Tuesday, February 28, 2006

You Know It Is A Bad Deal When Jimmy Carter Thinks It Is All Right.

Well, we can all relax now, Jimmy Carter are amazing 39th President has spoken in favor of the port deal. Of course it is no surprise that the appeaser of appeasers, would stand in favor of the idea of turning the operation of these American ports over to an Islamic government. Jimmy Carter thinks this is all such a great idea that he's actually praising George W. Bush for the move!

There you go. The man who gave away the Panama Canal, the man who believed the Communist Soviet Union when they told him that they were building a highway for delivering humanitarian aid into Afghanistan. Then cried they lied to me when the Soviets used it to invade, he thinks that virtually handing over these American points is just a great idea.

This is how you know the deal is a bad idea. Jimmy Carter supports it.

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