Monday, November 19, 2007

Rough Time for Hillary

It's been a rough time for Hillary Clinton -- a tough debate performance, a lost voice, accusations of illegal campaign funding and the Clinton campaign caught coaching questioners at events.

Then at the end of a Veterans Day press conference, American flags attacked Hillary as they started falling down around her. What I am interested to see is how the media will treat the Clinton campaign coaching questioners at events. I wonder if this will be a weeklong mediagasm like it was for President Bush when the media accused his aides of coaching Soldiers in Iraq for a photo op? You don’t remember that? Let’s go back into the My Two Cents Worth archives and refresh your memory.


vote for hillary online said...

are you serious? it's been a rough time because a few flags fell down? By the way, that flag incident was an inside job in order to smear Hillary.
We've analyzed the tape and have screen shots posted.

Anonymous said...

typical Hillary supporter, focus on the one area that doesn't mean a hill of beans to anyone. How about the planted questions and illegal campaign funding??? where those inside jobs?

Probably just right winged hate talk and part of the right winged conspiracy.

country boy said...

a few flags falling down has little to do with the rough time.

a few flags falling down on her is just funny stuff.

It is the other things in the post that are the rough time. Of course I understand why you wouldn't want to talk about the real problems in the Hillary camp.

maverick said...

"Inside job" hmmmm I have heard that before somewhere....