Monday, October 03, 2005

Another Failing Government School System

Nearly 100,000 California high school seniors, roughly 20% of the state's entire senior class, can not pass the graduation exam. They now have until June to pass it, failure to do so means they will not graduate. So what is it that they can not pass? English and Math. Wow, that must be a difficult test, challenging stuff, like above their grade level, right? Nope, the math is at a 8th grade level and the English is 9th or tenth grade levels. Amazing, they are not even being tested with material up to par for their grade level and 1 in 5 are failing.

So, who is at fault here? Is it teachers' inability to teach? Is it parent's lack of involvement in their child's education? In some cases some of these might be a factor, but the real factor, something that you will never here blamed in the media, the government.

The government has created it all if you think about it. Government regulations tell teachers how they can teach. It is government that has created a over bearing tax burden on American families requiring both parents to work without being able to take time off to get involved in their child's education. The biggest problem is the government school system itself who has let these children slide along all the way to the 12th grade without being able to perform 8th grade math because the public school system is more concerned about the student's self esteem than whether or not they are learning anything. We can't fail that student it my give him bad self esteem!

Knowing this it shouldn't surprise you that there is actually a plan in the making to give alternate diplomas and graduation certificates to people who can't pass. We wouldn't want them to think their failures, might hurt their self esteem!

Since these kids are learning that they do not have to work to make it. Why don't we just take them by the hand and get them on public aid so they can spend the rest of their lives just like they did in government schools with everything given to them.

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