Thursday, October 06, 2005

Think The Government Can't Take Private Party? Think Again

This is why you need to pay attention to what your government is doing. Riviera Beach in Florida is about to throw out 6,000 residents...thanks to a new liberal supreme court ruling on eminent domain.

Florida's Rivera Beach is a poor, predominantly black, coastal community with the average income of its residents less than 19,000 a year.

Democrat Mayor, Michael Brown, says "they are in dire needs of jobs" He defends the use of eminent domain by saying the city is "using tools that have been available to governments for years to bring communities like ours out of the economic doldrums and the trauma centers."

Mr. Brown said Riviera Beach is doing what the city of New London, Conn., is trying to do and what the U.S. Supreme Court said is proper in its ruling June 23 in Kelo v. City of New London. That decision upheld the right of government to seize private properties for use by private developers for projects designed to generate jobs and increase the tax base.

Many residents are prepared to fight for their homes. Resident Jacqui Loriol insists she and her husband will fight the loss of their 80-year-old home in Riviera Beach. "This is a very [racially] mixed area that's also very stable," she said. "But no one seems to care ... Riviera Beach needs economic redevelopment. But there's got to be another way."

You know liberal democrats keep saying they're going to take the country back. They just never told us they're going to do it one house at a time.

Still think supreme court nominations are a bore. Will you think they are a bore when it is you being kicked out of your house for the good of the economic growth of the city you live in?

President Bush had a golden opportunity to guarantee the shift of a liberal supreme court to a more conservative court that would value private property rights. Do you think he did that with his newest nomination? Maybe he did, maybe he didn't the truth is no one knows enough about this lady and only time will tell what kind of philosophy she brings to the bench.

For some reason I keep getting the feeling that President Bush has tried to please the democrats and we conservatives have been stabbed in the back once again.

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