Wednesday, October 05, 2005

500,000 Dollar King Salmon Project And Guess Who Paid For It? This Fish Smells Like Pork!

Yesterday I gave hard criticism toward the republican party as I ranted about pork spending. I know some of you were probably thinking that I hit my head a little to hard but I do not take any of it back. In fact I have a follow up story. I hope you still have your rubber brick.

Take a look at this Boeing 737 above. See the giant Alaskan King Salmon painted on the side of the plane? Did you know that you paid for the paint job? Yeppers, $500,000 of your hard earned money paid for it. Oh but it gets worse. The money came from a $20 million grant of taxpayer's money to a marketing board in Alaska to promote Alaskan fish. Republican Senator Ted Stephens pushed the pork project through. Here comes the best got your rubber brick??? The head of the marketing board that got the money is Ted Stephen's son!!!

Let's say that the average tax burden in this country is $5000 per household (this is just a guess it is probably a low estimate.) that would mean that this fish was paid for by 100 American families. Everyone of these families has needs and dreams. Senator Stephens has essentially told everyone of these families that it was more important for the federal government to seize their $5000 and spend it on painting a fish on the side of an airplane than it was for them to use it for education, job training, to pay off bills, use it for medical expenses, a down payment on a house, or just enjoy a family vacation.

This should be punishable as a crime! Just how long are we going to let these people in congress get away with this kind of thing and how many other similar pork projects do we not know about?

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