Friday, November 09, 2007

U.N. investigates the U.S., but not terrorists?

A U.N. specialist on illegal executions is planning to investigate the use of deadly force by American troop and military contractors in Iraq. Focusing mainly on Blackwater. When was asked whether he also planned to investigate the ethnic cleansing and militia killings in Iraq, he said he saw no point.

How do you like them apples folks? The U.N. sees no point in investigating terrorists, but when it comes to the big bad United States, the U.N. will not hesitate to pay close attention to its wrongdoings.

The U.N. generally investigates honor killings, mass executions and black-masked death squads, and we all know U.S. troops and military contractors are on par with masked death squads ... at least according to the U.N. Why do we still continue to fund this anti-American organization?

In other Blackwater news the Iraqi government approved a law to lift immunity for foreign security companies like Blackwater. The law would not be retroactive though, so any punishment for Blackwater would be left up to the states. Iraq's Prime Minister Al-Maliki demands that the U.S. end its relationship with Blackwater within six months. OK...fine... Oh but wait, he also wants the U.S. to pay $8 million in compensation to each victim.

Personally, I think someone should remind Al Malki that Blackwater personal and American Soldiers are paying with their lives to protect his sorry ass and people. Also Al-Maliki the American taxpayers have spent quite enough on Iraq.

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