Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Is It The Cartoons? I think Not.

As we continue to watch another week of the media telling us that all of these Muslim riots and demonstrations around the world were due to the "outrage" over those cartoons of Mohammed in those Danish and German newspapers I would like to say it is just not so.

Do you even know how the cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammed that are causing this entire ruckus came about? Jack Kelly takes us back to where it all began. If you don't know the complete story, you'll be surprised.

Also the cartoons actually ran 4 months ago in an Egyptian newspaper? There wasn't a peep out of the Islamic rioters then.

Once again, these Muslims are rioting because their Imams are telling them to riot. Most of them have never seen those cartoons and didn't know they even existed until their Imams told them to go out there and protest. It's a manufactured uprising ... and the media needs to stop with this "outrage" line.

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