Thursday, February 09, 2006

Chairman of the NAACP Julian Bond Comes To Fayetteville NC, Compares GOP To Nazis.

If you ever want to know when you are beating a liberal in the fight for ideas just wait until they start calling you names and you will know that they have ran out of ideas. Recently, the name calling of choice is to call the President and Republicans Nazis and compare them to Hitler. It is second nature for a liberal to fall back to this defense mechanism. So it should come to no surprise that Julian Bond, Chairman of the National Association For The Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has accused the Republican Party of being Nazis.

Here is the remark from Julian Bond at Fayetteville State University: "The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side."

The idiocy coming from Bond continued to flow off his tongue last week when he called Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice tokens. I thought the NAACP was suppose to be for the advancement of colored people. I guess they pick and choose who they want to help advanced and really if you think about they seem to have a real poor record of advancing colored people. Of course, I forgot, that is the Republicans fault.

You see there's nothing that scares Julian Bond and the NAACP more than an accomplished and successful black person who is not a liberal and didn’t follow the blame white America doctrine to success.

Why does this scare them so much? Well, that is simple the more black people achieve on their own and the more black people stop following the blame white America doctrine the more irrelevant the NAACP becomes and if the NAACP becomes irrelevant then there will be a lot of race warlords out of a job.

Here are some other statements that Julian Bond made last week.

· George W. Bush is a liar. Of course, like all good liberals, he provides no proof of this accusation. This is because there isn't any.

· He said George W. Bush's lies (which he can't provide any evidence for) are more serious than Bill Clinton's because Clinton's lies didn't kill people. That's an interesting point of view. Here is something that the mainstream media never told you about Kosovo. Bill Clinton got the intelligence wrong on Kosovov, way wrong, so does that mean that Clinton lied and people died. Of course Julian Bond is refering to when Bill Clinton lied to a grand jury under oath something we're just supposed to ignore...but Karl Rove should be marched out of the White House in hand cuffs for supposedly doing the same thing.

· He called former Attorney General John Ashcroft "J. Edgar Ashcroft." Now, that my friends is intellect and diversity at its finest don‘t you think.

Like I said earlier Julian Bond is running scared. He sees the possibility of the end of the blame white America and the black victimization doctrine. Home ownership among black Americans is at an all-time high, Black American incomes are also the highest they have ever been and continue to rise. Blacks are graduating from colleges in record numbers and moving into highly paid jobs in finance, law, medicine, business and industry. More and more black Americans are abandoning their blame white America and victim hood mindset for a better life of accomplishment brought about their full participation in the economical system that has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system ever, capitalism. The less blacks see themselves as victims, the less they need organizations like the NAACP, and the less they need lame race warlords like Julian Bond.

In short, Julian is upset about his loss of influence and relevancy, and is resorting to old tactics to gain the spotlight again.

As far as the story about the leader of the NAACP comparing the GOP to Nazis. Watch how the mainstream media drops this topic faster that Bill Clinton dropped his pants for Monica Lewinsky in the oval office. Imagine if a Republican had said it about the Democrats….. Media Bias…

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