Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's not just Hillary, republicans are guilty of Santa Claus politics as well.

Republicans may not be as guilty as liberal democrats when it comes to “Big Government” gifts, but they are still guilty.

I still feel anger and betrayal toward the Republican Party. There was a voter revolution in this country in 1994 that put the Republican Party in charge of the House and Senate. They were elected on a pledge to reduce the size of the federal government. All they had to do was stay true to the principles of the party. Instead, they more than doubled the size of the government.

Economic genius Thomas Sowell has a column out titled “Santa Claus Politics” In it he refers to Hillary Clintons Christmas commercial.

Sowell also says Santa Claus is bi-partisan as both sides of the aisle are eager to give away government goodies to the voters.

Of course Sowell has more of a beef with government interference with economics than he does with free gifts at taxpayer expense.

He is absolutely right though. The Bush administration is working on a plan to virtually bail out homeowners who took out risky mortgages in a good market that went bad. Why should the task payers pay for someone else’s gamble?

Perhaps the taxpayers owe me money for my losses in the stock market so far this year! The market has not been to hot the last few days and I am losing money! Hillary,! how about a bail out here?

This whole using taxpayer money to pander and buy votes is getting pretty ridiculous.

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