Friday, October 14, 2005

Tavern Sign Reads "For Service, Speak English" Ruled Discrimatory In Ohio

The Ohio Civil Rights Commission has ruled that a sign in a private business that says "For Service, Speak English" is discriminatory and must be removed.

I wonder how long it will be before they will have to remove the English speaking only bartender? I mean if the bartender can't understand the customer how can the bartender serve them? If the bartender doesn't serve them then that is probably discimatory too... under the logic of the Ohio civil Rights commission anyway.

This reminds me of a situation I witnessed last weekend at a gas station here in Fayetteville NC. I stopped in to get something to drink and was waiting in a rather long line to pay for it. Well, this non-English speaking Mexican was also in line trying to buy a case of Budweiser and a phone card.

The cashier tells him that she can't sell him the phone card because the machine that activates the phone cards isn't working. Of course the customer does not understand any of this and continues to try and give her the phone card. This continues over and over again. At one point the cashier asks if anyone in here speaks Spanish? Of course no one does.

The Mexican is rather confused but finally gives up on the phone card. The cashier rings up the Budweiser and then our non-English speaking Mexican friend tries to pay with the smallest bill he has, a hundred dollar bill. The cashier tries to explain to him that she can not take anything over a 20 dollar. Of course the Mexican doesn't understand any of this. He finally leaves the gas station confused and empty handed.

So, if we use the logic of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission would this be discrimination?

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