Monday, October 03, 2005

Oklahoma Terrorist Suicide Bomb Attempt Or Just A Suicide.

Oklahoma University officials have claiming that the death of Joel Hinrichs by suicide bomb was just a case of a "disturbed young man" there are a lot of indications that there is more, much more, to this story.

Like why is this being investigated by a terrorism task force if he is not suspected of being a terrorist?

Why did he have so much bomb-making material in his apartment if he was "just" killing himself?

Did he in fact have jihad material on his computer, as some media reports have claimed?

Does his apparently new beard reflect a recent conversion to Islam?

Why was the apartment complex evacuated that he lived in if no one else was believed to be in danger?

How does President of OU David Boren know so quickly after this about the serious personal problems that this student was having that led to his suicide?

It seems to me that Boren is trying desperately to make this out to be some sort of minor act by a student who just had, well, personal issues. I do not believe for one minute that someone strapped bombs to his chest outside of a stadium full of people, had bomb making materials and Muslim extremist propaganda in his apartment and blew himself up just because of "personal problems".

My instinctive reaction to this is that this guy had every intention of going into that football game and blowing himself up taking out as many people with him. He had a premature explosion before making it inside.

But then again what do I know.

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