Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Country Boy's Suggested Reading...

Sorry folks, I have a lot on my mind but no time to blog about. So here are a few things that other people wrote that I found worthy enough to read. Here are my suggested reading assignments.

Here is an interesting blog that I stumbled accross by a guy that calls himself Captain Capitalism! A true economist. In this blog entry the Captain puts to final rest once and for all the idea that Bush's economic policies are creating more poor people in America. Gotta read this!

And how about another blog for you to read ...especially if you are somewhat lacking in your understanding of economics. The blog is called back talk the post is entitled "Americans Hate their Fabulous Economy." Man those economist sure like their graphs....

Liberal columnist Juan Williams says its time for young African Americans to stop embracing a blueprint for failure. It's an excellent column titled "Banish The Bling." Don't miss this one.

Tony Blankley provides us with a lesson in the history of appeasement and offers an opinion as to whether or not appeasement will work with radical Islamists.

Kathleen Parker says that sensible people are reconsidering our government's opposition to profiling in the search for terrorists. "Sensible people" huh? Well, when are the liberals going to get on board?

Ahhhhh ... but here comes a liberal to tell us that profiling is "unAmerican." What was that Kathleen Parker wrote about "sensible people?"

Thomas Sowell says the only difference between today's liberals and the now-defunct Soviet Empire is that the Soviet Union imposed its doctrine by force. You may be shocked by the similarities, though.

Has Iraq turned into George W. Bush's Vietnam? Rich Lowry of National Review Online examines the question and concludes that Iraq isn't the president's Vietnam...yet. He does wonder if Bush realizes how close he is, though.

A Forbes magazine editor has stirred the pudding with a column that says men shouldn't marry a woman with a career. Michael Noer says professional women are more likely to cheat and get divorced...

Spike Lee made a four-hour documentary for HBO about Hurricane Katrina. Star Parker says the production is about as big of a disaster as the hurricane itself. Read on to find out what she didn't like about it.

Reportedly Saddam Hussein was made to watch the 'South Park' movie over and over again, in which Saddam is portrayed as Satan's lover. If this is true, that would be hilarious. Of course the democrats will be screaming prisoner abuse over this one.

And now random thoughts from Thomas Sowell. Which are more interesting and organized than most people's regular thoughts. Among his observations: temperatures aren't as high these days as they were back in medieval times, meaning those people must have driven a lot of SUVs.

Maybe now we'll get some Hollywood types on board with the Fair Tax plan. The Internal Revenue Service has announced their intent to go after celebrities who don't declare the value of their Oscar goodies as income.

Iraq has proven to be a challenge to the United States, but Mark Steyn reminds us that the world is watching what we do there. If we cut and run, then countries around the world will think that's what we're all about.

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