Monday, September 25, 2006


CBS has a new show named “Jericho” that will be about life in a small town after America is destroyed. The show is on Wednesday nights at 8pm ET.
I have not seen the show but the story line that I have gathered is the end comes from a nuclear attack.

After hearing about the show I began thinking how likely is it that the greatest nation ever given to man could fall in my lifetime. I came to the conclusion that it is very likely and its happening before our eyes.

The show may be right about the end of America. However, they are probably wrong about how the greatest nation will end. Although it is possible that terrorism could be the end of not just America but the world. The death of America will more likely come from within through the advancement of the American welfare state.

Every society, country, empire, has a life expectancy. I have researched and found that through out the history of civilization a country based on freedom and economic liberty has generally lasted a little bit over 200 years. If you know of any society founded on freedom and economic liberty that made it well past the 200 year mark let me know, I have not been able to find a single one. The US Constitution was ratified on December 15th, 1791. That means the United States is soon to be 214 years old and has out lived its life expectancy.

There are, what I believe to be, 4 turning points that can be attributed to the decline of and will eventually lead to the end of the United States of America.

1. The adoption of a progressive or graduate income tax, as envisioned by Karl Marx.
2. The adoption of a government or public education system for our children, again as envisioned by Karl Marx.
3. The movement away from a rule of law to a rule of the majority (Democracy) which really took hold during the days of Franklin Roosevelt.
4. The abolition of Private Property Rights such as what we have seen recently with “eminent domain”

America, the welfare state, is growing steadily. Last year we started the Republican’s Medicare prescription drug program. The original estimates for this program are about $300 billion for the next ten years. Those estimates doubled before the program even began. Baby boomers will be retiring over the next decade. As they retire they will start drawing down Social Security and Medicare dollars at an alarming rate. The cost will be enormous. As presently structured, these income transfer programs can't handle it, but all attempts at reform for these programs like Social Security have failed.

With real freedom comes individual responsibility, responsibility to make life what you make it, the responsibility to reap the benefits and live with the consequences of your own actions. Americans are no longer in love with freedom. In fact, the case can be made that Americans are afraid of freedom. Oh, they want to be free to go on vacation and to chose where to live, who to marry and what to wear each day, but that is just about it. Americans of today want the government and expect the government to educate their children, guarantee their jobs, determine their wages, provide them with medical care, pay for their prescriptions, ensure their comfort in retirement, regulate their business competitors, bail them out of hard times, and control the actions of their neighbors. If anyone suggest for one moment that the responsibility for any of these factors be placed back into the hands of the individual the outrage will be heard across the country.

If the networks want to do a series on the end of America, their script has already been written and the end is comming from within.

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