Friday, November 09, 2007

Undermining the success of our troops in Iraq

Glad this news could be found on page 19 of the New York Times: "American forces have routed Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, the Iraqi militant network, from every neighborhood of Baghdad, a top American general said today." The troops surge continues to go as planned. However, the Democrats debate to withdrawal the troops from Iraq is back on the House floor.

Thank you Nancy Pelosi for your continuous efforts to embolden the enemy and destroy the morale of the troops. Of course she is not the only one. Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, made a statement that declining casualties in Iraq were because "much ethnic cleansing has already taken place."

“Violence is down, and certainly that is important and good, but many of the experts are saying one reason the violence is down is that so much ethnic cleansing has already taken place,” said Reid. “It is true they found 35 or 40 dead bodies today, and they are still finding them--not to the amount they were finding before. They were finding more than 100 a day. Many of the areas have been ethnically cleansed.”

If ethnic cleansing is what is responsible for the reduction of violence in Iraq as Reid says then that means he must believe one of two things. It is the terrorists who have been successful at reducing the violence in Iraq, or U.S. Troops are partaking in ethnic cleansing resulting in a reduction of violence.

What an asshole.... Sorry ... but it just had to be said.

The truth is the surge is working the military commander of Baghdad says the city is 87% cleared of al-Qaeda and the military commander of Anbar province predicted that security operations in that province could be turned over to Iraqi security forces by this coming March. That means the military goals of the troop surge, securing Baghdad and rooting out terrorist strongholds in Anbar, are largely completed.

None of this matters to the Democrat leadership. They would rather give credit for success to the enemy rather than the brave men and women of the US military. They want you the American voter to see nothing but a quagmire in Iraq, and they are willing to undermine the successes of the troop surge for their own political gain. This is shameful for anyone calling themselves an American not to mention a leader in the time of war.

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