Saturday, October 29, 2005

Anti-war Hero George Galloway On The Take From Saddam.

Who is George Galloway? He is a member of the British Parlaiment who voted against the war and was a heavy critic of the Bush Administration and Tony Blair on Iraq. He has been an influential member of the anti-war movement as well.

He has been accused of being on Saddam Hussein's Oil-For-Food payroll. He testified awhile ago in front of Congress with great fanfare that he did not take money from Saddam. Well it looks like George Galloway may have not told the truth.

Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman and his Senate committee have issued a report that says they have evidence Galloway did indeed receive Oil-For-Food payments totaling $600,000 from the Iraqi government. The documents will be forwarded to American and British authorities, who will decide whether to charge Galloway with perjury, making false statements and obstructing an investigation.

So what evidence have they found? Bank statements showing deposits to Galloway, along with information from interveiws with former Iraqi regime officials like Tariq Aziz and others.

Looks like we are starting to find out the real reason George Galloway was against the war. I wonder who else was on the oil for food take?

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