Tuesday, January 08, 2008

MTCW Pic of the Day

Whether you like him or not you have to admit he is on a roll, and its pretty amazing what he has accomplished this far.


Anonymous said...

what run this country down, and hid the truth from americans, get a clue, please!

Anonymous said...

Ya pretty amazing how he can rip apart everything that our forefathers before us have struggled to build and how he can bypass the constitution with as little as a whisper of opposition he will destroy this country if we continue to allow ourselves to believe everything we hear instead of everything we see Check out Glenn Beck and then make an honest decision for yourself. All i can say is that it did not start with him but he is going to try his best to finish it off.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is an insane neo-nazi that will destroy this country by creating idiotic ideas and thoughts for hillbilly inbreed racists. Just the other day he said that "volunteering is communist". What a nut!!I can't believe they allow this garbage on TV. I guess he has so much hate since most of his family died when he was young and he was a drug addict. What a great guy to be listening to! I hope people realize how crazy he is soon before he talks all these gun touting lunatics into some sick rebellion. Not too long ago a man killed 4 officers because he thought Obama was going to take his guns away... something that Beck claimed on his shows. Let's see how many other lives he takes. He makes me sick.