Monday, February 13, 2006

Vice President Accidently Shoots Hunting Buddy.

Oh boy, the news media and the left are just having a blast over this one. Unless you have been living underneath a rock I am sure you know by now that Vice President Dick Cheney accidently shot a hunting buddy with some bird shot while hunting quail in South Texas over the weekend.

We have gotten story after story over this incident. Why did Cheney wait so long to tell the media about this? Why did 24 hours go by before the White House released a statement to the media?

What you will not here or read about from the mainstream media is that this is not unusual. Especially with quail or pheasant hunting. I have heard several stories about hunters accidently being peppered by bird shot in fact my own father has been accidently peppered with bird shot.

I also understand that a lot of people who don't understand hunting have no idea what I am talking about when I say bird shot. Bird Shot is a type of ammo used for hunting small game birds like quail or pheasants. When fired from a shotgun it shoots out small bb like ammo in a spreading pattern. Buck shot works the same way only more lethal. If this had been buck shot Cheney's friend would be accidently dead and if it was a regular bullet, well that would just make Cheney a real dumb and bad hunter.

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