Friday, October 07, 2005

Anti Gun Nut's Florida Campaign.

Florida has put a new law on the books. Actually it is a old law put back on the books. The law allows people to use deadly force against someone who has broken into their home, and away from home if they are attacked or feel threatened with violence. It provides a person the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force. A similar law is under consideration in Michigan.

Well the anti-gun crowd doesn't like the law. They call it the "shoot first law" which it is not. They want people to believe that gun toting cowboys will be roaming the streets just looking for someone to shoot. So they have a campaign going, warning tourists, by putting up billboards and handing out pamphlets telling them not to argue with the locals.

Don Farmer wrote a column in the Naples Daily News about all this. you have to register to read it. He suggests that the leaflet being handed out to tourists visiting the Sunshine State should read something like this:

Welcome to our relatively safe state.
Enjoy our beaches and bars, our retailers and restaurants.
Get some sun, have some fun and spend a ton.
We're peaceful folks and intend to make sure you are too.
We love our kids and our seniors.
Don't mess with them.
Or anybody else for that matter.
Beware muggers and molesters, rapists, robbers and road ragers, baby snatchers and carjackers --- take your black hearts elsewhere.
We're not all armed in Florida but some of us are and you don't want to find out the hard way.

Now that is my kind of state.

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