Thursday, January 03, 2008

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, Did you see her Christmas commercial?

Did you see Hillary Clinton’s Christmas commercial over the holidays? You can watch it here. There she is, the wonderful Hillary Clinton, playing the roll of mother, placing Christmas gifts under the tree. Universal healthcare, tax breaks to the middle class, Pre-K preschool, all gift wrapped and placed under the tree just for all of us, and it is all free…Wrong.

Well free for Hillary. Her gift giving doesn’t cost her a dime. Who pays? You, the tax payers.

I have mentioned this before; liberals like Mrs. Clinton believe America is great because of government. Big government. This dangerous woman believes government is the solution to every problem and the solution is always more government, more control.
The private sector has no role to play because evil rich corporations run it. Freedom, who has the responsibility for freedom, let the government handle it, they know best.

When Hillary Clinton places these gifts of universal healthcare and Pre-K preschool under the tree, she isn’t doing it out of love or compassion for her fellow Americans. She is doing it to give her more power over her fellow Americans.

So all you Hillary Supporters get out there and vote away. All you single woman get out there and elect your woman president don’t worry about the consequences just make history! Yeah…doesn’t it feel good!

These fools are destroying the greatest system of governance this world has ever known, but they are too ignorant to realize it.

This is something that has needed to be addressed for a long time, and somebody has got to say it. Fine, I will.

If you never took it upon yourself to take advantage of every opportunity given to you to get an education or learn a skill or trade to make you marketable to an employer and ended up an unemployable semi-illiterate loser, that’s not our problem. It is yours.

If you have destroyed your health through lifestyle choices such as not exercising and eating a consistent diet of unhealthy food, what gives you the right to demand people who lived more responsibly to cover the cost of your healthcare?

If it is more important for you to spend your money on flat screen televisions, new cars, dining at fancy restaurants, and taking expensive vacations than it is to pay for your own health insurance policy. OK, fine that is called the responsibility of freedom, but don’t ask the government to steal from someone else so that you don’t have to change your way of life.

A country whose citizens learn they can vote money for themselves from the public treasury is doomed to a socialist state. Welcome to the future of America. (So much for the resolution of optimism, that didn't last long. Sorry folks, I am a realist and right now reality sucks!)

The uneducated and unmotivated, the “I’m not responsible for my own healthcare” crowd, and the single moms will all be in line come November to elect Hillary Clinton. All of you that want the government to step in and take care of you after you screwed up your own lives. Hillary Clinton will be more than willing to use the police power of the state to reward you for your vote.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Karl Marx would be very happy withthe way America is turning out.