Friday, September 01, 2006

UN deadline on Iran's uranium enrichment program ends: Iran tells US to screw off.

The Iran threat is growing out of control, what are our options, and what should we do.

The deadline for Iran to stop enriching uranium and shutdown there nuclear weapons program came to an end yesterday. Iran responded to the deadline by basically telling the world to stick it where the sun don't shine. Here is what the leader of the terrorists state Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, "The Iranian nation will not succumb to bullying, invasion and the violation of its rights." Now, that doesn't sound like a leader that is worried about the rest of the world doing something about his nuclear weapons program.

So what will happen now that they have thumbed their noses and said screw the deadline we are not stopping??? Not much of anything and Iran knows it.

President Bush says there must be consequences and says the United States will pursue sanctions against Iran, even if a majority of the U.N. Security Council won't.

But if you read further into the story andwatch whats going on behind the scenes you will find that after the mention of Iran's defiance and the president's response, we see statements from John Bolton at the U.N. that nothing is going to happen until Europe's foreign policy chief meets with Iran's top negotiator.

Once again, the United States is turning over our national security interests to the appeasing Euro-weiners of the European Union. The EU will now negotiate some sort of slap on the wrist with Iran. We will be worse off than what we were when we started because now we look even weaker in the eyes of Ahmadinejadand he will become even more bolder than before.

So the appeasment routine continues with Iran. It continues for one simple reason. Iran is playing a game with the world and they are winning the game because they know that they have something that the world needs and they have a lot of it, oil. Iran is dealing from a position of strength and they know it.

Some of you may recall that I have been giving the warning for a couple years about how our dependency on foreign oil is a huge national security risk and that we should start drilling our own oil. Do you understand the national security risk of oil dependency. If we had started drilling our own oil two years ago we would not be in this situation with Iran. Iran would not be able to use there oil for leverage against us.

We could still do it though. If we want to send a power message of our own to Iran we should pass a unanimous resolution through congress calling for the immediate drilling of oil in the part of the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge that was originally set aside for oil drilling. Then pass another resolution opening up the coastlines for oil and gas exploration. There is a lot of untapped oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Also we should start converting the oil shale in Utah, Nevada and Wyoming into oil, start some coal gasification projects, and start issuing permits for nuclear power plants.

This would send a clear message to Iran that we are going energy dependent. In a few years Iran can choke on their oil cause will have our own.

That will never happen though because the enviromentalist will never allow it to happen. Even in the interest of national security will they not allow this to happen.

Let us take a moment and ponder what would a Iran with nukes be like. Lets say Iran makes some nukes. They then take a nuke and sneak it into this country through our weak border protection perhaps in a van. They place this van with the nuke in some random place in a metropolitan area. Lets say they do the same thing in some Western European country. Then they conduct a nuclear test in Iran. The world goes into panic...Iran has the bomb!

As the world reacts to the Iranian nuclear test, Tehran announces to the world that there is a bomb like the one they tested somewhere in the United States. There's another in some Western European country. The world is then informed that both of these bombs will be detonated unless certain Islamic demands are met.

What demands? Well, how about the removal of all U.S. and Western troops out of the Middle East for starters. Then all Jews are told to leave Israel or face annihilation. The U.S. is told that if we dare to defend Israel, the bomb will be detonated. At this point the Islamic fascists have complete control over the entire Middle East. All moderate Arab governments will collapse. Iran will then controll all oil supplies in the Middle East and the Western world will be held hostage to Iranian demands.

Is there anything in this scenario that is to far fetched from happening. I don't think so. It is really not that complicated of a plan. Sure there are as many scenarios as there are people who come up with them but any way you look at it Iran with a nuke is not a pleasent thought.

So what are our options at this juncture in time:

1. Diplomacy
2. Sanctions
3. Military Action


Diplomacy is not going to work. The main reason it is not going to work is because the United States is seen as weak to the Arab world right now. Diplomacy only works when you are perceived as having strength.

Right after 9-11 when President George W. Bush first initiated the war against Radical Islam and we went into Afghanistan and Iraq we were seen as strong and full of resolve. The Arabic world responded to that image of strength and determination. Libya immediately halted its weapons programs. Saudi Arabia started to institute reforms that called for more democratic processes. Syria was in fear that America would not stop at its border with Iraq.

Then Democrats and the anti-war crowd started up there Bush lied people died campaign. We got the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal. Then we had democrats calling for a timetable in Iraq. Islamic fascists who once feared that a dangerous and resolute America had been pushed too far suddenly saw signs of weakness. The islamic terrorists knows we are loosing are will to fight.

Diplomacy? Sorry .. but we're operating from a position of weakness in any diplomatic discussions with Iran. It is just not going to work.


Oh sure, the U.S. could impose sanctions, but I am sure Iran learned from Saddam Hussein how to set up whatever avenues are required to assure the flow of cash needed to sustain Iran's armament program. Remember the oil for food program.

In the meantime, they would immediately crank up the public relations volume to tell the world that Iranian women and children are dying because the evil U.S. is denying Iran the funds needed for basic nutrition and health needs through the sanctions imposed against them.

Ahmadinejad is not above starving his own people to get images of death that can be broadcast worldwide and blamed on the U.S. and their sanctions.

With sanctions the United States will soon be portrayed as a evil imperialistic regime set out on a course of genocide against the Iranian people and the world media will be happy to promote that image.

Military Action

This would seem like a simple solution. We just send in the military to destroy as much of Iran's nuclear infrastructure as possible. An air raid should do the job. Just send in some bombers and thats that.

However it is just not that simple. Six months ago it may have been but not now.

See Iran has been paying attention. They know that America is worried about there image through out the world. They know there is a huge group of Americans on the left that would be outraged if we killed civilians with the use of military action. Because of this Iran knows America will not do anything militarily if military action would mean civilian deaths.

So, Ahmadinejad has surrounded the Iranian nuclear development sites with as many Iranian school children and women as possible. He has taken steps to guarantee that any Israeli or U.S. air strike against his nuclear program will result in the deaths of hundreds of women and children.

Anyways, there are the options. Aren't you glad you are not the President? I would go with military action myself. As the President of the United States I would be more concerned with protecting American lives. Besides in my opinion if Ahmadinejad wants to surround a military target with civilians then their blood is on his hands when that target is hit not ours.

However sanctions will probably be the first step from the Bush administration, but eventually I believe military action will have to be used.


Sarah D said...

You are so right on this and illegal immigration and I love the FairTax thing you keep mentioning...I say Tony Spain for President...

randle said...

You would get my vote.