Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CNN Shows Respects For Islam, But What About Catholicism

CNN has refused to show the cartoons depicting Mohammed out of respect for the Islam religion but where was that same respect for the Catholic religion in September of 1998. Now, I remember this story for no other reason than I am Catholic and found it disturbing.

The headline from CNN on September 28, 1999 read "Exhibit controversy makes coffee-table book a hot item." This is a story about a coffee table book with a controversial picture of a so called work of “art” in the book titled “The Holy Virgin Mary” that was flying off the shelves of New York City bookstores. The piece of “art” was done with elephant dung. Catholics, like myself, were less than amused. So, what did CNN do? It published the story complete with a picture of the offending piece. Here's your link to check it out.

Now, let us fast forward to February 6, 2006 and another story titled "Danes feel threatened in cartoon row." This story, of course, is about Muslims rioting and threatening death and mayhem because someone drew a cartoon of their prophet Mohammed. Here's your link for the story about these Muslims. Now ... scroll down to the bottom of the story. You'll see the notation "CNN has chosen not to show the cartoons out of respect for Islam." Well, isn't that just so big of them. Go ahead and show a painting of the Virgin Mary created out of elephant crap, but don’t show cartoons of Mohammed. We don't want to insult Muslims, do we? They might riot in the streets. Catholics? Well, who cares about offending them.

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