Thursday, November 16, 2006

Republicans fired, Ain't that a kick in the head!!

This was by far the most interesting election I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. Yeah, 1994 was interesting and I hear the mid term elections from 1974 was similar to this one, but I wasn’t born yet and I did say my lifetime.

The voters gave the Republicans their pink slips and a well-earned kick in the head in the mid term election. The Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives by an overwhelming margin. They needed 15 seats to gain control. They won well over 20. They have also captured the Senate by one seat.

However that is really not what makes this so interesting. What makes this so interesting is this country is in the middle of incredible economic growth, unemployment is around 4.3 – 4.6%, (better than it ever was under Clinton) the Dow Jones is above 12,000 (an all time high) and we are at war with Islamic terrorists who are determined to destroy our way of life! This should have been smooth sailing for the Republican Party, but the voters sent them packing.

The republicans worked very hard for this defeat and earned every lost seat. The republican majority that the voters fired at the ballot box share little resemblance to the republican majority that was elected to power 12 years ago on a “contract with America”. In that contract the American people were promised less government. Over the next 12 years the Republicans more than doubled the size of the government. We were promised control over runaway spending. In the last six years discretionary spending has also doubled. We were promised fiscal responsibility, instead we got a bridge to nowhere in Alaska. We were promised the elimination of the Department of Education because under this federal agency educational achievement had been on a steady decline. Since then the Republicans doubled funding for the Department of Education. In the meanwhile America continues to fail on the international scorecard of educational achievement.

The Republicans, in full control of the legislative and executive branches of the government, couldn't even protect our borders from a Mexican invasion. How many Hispanics invaded our country across the Mexican / American border in the last 12 years? Who knows for sure but the number is well over 12 million some estimate as high as 20 million. Funny, but I don't remember having to press 1 for English 12 years ago.

Then we learn that President George W. Bush worked so hard on the campaign trail to try and save the Republican Party in the midterm election.
If Bush wanted to save this republican majority he should have started working a long time ago on the project. Here are just a few of the things he could have done ....
After declaring that the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act was probably unconstitutional, he could have gone ahead and vetoed it instead of signing it!
While we are on the vetoes, how about a few vetoes of some of the Republican's spending bills? In fact, how about vetoing anything at all. In six years President Bush has used his veto pin only once…and that was on stem cell research.
Bush could have recognized that decisions affecting the education of our children are best made at the local level, where people have more contact with and sway over elected officials, than at the federal level. He should have recognized this, but he didn't. Instead, he got together with Ted Kennedy to federalize education. Now local school boards and officials have little to do but implement decisions made at the federal level.

He could have done something about the Mexican invasion. Isn't protecting our borders from an invasion one of the primary responsibilities of the Presidency? You don't have to come across the border armed, dangerous, and shooting for it to be an invasion. It should have been stopped. He didn't do it.

Democrats did not win because they had a better message or a better plan for America. Democrats won because the conservative base did not vote. They did not vote because they don't have a conservative, small-government party to vote for.

I can honestly say that I was neither surprised nor disappointed when I heard that the republicans had lost the House and the Senate. This may be the best possible outcome for the future of our Republic.

If the Republicans had maintained their power we would have faced two more years of business as usual. Two more years of spending and government growth. Now we have two years of Republicans figuring out what went wrong. Two years to second guess their free- spending, big government agenda. Two years to wonder what would have happened if they had adopted a national agenda as they did in 1994, rather than insisting on their concentration on local issues.

Let's face it, The only thing the republicans have going for them right now and have had going for them is they are not democrat. It is not going to be enough to get conservatives to the polls. It's time to regroup and put the conservatism back in the republican.


kelly said...

If someone will organize it, I'm ready to join and support an American Conservative Party. There is no other place where a conservative fits in. Certainly not the Republican Party!

freedom 45 said...

Ok so you sat on your ass because you wanted to teach the Republicans a lesson...How stupid!!! Its all of you that will be taught the lesson...

Do not come out crying and moaning about what they are doing now! ..

I can just see it now... people like country boy and all his friends bitching like a bunch of school girls with no dates to the prom...look what they are doing now..ohh my god they gave amnesty..well what did you do..we got hit again by the peaceful muslims..well dumb ass you sat there and did nothing...yeah you really taught those republicans a lesson..what dumbasses...ohh ohh just maybe we can keep the crazy dems in check...hey boys don't shoot that deer it is animal abuse...dumbasses

kimberly said...

Country Boy said: I was neither surprised nor disappointed when I heard that the republicans had lost the House and the Senate. This may be the best possible outcome for the future of our Republic.

Not disapointed??? best possible outcome for the future????

Everyone like you who did not vote helped to defeat the only party in this country that is interested in winning the war on terror.

You probably think it is funny though... Well let me tell you what is going to be hilarious.

Its going to be hilarious when the democrats pass the fairness doctrine eliminating your blog.

matt kirk said...

I have lost all respect for you!!! Saying that you are not disapointed that the republicans lost and then claiming it is the best thing for the country is shocking!!!

You are nothing more than a turncoat republican and I am never reading your blog again.

you can take this message and shove it up your ass!