Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sen Obama: I'm not saying to retreat and lose, I'm saying to just retreat and let the terrorist have Iraq...

The Democrat Sen. from Illinois who may have presidential aspirations for 2008 has now weighed in with what he thinks should be done with Iraq.

Speaking to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Obama said there should be a "phased redeployment (surrender and retreat) of U.S. troops from Iraq on a timetable that would begin in four to six months."

"I'm not suggesting that this timetable be overly rigid," he added, but said President George W. Bush should announce as policy a "gradual and substantial" withdrawal (again surrender and retreat).

To completely translate what Obama is saying: I'm not saying we should lose "rigidly" in Iraq, I'm saying we should just cut and run and let the terrorist have it.

So there you have, Obama is nothing more than another "cut and run" democrat.

I don't understand a "gradual redeployment plan" why not just pull out all at once? The result would be the same.

Another thing for all you democrats who voted for the war, but are now against the war and want to redeploy, gradually redeploy, cut and run, surrender and retreat, whatever you want to call it... If you were going to just give up and quit when the going gets tough then why did you vote to send me to Iraq in the first place!!! Why did you put my friends and my life on the line and let some of my good friends die, if you were not going to see the mission through.

Anything short of completing the mission in Iraq is a slap in my face as far as I am concerned. Thanks for waisting almost a whole year of my life in Iraq for nothing you democRat bastards!!!

Now, I know Obama has always been against the war, and for that I can respect his desicion more. I definately do not agree with it but can respect it...

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