Monday, September 04, 2006

Just Some Quick Random Thoughts For Labor Day.

Things continue to heat up with Iran as they continue to give the U.N. the U.S. and the rest of the world the finger and refuse to stop there nuclear program.

In fact, Iran announced today that it had tested a new air defense system to counter missiles and aircraft during large-scale military exercises throughout the country, state-run.

Footage showed at least four surface-to-air missiles being fired from mobile launching pads. The report did not mention whether or not the missile was equipped with a guidance system.

Iran's military test-fired a series of missiles during large-scale war games in the Persian Gulf, including a missile it claimed was not detectable by radar that can use multiple warheads to hit several targets simultaneously.

Iran also announced yesterday that it will host a conference to examine what they call exaggerations about the Holocaust, during which more than 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis.

Iran says they are willing to talk about their nuclear program but that they will not stop there uranium enrichment before hand.... So I guess that would mean there is really nothing to talk about then....Iran also made sure to let the world know that the attitude of a hostile United States was to blame for the crisis....Simply amamzing, this is like watching Hitler in 1938 as the world tried to appease him...Think about how many lives were lost because we waited and waited until Hitler was so powerful before anything was done about him.....will we make the same mistake twice.

Unfortunately it looks like we will. The European Union will meet one more time with Iran to try and convince them to stop there enrichment program. Kofi Annan says negotiations are the best solution, but if the next meeting doesn't go as well then it is straight to the security council for possible sanctions against Iran.... Ooooh...not the big bad security council. I bet that really has Iran shaking in their turbans.

It's time for the East Coast to go into panic mode again...
Just in case you have nothing to worry about for the next week in a half a tropical depression has been spotted in the middle of the Atlantic and my God it is headed this way!!!

Bush: U.S. Must Break Foreign Oil Dependency for Growth- Video: Labor Day Speech

In his labor day speech today President Bush mentioned that the unemployment rate is 4.7% which is real good. Of course the New York Times and CNN keep saying how bad it is out there. It amazes me that when Bill Clinton was president and the Unemployment rate was 5.5% its the best economy in years... However, since its President Bush it doesn't matter how low the unemployment rate is...its bad out there folks. The economy sucks, the country sucks, Bush sucks and its all Bush's fault...In fact it's Bush's fault that he sucks too.

He also happened to mention our dependency on foreign oil and said it was not good for our growth because we get oil from people who do not like us. One of the things he mentioned was to build more nuclear power plants...interesting I have been blogging about that for years... Maybe the president is reading My Two Cents Worth...or not.

Crocodile Hunter dead at 44
Steve Irwin died doing what he loved best, getting too close to one of the dangerous animals he dedicated his life to protecting with an irrepressible, effervescent personality that propelled him to global fame as television's "Crocodile Hunter."
Irwin's heart was pierced by a Stingray off the coast of Australia today while filming a TV show about the Great Barrier Reef.
Amazing...this man wrestles with crocodiles and gets killed by a Stingray... Just proves my whole theory we are all on borrowed time and you just don't know when it is going to be time to pay up. When it's your day to go, it's your day. No matter what you are doing.
Of course the media is going into panic mode... Are Stingrays now something else we have to worry about at the beach while in the ocean I heard on CNN.
Give me a break...
You know now that I think about it I bet this is President George W. Bush's fault. Yeah, that Stingray was so close to the shore because of global warming...and we all know George W. Bush caused global warming.
OK thats all I got for you today...time to get back to the burgers, tater salad, sweet corn, and water melon. Have a fun and safe Labor Day.

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