Monday, November 20, 2006

So who was the winners in the Mid Term elections?

I notice that everyone is putting out their list of who the winners were in the mid term elections. Well ... I might as well put my two cents worth in with everyone else.
Here we go…the winners in this year's midterm elections are:

Islamic Terrorists
The focal point of the global war against Islamic terrorism is Iraq. Hey, don’t take my word for it, Osama Bin Ladin said that not me. Oh my, Osama and I can agree on something!!!

The jihadists have been and keep sending their fighters to Iraq to fight American and coalition troops. They see America continuously growing week and losing the will to fight them. What was once American resolve is now American weakness. The people have listened to both the republicans and democrats-- one group that wanted to finish the job, another that didn't -- and gave the nod to the quitters. Today America is weaker in the eyes of those who would destroy us. Sad, sad day in America, definitely not a day for celebration.

A huge percentage of the people who went to the polls on Tuesday went there to vote for and to continue their career of living off the government through government handouts. They feel that the purpose of government is to make sure that the basic necessities of their lives are paid for. While they will never advance farther than the mail box to collect there government checks, at least they don’t have to fight the rush hour traffic.

Illegal Aliens
Now that the republicans have been kicked out of the majority in the House of Representatives, the president and the Senate will have no problem passing their plan for amnesty for the 20 million plus illegal aliens that have invaded our country. Oh .. and you can forget about border tightening border security.

Those who want a weaker America
A poll earlier this year said that 58% of Europeans wanted a weaker America. Well, they got their wish. I just wonder, if not America, who is going to be there to bail them out when they finally wake up and realize the great strides that have been made in the Islamification of Europe? You can get use to saying Eurabia.

The first casualty in the weakening of America will take place when the Democrats get rid of John Bolton as the Ambassador to the United Nations. They'll replace him with someone who will not stand up to UN corruption and the forces who want to weaken us.

The Libertarian Party
This is more of a potential winner than actual winner. This election clearly showed that a lot of conservatives and libertarians in this country are completely fed up with the Republican Party. If ever there was a time for the emergence of a third party to rise that would embrace true conservative and libertarian values -- now is the time. The Libertarian Party could be just that party.

The leftist media.
Ninety percent of these folks vote Democrat. They engaged in a six-year campaign of destroying President George W. Bush and it worked. They must be so proud.

Washington Lawyers
Here we go…Get ready for two years of investigations, subpoenas, name it. Everything will be investigated, and then investigated again. But the Republicans have no one to blame, they did it to themselves...every last bit of it.

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