Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Free Ride On The Katrina Wave Is Over For Some.

Uh oh. Expect some whining from the left. The deadline ... yet another deadline ... has come for some of the Katrina victims.

Here is some of the report from ABC news:

Hauling everything he owned in a plastic garbage bag, Darryl Travis walked out of the chandeliered lobby of the Crowne Plaza, joining the exodus of Hurricane Katrina refugees evicted from their hotel rooms across the country Tuesday.

Travis, 24, and his five childhood friends all in their 20s had been living on the floor of another evacuee's hotel room, never having registered.

Brittany Brown, 21, wept as she explained that although she had been given an extension, eviction was now looming next week. She applied for a trailer in October and, although she keeps calling, her trailer has yet to show up.

Oh those poor, poor Katrina victims…what a sob story the media has going here. Call me a heartless SOB but I am not shedding any tears for these free loaders. In all of the stories that I have read in the 5 months since we started housing these victims not one time did I ever read about how they were looking for a job or come up with a plan to make their situations better. I did read stories about some victims attending seminars on not how to get jobs but how to get additional free housing from you the taxpayers and the ones that are being evicted today is because they failed to make arrangements to get an extension from the federal government.

Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco complained that FEMA was pulling the plug on the hotel program before securing other housing. Hmmmm…you think she knows where her votes come from.

Why can’t these people secure their own housing by getting a job and buying there own trailer to live in. They have had 5 months, how much longer do they need. In one of the stories above it said 6 of these people shared a hotel room. 6 people working at Mc Donald’s can afford there own house…you don’t think so??? OK Lets do the math.

Minimum wage is 5.15 per hour or more depending where you live. Now lets also say that they paid 20% of their check in taxes. So let’s say our 6 Katrina victims went out and got minimum wage jobs and worked 40 hours a week. That would be roughly 164 dollars a week after taxes per person. Now multiply that by 4 and you have a monthly take home income of 656 dollars per person. That would be 3,936 dollars a month between the six of them. So in 5 months they would have take home pay of roughly 19,680 dollars after taxes. If they continued working they would have a household income of 47,232 dollars after taxes definitely more than enough to afford their own housing.

Unfortunately, these people who live in the land of the greatest opportunity will spend the rest of their lives living a life of government dependency.

Maybe, I am expecting too much, after all it is not their fault that they are in this situation. It’s George W. Bush’s fault. The government is supposed to provide everything for them and he has pulled the plug, probably to pay for his “blood for oil” war in Iraq.

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