Thursday, November 16, 2006

MTCW: Picture of the Day.

Are You Ready For This America!!!!!!!!!! either!!!!

A lot has happened since I left for Fort Polk, La. for training last month.

The democrats took over the House as I predicted but also took over the Senate that I said was up for grabs. I will explain why the republicans lost, and what the party must do if they ever want to be in power again. You may be surprised by my answer, because it goes against what a lot of other so called experts are saying.


Anonymous said...

You must be feeling pretty good to know you helped kick the republicans out.

I am sure Osama and Al Qaeda are doing victory dances accross the middle east.

Have the democrats sent you a thank you letter??? If not they should...perhaps they will send you an autographed picture of Nancy Pelosi and Hilery Clinton!

and what about the FairTax that you claim to care so much about!There is no chance in hell it will ever pass now! You are a complete waste of time.

Anonymous said...

The party of lies, hate, and defeat will have the control of the government for the next several years. I doubt that Iraq will survive with any hope of freedom thanks to this "victory." Higher taxes, withdrawal(i.e. defeat) in Iraq, nuclear-armed Iran, more illegals, gay "marrages," I guess we will have the government you wanted and we deserve. God help us now.

dave said...

Well you can mark 11-07-2006 on your calendar as the turning point to the death of the greatest nation ever handed over to man.

The American people just voted for the Islamic fascist, I'm sure the majority of Americans don't even realize what they have done.

Like you and, for many because of you, these Americans where to preoccupied with there own anger over petty things to see the overall big picture.

Because of this election we have given the Islamic fascists their biggest victory in the war, we have shown our soft underbelly and now they are going to come at us with a vengeance.

I predict that more American soldiers will die in the next two years than have died in the last four.

President Bush knows that we can not pull out of Iraq and so he won't but with out congressional support our defeat is inevitable.

The liberal media assault on the President, soldiers, and war will also intensify driving the unthinking masses to hate anything conservative.

This will guarantee that our next president will be Hillary Clinton (The Anti Christ). With that said I can't go on, the repercussions of this election is the start of our total demise.