Sunday, February 26, 2006

Biffle Wins Busch Race, Holds Off A Hard Chargin Edwards.

Did anyone see that NASCAR Bucsh race??? Carl Edwards can drive a race car, he is just simply awsome!!! and quickly becoming my favorite driver.

Edwards had a good car all day running in the top 5 and leading several laps in the race. He had the lead when the caution flag came out late in the race. So he decides to pit because his tires are 10 laps older than everyone elses. Problem is he is the only car out of the 10 on the lead lap that comes in to pit.

When he went into the pits under that caution I thought he was done and wondered why did he do that for? If he stayed out he would have had a top 5 finish.

So he gets his 4 tires comes back out on the track and is now in 10th place. Another problem though, all the lap traffic is lined up on the inside line so it is more like beng in 20th place.

Anyways, the green flag comes back out with 10 laps to go. Carl Edwards starts driving the wheels off of this car. He passes 5 cars in one turn and with 5 laps to go he is in 4th place. 3 laps to go he passes Burton for 3rd place and on the final lap almost gets around Ryan Neuman for 2nd. Simply one of the most amazing things I have seen in NASCAR in a while.

I am telling you that kid can drive!

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