Friday, September 01, 2006

CNN Kyra Phillips takes national bathroom break.

Oooooops!!! Looks like someone at CNN has messed up again.

Last week durring coverage of President Bush's Katrina Aniversary speech someone decided to leave anchor Kyra Phillips mic on while the president was speaking. Well apparently Kyra didn't know her mic was on and decided to use the ladies room. [video].

So while the CNN audience watched the President give his speech what they actually heard was Phillips using the restroom. They heard her unzip and zip up. A conversation with a co-worker about her brother and his apparent "control freak" wife. This went on for almost 90 seconds.

Now 90 seconds is an eternity in broadcasting. One has to wonder if anyone at CNN was even watching the speech to allow this to happen for 90 seconds. One also wonders if CNN did see it happen and just allowed it to continue for a while. It's not the first time they have screwed up a Bush Administration speech. Remember the black X on Vice President Cheney's head. Who knows...

There is one thing for sure. Thanksgiving at the Phillips house is going to be real interesting this year. Calling your sister in law a "control freak" on National Television will do that. To bad there won't be an open mic at that table. Maybe we can get one of those ridiculous reality TV shows started off of this incident.

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