how personal this campaign is, and she doesn’t want to see us fall backwards. How hard it is to look good everyday for reporters…boo hoo… I say call 1-800-waa-haaa! After all it was her choice to step into this arena.

If Hillary can’t take the pressure from a media that has been fairly nice to her compared to how they have treated President George W. Bush the last eight years, how does she plan to handle the pressure of the White House in such turbulent times that we find ourselves in?

One also has to wonder if a good cry is the right way to connect to female voters? After all, even they are deserting her for a smoother Barack Obama.

Clinton’s tears were certainly topic of conversation around the media roundtable yesterday. Almost makes you wonder if it was sincere or was it staged? (watch video here)

My guess is they were sincere. I think Hillary Clinton found herself uncontrollably tearing up amongst voters yesterday because she is nearing meltdown. She just can’t believe that her campaign is failing. This was supposed to be her time. She was supposed to coast to the nomination. They were supposed to roll out the red carpet from Iowa all the way to the White House! How dare these voters reject her? Who the hell do they think they are?

Hillary is supposed to be the star of the Democrat Party; she is the one with the money and the experience. She has Bill Clinton, Elvis among democrats, in her corner, but she doesn’t seem to be the one with the votes.

Hillary already knew that republicans didn’t like her, but now she is finally finding out what her own party outside of New York thinks about her.

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