Friday, September 29, 2006

Arabic-speaking individuals entering US from Mexico

Remember how I kept saying that the border problem was not just about illegal immigration but also about National Security? Remember when I made the wide open door analogy?

Here is what I said on April 18, 2005: "The Bush Administrations failure to see the security of our borders as part of the war on terror is about the same as you going out and buying the best alarm system, the baddest watchdog for your house but then leaving the doors wide open.

Well now the chief law enforcement officers of several Texas counties along the southern U.S. border warn that Arabic-speaking individuals are learning Spanish and integrating into Mexican culture before paying smugglers to sneak them into the United States. The Texas Sheriffs' Border Coalition believes those individuals are likely terrorists and that drug cartels and some members of the Mexican military are helping them get across the border. Full Story

I wonder if their is a possible connection between this story and the possible Al-Qaeda attack story above.

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